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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-04-12 -- social distancing, the coronavirus pandemic, new york, covid 19, stay-at-home orders

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social distancing, the coronavirus pandemic, new york, covid 19, stay-at-home orders

Behind Trump's Botched And Delayed Coronavirus Response

Urgent warnings were ignored by a president consumed by his impeachment trial and intent on protecting a robust economy that he viewed as central to his ...

U.S. Overtakes Italy With Largest Number Of Coronavirus Deaths

According to Johns Hopkins data, the U.S. has set a grim new global record of 20,000 dead.

Cuomo and De Blasio Continue to Spar Over Closing Schools: Live Updates

The N.Y.C. mayor has said that city schools will be closed through the end of the school year. The governor insists that it’s his decision.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Signals Frustration With Fauci Amid Criticism of Slow Virus Response

Oil-producing nations agreed to the largest production cut ever negotiated. Policymakers debated when and how to reopen businesses. And one of the largest pork processing plants in the U.S. closed

Britain Surpasses 10,000 Coronavirus Deaths as Boris Johnson Leaves Hospital; Pope Speaks of ‘Contagion of Hope’

Lockdowns are beginning to lift in Europe, under intense debate. Israel’s prime minister and president are under fire for breaking their own lockdown rules.

They Watch Trump’s Virus Briefings Daily. Here’s What They Have to Say.

The president has millions of viewers for his daily appearances, but even in a pandemic that has paralyzed the nation, a stark partisan divide runs through how they see him.

Trump administration has many task forces — but still no plan for beating covid-19

A bureaucratic nesting doll of groups with competing aims and agendas has contributed to the White House’s often chaotic response to the public health crisis.

Trump wants to reopen country soon. But power really lies with governors

As President Donald Trump leans in to his fervent desire to reopen the nation's economy by May 1, there is a major obstacle standing in his path: the nation's governors and mayors who hold the powe

Jake Tapper asks Dr. Anthony Fauci: Do you think lives could have been saved? - CNN Video

CNN's Jake Tapper asks Dr. Anthony Fauci about the United States' initial response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

'Faith is a good thing': Fauci says religion plays 'important role' during coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Easter that faith will help some people through the “historic ordeal” that the United States is facing from the coronavirus.

'Our peak will come later': DC mayor predicts city won't see coronavirus surge until June

Residents in Washington, D.C., could be months away from witnessing a coronavirus peak, according to Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser.

'HAPPY EASTER!': Trump praises coronavirus efforts and celebrates improved hospital capacity

President Trump celebrated Easter by pointing out recent gains in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

AOC claims 'environmental racism' is a 'preexisting condition' amid coronavirus pandemic

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that “environmental racism” is a “preexisting condition.”

Dr. Thomas Inglesby: U.S. health care system would be better prepared if admin acted sooner

Dr. Tom Inglesby, the director of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School for Public Health, said Sunday that if the Trump administration had been quicker to r

‘China Was Not Truthful’: Ex-FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Explains How Beijing Misled The World About Coronavirus

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, criticized the World Health Organization and the Chinese government on Sunday.

WHO Envoy: Coronavirus Will Likely ’Stalk The Human Race’ Until There's A Vaccine

Dr. David Nabarro said outbreaks are likely to continue for "a long time to come" and advised countries to focus on detecting and isolating cases.

Hope, and New Life, in a Brooklyn Maternity Ward Fighting Covid-19

In a hospital at the center of the crisis, nearly 200 babies have arrived since March. Some pregnant women have fallen extremely ill, but doctors are winning battles for their lives and their child

Good news on coronavirus makes it harder for Trump to hold the line

President Donald Trump urged Americans eight days ago to brace for the "toughest week" of the coronavirus pandemic -- but for Trump himself, the week ahead may well be tougher.

Biden unveils plan to 'safely reopen' US: 'We cannot repeat' Trump administration mistakes

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, on Sunday unveiled a plan to "safely reopen" the United States, emphasizing that widespread testing availability and a drastic drop in c

Phoenix mayor advises residents to 'report large gatherings' on Easter to police

The mayor of Phoenix encouraged residents to call the police this Easter to report any large gatherings of people breaking social distancing rules seen in public parks.

Fauci on CNN's Tapper Show: Earlier Mitigation Could Have Saved Lives

Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci said if President Donald Trump had listened to top officials who wanted the shutdo

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