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george floyd (9), new york (8), tim scott of south carolina (7), senate republicans (7), police reforms (7)

Trump eyes police reforms while ignoring systemic racism

In the two weeks since George Floyd's death, President Donald Trump's advisers have worked to prepare him to meet the national moment.

McConnell taps Tim Scott to head GOP police reform legislation efforts

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday that he has tapped South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, to lead the GOP effort for police reform legislation.

Trump Floats Conspiracy That 75-Year-Old Buffalo Protester Pushed By Police Was 'A Set Up'

Graphic video showed two police officers shoving Martin Gugino to the ground, seriously injuring him.

Sharpton Delivers Eulogy

Cities from New York to Los Angeles consider changes to police funding, and others are banning chokeholds. Mr. Floyd’s brother will testify at a congressional hearing this week.

Trump Falsely Targets Buffalo Protester, 75, as ‘Antifa Provocateur’

The president attacked Martin Gugino even as the activist was in the hospital recovering from a head wound sustained when the police shoved him to the ground.

That Trump Tweet? Republicans Prefer Not to See It

Even when presented with a printout of the president’s incendiary Twitter comment, Republicans toiled to avoid commenting.

Charles Hurt: 2020 Crazy, And It's Only June

Brace for the fight of your life. | 2020 Election

George Floyd protests have made police reform the consensus position

Something extraordinary is happening in America: 14 days of protests from coast to coast against police brutality and racism have produced a wave of change in public opinion on police reform.

Senate GOP dodges over Trump's baseless Buffalo tweet: 'I would rather not hear it'

A number of Republican senators dodged questions or were silent on Tuesday when pressed for reaction after President Donald Trump suggested without evidence that a 75-year-old man who was seriously injured after being shoved by police officers in Buffalo, New York, last week, may have been part of a "set up."

GOP senators -- led by Tim Scott -- work to craft police reform proposal amid national protests

Republican senators -- confronted by marches in cities and small towns across America -- are growing more vocal that the party must act on policing reform, a stark contrast to just a week ago when many members dismissed the idea of the Senate acting at all.

See GOP senators dodge questions on Trump conspiracy tweet - CNN Video

Some GOP senators dodged questions about President Trump's baseless tweet suggesting that 75-year-old Martin Gugino. who was seriously injured after being shoved by police officers in Buffalo, New York, may have been part of a "set up." CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.

Trump tweets spark fresh headache for Republicans

Senate Republicans are facing new headaches from an old source: President Trump’s Twitter account.

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