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the world health organization, social distancing, the federal government, the coronavirus pandemic, public health

Trump Loses It And Threatens To Leave His Own Coronavirus Briefing

Trump was pushed on people not being able to get tested and social distancing, so he blew up and threatened to leave his own coronavirus briefing.

Trump Falsely Blames The WHO For His Failed Coronavirus Response

Trump is blaming the WHO for his failed response to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States as he has announced that he is halting funding to WHO.

Intelligence Officials Weigh Possibility Coronavirus Escaped From A Chinese Lab

The intelligence community “has not come down on any one theory," an official told Yahoo News.

Failure: Debunking Trump's dangerous new attack on W.H.O during pandemic

In an unusual Rose Garden announcement, Pres. Trump attacked and pulled funding from the World Health Organization, raising alarms over how the move may compromise international work to combat the

Fact Check: Trump misrepresents U.S. spending on WHO as he announces funding cut

President Donald Trump used Tuesday's coronavirus task force briefing to accuse the World Health Organization of having a delayed response to the virus, and says he will halt U.S. funding to the in

Trump says he will ‘authorize’ each governor to reopen their state

President Trump announced plans are close to being finalized to reopen some state economies. The president said he will authorize governors on an individual basis to reopen their states. Trump said

Trump halts U.S. funding to WHO

President Trump announced the U.S. would cut off funds to the World Health Organization, criticizing its response to the coronavirus pandemic. This move comes after the Trump administration receive

Trump’s Claim of Total Authority in Crisis Is Rejected Across Ideological Lines

Trading barbs with governors about their powers over when to ease restrictions on society, the president made an assertion that lacks a basis in the Constitution or federal law.

The Coronavirus Outbreak

Everything you need to know about coronavirus, including the latest news, how it is impacting our lives, and how to prepare and protect yourself.

Analysis | What you need to know from Tuesday’s White House coronavirus briefing

President Trump is cutting funding for the World Health Organization.

Trump wants to declare country open by May 1 — but the reality will be much slower

The president said Tuesday night that he plans to ask the governors of all 50 states later this week to implement “a very powerful reopening plan” in their states at whatever time they deem appropr

Trump announces cutoff of new funding for the World Health Organization over pandemic response

The president and conservative allies have accused the U.N. agency of catering to China and slowing global response to the pandemic.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says science, not political will, dictates when state can reopen

The governor of California, the first state to put a coronavirus stay-at-home order in place, told his 40 million residents that the key to going back to work and play depends on six factors -- but

GOP senators, starting probe, demand WHO turn over details on COVID-19's origin

GOP senators on Tuesday requested a sweeping list of materials regarding what they called “WHO’s failed and delayed response to the Coronavirus.”

On The Trail: Governors rebuke Trump for claiming 'total' authority

State leaders are increasingly at odds with President Trump over how to move through a rapidly evolving crisis.

Trump halts World Health Organization funding

President Trump announced Tuesday that the United States will halt monetary contributions to the World Health Organization while the administration reviews the international body's management of th

Trump slams CNN analyst, Playboy reporter Brian Karem at briefing: 'Loudmouth'

President Trump had a fiery exchange with CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem during the coronavirus press briefing in the Rose Garden, where he announced that the U.S. was halting its fun

‘I’m Going To Leave’: Trump Calls Brian Karem A ‘Showboat,’ Threatens To Walk Out Of Coronavirus Briefing

President Donald Trump threatened to walk out of Tuesday's Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

Trump: WHO Attack on Travel Bans Put Political Correctness Above Lives

Trump says the WHO's attacks on travel bans during the coronavirus crisis "put political correctness above life-saving measures."

President Trump Announces Reopening of Some States as Soon as April

President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced at the White House that he would be reopening some states as early as April.

Breathless Trump Stumbles As Latest Propaganda Briefing Goes Up In Flames

What stood out more than anything about this particular coronavirus briefing is just how small and out of his depth Trump looked.

Coronavirus Updates: Trump Halts U.S. Funding of World Health Organization

New York deaths spike as the state releases a revised count, and California explores steps toward reopening. Trump announces his “opening the country” council.

Trump halts World Health Organization funding over handling of coronavirus outbreak

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday he is halting funding to the World Health Organization while a review is conducted.

Cuomo: 'We would have a problem' if Trump tries to reopen New York

The president has asserted that he alone has the power to reopen wide swaths of the country.

Draft Trump administration plan calls for 'phased reopening' of economy

A draft Trump administration plan for reopening the U.S. economy calls for a “phased reopening” that varies across locations depending on local conditions. 

Donald Trump Berates 'Politically Correct' WHO, Orders Hold on Funding

President Donald Trump ordered a hold on funds sent to the World Health Organization Tuesday, demanding they answer for their failures.

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