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covid 19, vice president joe biden, the novel coronavirus, the coronavirus pandemic, new york

Biden Called Trump To Tell Him What He Should Be Doing On The Coronavirus

As Trump fumbles his way through daily coronavirus briefings, former Vice President Joe Biden talked to Trump and gave him suggestions for handling the virus.

Understand the unfolding coronavirus pandemic with these Vox podcast episodes

Listen to everything from what it’s like to be quarantined to America’s level preparedness for Covid-19.

Coronavirus Death Toll In U.S. Surpasses 10,000

More than 337,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed nationwide, and over 1.2 million have been reported globally.

Trump Administration Report Details Havoc For Hospitals Dealing With COVID-19

Had Trump not downplayed the crisis for two months, critics say, hospitals might have been prepared for the pandemic.

Trump describes ‘very friendly’ phone call with Biden on coronavirus

President Trump said he had a “very nice conversation” with former Vice President Biden on the phone about the coronavirus pandemic. Trump said the conversation lasted 15 minutes and he appreciated

Coronavirus in New York: Despite Staggering Death Toll, Outbreak Coul…

Despite Staggering Death Toll, N.Y. Outbreak Could Be Slowing Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that glimmers of hope could continue only if New Yorkers maintain discipline and suppress an impulse to gather

‘Swept Up by FEMA’: Complicated Medical Supply System Sows Confusion …

WASHINGTON — In Massachusetts, state leaders said they had confirmed a vast order of personal protective equipment for their health workers; then the Trump administration took control of the shipme

Delays and Shortages Exacerbate Coronavirus Testing Gaps in the U.S.

Even as new and faster tests become available, lengthy delays to obtain results continue and test materials are running low, compounding the crises hospitals are facing.

‘What do you have to lose?’: Inside Trump’s embrace of a risky drug against coronavirus

The president is pushing the anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, despite warnings from some public health officials about dangerous side effects and uncertain results.

Analysis | What you need to know from Monday’s White House coronavirus briefing

Fauci downplays the idea of getting 'back to normal’ pre-vaccine, and more.

U.S. deaths from covid-19 soar past 10,000

The world continues to be rocked by the coronavirus, as U.S. deaths pass a milestone and British PM Boris Johnson enters intensive care. Yet a few hopeful glimmers suggest the outbreak may be peaki

Trump, other top officials yet to don masks in public despite announcing CDC guidelines

The president and members of the coronavirus task force have yet to wear masks, participating in daily press conferences sans any facial covering.

Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks order by governor suspending in-person voting, putting Tuesday's election back on track

Wisconsin's Democratic governor suspends in-person voting for Tuesday's election over coronavirus concerns, escalating tensions with the GOP.

Coronavirus map: Tracking the spread in the US and around the world -…

Coronavirus explainedEarly cases of COVID-19 are believed to be linked to a live-animal market in Wuhan, China. By Tuesday, the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States had grown to at least

Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin from extending absentee voting

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday night ruled that Wisconsin cannot accept absentee ballots postmarked after its voting day Tuesday.

Trump says he 'may look into' dismissal of ousted Naval captain

President Trump on Monday said he may look into the dismissal of a Naval captain who was relieved of his duty aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt after warning of an outbreak of coronavirus on boa

Trump tells White House Correspondents' Association president he'll 'never make it'

President Trump criticized ABC News reporter Jon Karl after the reporter asked the president about a report written by a long-serving government official.

'I appreciate his calling': Trump says he and Biden had a 'very good talk' about coronavirus

President Trump said that he and Joe Biden had a “warm conversation” discussing the coronavirus but added that the two agreed not to share details.

Senior Hezbollah commander found dead with gunshot and stab wounds: Reports

Senior Hezbollah counterintelligence official Muhammad Ali Yunis has reportedly been killed in southern Lebanon.

Dr. Fauci: Going Back To Pre-Coronavirus Life ‘Might Not Ever Happen’…

Dr. Fauci: Going Back To Pre-Coronavirus Life ‘Might Not Ever Happen’ Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters during the daily press briefing Monday that life after coronavirus “might not” ever go back to

Trump Signals He Will ‘Get Involved’ In Case Of Fired USS Theodore Ro…

“I haven’t heard it exactly,” Trump explained before noting that Cozier not have “sent” and “leaked” his original letter, begging for coronavirus supplies to support the more than 100 positive case

Wisconsin Supreme Court Blocks Governor’s Order, Reinstates Tuesday P…

Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary election will be taking place as scheduled, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday after blocking Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ executive order to postpone the primary due t

Watch Live: President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Holds Press Conference

President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force will host a press briefing at the White House on Monday, scheduled for 5:00 p.m. EST.

Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump to Discuss Coronavirus

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday spoke with President Donald Trump about the coronavirus, according to campaign sources.

Wisconsin Primary Back On For Tuesday In The Middle Of Coronavirus Pandemic

The Wisconsin Supreme Court blocked Gov. Tony Evers' order postponing the election.

Dr. Fauci: Going back to ‘pre-coronavirus’ normal ‘might not ever happen’

At the White House press conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that while the precautions work and there will probably be a “good vaccine” someday, going back to “pre-coronavirus” normal “might not ev

White House Adviser Warned of Risks of Pandemic; Trump Misleads on Testing

Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, has been moved to intensive care, and the Supreme Court rejected an extension of Wisconsin’s voting deadline.

Giuliani, a familiar voice in Trump’s ear, promotes experimental coronavirus treatments

The former New York mayor is part of a chorus of prominent pro-Trump voices who at first downplayed the severity of the virus and then embraced possible cures.

Trump confronts most difficult week yet in coronavirus battle

President Trump and his administration are confronting the most difficult week yet of the novel coronavirus outbreak as cases are expected to approach peak levels in some of the hardest-hit areas o

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