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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-03-19 -- the coronavirus outbreak, march 18, 2020, covid 19, the centers for disease control and prevention, the new york times

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the coronavirus outbreak, march 18, 2020, covid 19, the centers for disease control and prevention, the new york times

The White House Throws A Tantrum After Trump Gets Busted For Coronavirus Racism

Instead of educating or informing the American people, the White House is defending Trump's racist spin on the coronavirus.

The risk Covid-19 poses for children, explained

Kids can spread the virus to more vulnerable adults, and infants may have a higher risk of serious illness than older children.

Trump spent weeks downplaying the coronavirus. He’s now pretending that never happened.

The president’s claim that he’s always taken the coronavirus "very seriously," refuted by the president.

The Defense Production Act, explained

The invocation will allow the federal government to request that companies make needed medical supplies to treat Covid-19 patients.

Trump Signs Coronavirus Aid Bill

The legislation, which House Democrats authored last week, modestly expands sick leave and makes testing for the coronavirus more widely available.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart Is First Member Of Congress To Test Positive For Coronavirus

The Florida Republican was voting on the House floor but is now self-quarantined. Rep. Ben McAdams, a Utah Democrat, also tested positive for COVID-19.

Two members of Congress test positive for coronavirus

Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, announced Wednesday night he has tested positive for coronavirus, little more than an hour after Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart became the first member of Congress to test positiv

China Hits a Coronavirus Milestone: No New Local Infections

All of the new cases reported on Thursday involved people who had come to China from elsewhere, the government said.

Trump Defends Using ‘Chinese Virus’ Label, Ignoring Growing Criticism

“It’s not racist at all,” the president said. But experts warned that the term could result in xenophobia.

Two congressmen test positive for the coronavirus, forcing other lawmakers to self-quarantine

Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida and Democrat Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah began developing symptoms on Saturday.

Analysis | The case for just giving Americans money to help with coronavirus fallout

Trump wants it. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports it. But some hope it doesn't paper over long-term systemic problems.

Analysis | Why Congress is still in session in a public health crisis

Congress is putting itself and its constituents at risk by not going home — but leaving would be worse.

12 changes to the US immigration system during the coronavirus pandemic

As the United States responds to the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has made sweeping changes to the country's immigration apparatus, altering daily operations and disrupting the li

Don Lemon: Donald Trump is gaslighting you over coronavirus - CNN Video

As coronavirus cases in the US continue to grow, CNN's Don Lemon argues that President Donald Trump has been politicizing the pandemic since the beginning.

Coronavirus map: Tracking the spread in the US and around the world -…

Coronavirus explainedEarly cases of COVID-19 are believed to be linked to a live-animal market in Wuhan, China. By Tuesday, the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States had grown to at least

Scalise to self-quarantine in response to Diaz-Balart test

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said Wednesday evening that he will self-quarantine for the next two weeks after Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) tested positive for the coronavirus, citin

De Blasio calls on Trump to deploy military to set up hospitals in New York

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is calling on President Trump to deploy the U.S. military to New York in an effort to fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak.

Utah Democrat becomes second lawmaker to test positive for coronaviru…

McAdams said in a statement he developed mild cold-like symptoms and consulted with his physician on Sunday. He had isolated himself in his home and conducted meetings via phone, he said. “My sympt

'Insidious & hateful': Rick Wilson takes flak for telling Melania Trump '#BeInfected'

Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, told Melania Trump "#BeInfected" after the White House announced the first lady would be in PSAs concerning the coronavirus.

Melania Trump to appear in coronavirus PSAs

First lady Melania Trump will be appearing in national broadcast PSAs to educate the public about how to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Florida governor keeping beaches open amid coronavirus outbreak

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would leave the decision to close the state's beaches to local governments amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Pompeo rips China; says Beijing put 'countless lives at risk', pandemic 'repeatable' without transparency

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic could be "repeatable" if China persists with its lack of transparency, and committed to helping Americans stuck abroad

Wuhan, Hubei report zero new cases of coronavirus

Chinese health officials said Thursday local time that the epicenter of the coronavirus and its surrounding province have not reported any new cases but recorded eight more deaths in the same area.

Steve Scalise Self-Quarantines After Contact With A Coronavirus-Posit…

Steve Scalise Self-Quarantines After Contact With A Coronavirus-Positive Politician House Minority Whip Steve Scalise decided to self-quarantine “out of an abundance of caution” after having contac

Democratic Congressman Ben McAdams Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Utah Democratic Congressman Ben McAdams has tested positive for the coronavirus, he announced Wednesday evening.

Donald Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Bill with over $100 Billion in Aid

President Donald Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on Wednesday, sending over $100 billion in aid to Americans.

6.3M Entered U.S. at Northern Border Before Canada's National Lockdown

Nearly 6.3 million noncitizens were granted admission to the United States by air, land, and sea at ports of entry along the northern border.

What are the symptoms of the new coronavirus?

What to do if you suspect you might have Covid-19.

How Korea Succeeded Where The U.S. Has Failed On Coronavirus Testing

The difference in the development of COVID-19 tests is a tale of many contrasts in the two nations’ public health systems.

Trump Signs Relief Package; China Reports Zero New Local Infections

Two congressmen tested positive for the virus, as work continued on a larger stimulus package. The European Union found that Russia was behind harmful misinformation circulating in the West.

Trump signs coronavirus relief measure ensuring paid sick, emergency leave

The Senate will vote on the House-passed coronavirus economic relief bill on Wednesday.

Coronavirus kills Playboy's print magazine

The pornographic lifestyle magazine Playboy is ending the printed version of its magazine after the coronavirus damaged the publication’s content production and supply chain.

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