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social distancing, town hall, the coronavirus pandemic, new york, a few weeks ago

Trump Changes Estimates Again, Says Potential Coronavirus Death Toll Could Hit 100,000

"It’s still going to be, no matter how you look at it, at the very lower end of the plane," the president said Sunday during a town hall event.

Trump wants to switch focus, push for economic reopening

President Donald Trump acknowledges fear on both sides of the coronavirus crisis, with some Americans worried about getting sick while others are concerned about losing jobs

Trump Says U.S. Death Toll Could Reach 100,000

Defending his response to the pandemic, the president told a Fox News town hall that initial intelligence briefings suggested the outbreak was “not a big deal.”

Trump predicts virus death toll could reach 100,000 in the US

President Trump on Sunday predicted the United States will lose between 75,000 to 100,000 people to the coronavirus, a marked increase from just a few weeks ago when he estimated 60,000 could die.

US coronavirus data is at odds with Trump’s push to get the economy back up and running

Don’t be fooled: Despite Trump’s reopening hype, new coronavirus cases are on the rise.

Lincoln got better press treatment, Trump claims, as he ups pandemic death estimate

After admitting US coronavirus deaths could hit 90,000, President Donald Trump is bemoaning his own plight -- complaining that he has been treated worse by the press than Abraham Lincoln.

Trump says next coronavirus relief bill has to include payroll tax cut

President Trump on Sunday said he won't support another round of coronavirus stimulus legislation unless it includes a payroll tax cut, a measure that has muted support among lawmakers in Congress.

Fact check: Trump peppers Fox News town hall with false claims on coronavirus and other topics

President Donald Trump delivered another rapid series of false and misleading claims on Sunday night, this time at a Fox News "virtual town hall" event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Before Covid-19, Trump Aide Sought to Use Disease to Close Borders

The president’s chief adviser on immigration, Stephen Miller, had long tried to halt migration based on public health, without success. Then came the coronavirus.

The Covid-19 Riddle: Why Does the Virus Wallop Some Places and Spare Others?

Experts are trying to figure out why the coronavirus is so capricious. The answers could determine how to best protect ourselves and how long we have to.

Antivaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests

Public health experts fear that their messaging could further harm the country’s response to the pandemic.

Masks Become a Flash Point in the Virus Culture Wars

As people resume going out in public in the middle of a pandemic, to wear or not to wear a face mask has become a personal statement and sometimes a political one.

Trump says it’s safe to reopen states as governors grapple with loosening restrictions

He also projected that the U.S. death toll may be as high as 100,000, scaling up his earlier estimate of 65,000.

Analysis | Birx’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview lays bare the discord in Trump’s coronavirus response

Birx said 100,000 was always the lower end of the death toll projection, but President Trump further lowered it to 50,000 two weeks ago. She also offered a strong word of caution to protesters, whom Trump has egged on.

Trump: China Was Complicit in Letting Coronavirus Spread to the World

Donald Trump said Sunday that China likely allowed the coronavirus to spread to the world so that other countries would suffer economically.

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