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covid 19, the department of health and human services, new york, social distancing, public health experts

US endures worst one-day death toll yet as states reopen: WHO

The U.S. saw its largest one-day death toll from the coronavirus pandemic to date on Thursday as several states began to reopen parts of their economies, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Profits and Pride at Stake, the Race for a Vaccine Intensifies

Governments, companies and academic labs are accelerating their efforts amid geopolitical crosscurrents, questions about safety and the challenges of producing enough doses for billions of people.

Enraged Trump Replaces Top Health Official Who Wrote Report On PPE Shortage

Trump moved to replace a top official at the Department of Health and Human Services who wrote a wrote on the PPE shortage and testing delays.

Pelosi and McConnell Reject Trump’s Virus Tests For Congress Offer

In a joint statement, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected Trump's offer 1,000 virus test kits for Congress.

Trump’s purge of inspectors general continues. It’s an assault on good governance.

Why Trump’s purge of US watchdogs is "a war on accountability."

Trump Sends 1,000 Virus Tests To Mitch McConnell After Giving States 100

Trump only gave the states 100 each of the coronavirus rapid test cartridges, but he gave Mitch McConnell's Senate 1,000 to confirm judges.

Most States Don't Meet Coronavirus Testing Threshold: AP

With no specific guidelines, states are left to figure out what a successful coronavirus testing program should be.

Majority of US spy agencies believe the coronavirus escaped from Wuhan lab

A majority of the U.S. Intelligence Community's 17 spy agencies believe the coronavirus likely originated with an accidental lab escape from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, a senior intelligence official told the Washington Examiner.

What To Know About Remdesivir, The New Coronavirus Treatment Drug

The FDA issued emergency approval for the medicine, which may help hospitalized COVID-19 patients recover.

Grandma Rocket, the Virus and a Family Whose Love Bridged 2,500 Miles

A matriarch to generations, both in the United States and Colombia, she struggled with the coronavirus on a ventilator. They gathered online and in the I.C.U. to prepare for the end.

No More Jenga, No More ‘Amen’ as Cities Learn to Live With Coronavirus

In parts of Asia and Australia, people are going out — but social distancing and other restrictions have become the new normal.

Relaxed Rules and Warm Weather Test States

Congress declined the administration’s offer of rapid testing, saying tests were needed more elsewhere. Former President George W. Bush urged unity in a video message.

As Restrictions Lift, Countries Brace for a New Reality

As lockdowns begin to ease for millions of Europeans, Italy reports a spike in deaths. Migrants face roundups in Malaysia and surging infections in Singapore’s dormitories.

34 days of pandemic: Inside Trump’s desperate attempts to reopen America

Although Trump remained fixated on reopening the economy, he and his administration fell far short of making that a reality.

EXCLUSIVE: Majority Of Intelligence Community Agencies Believe Coronavirus Leaked Out Of Wuhan Lab, Senior Intel Official Says

The majority view among the U.S. Intelligence Community is that the COVID-19 coronavirus accidentally leaked out of a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

McConnell, Pelosi decline Trump administration offer of rapid coronavirus tests as states loosen lockdown orders

The Senate is set to return Monday despite growing death rates in the Washington region.

AP: Most states fall short of coronavirus testing thresholds

An Associated Press analysis finds most states are not meeting the minimum levels of coronavirus testing suggested by the federal government and recommended by public health researchers, even as many of them begin to reopen their shattered economies

The Senate doesn’t have enough coronavirus test kits — but it doesn’t want ones from the White House

Congressional leaders rejected Trump’s offer for special test kits as the country lags behind on testing capacity.

Fauci to testify before Senate after White House blocked him from appearing before Congress

The White House said Dr. Fauci's appearance before lawmakers next week would be 'counter-productive.'

President Donald Trump to start traveling again amid coronavirus pandemic

President Trump is preparing to hit the road as he looks forward to what he has billed as a reopening of the country following a period of lockdown.

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