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the national security council, vice president biden, kurt volker, phone call with, lt. col. alexander vindman

Adam Schiff Closes Impeachment Hearing With A Fiery Takedown Of GOP Committee Members

Rep. Adam Schiff delivered a fiery takedown of Republicans on Tuesday at the conclusion of the day's public impeachment hearings.

The GOP's Hand-Picked Witnesses Just Sealed Trump's Impeachment

Two witnesses hand-picked by Republicans flopped in a big way on Tuesday, and it may have sealed Donald Trump's impeachment.

Jim Jordan Defends Trump By Confirming He’s A Crazy Conspiracy Theorist

The Republican defense of Trump has turned into admitting that the President Of The United States believes conspiracy theories about Ukraine.

Kurt Volker Says He Was Clueless That Trump’s Desire For Burisma Probe Was About Joe Biden

The former special envoy to Ukraine is one of many establishment Republicans who tried in vain to change the Trump administration from within.

Sondland's Ukraine Policy Was Known As 'The Gordon Problem,' Morrison Says

The former National Security Council expert on Russia testifies that he "didn’t necessarily always act" on EU ambassador Gordon Sondland's ideas.

Republicans Belittle Alexander Vindman’s Military Rank, Uniform In Impeachment Hearing

Ranking member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) kicked things off by ignoring Alexander Vindman's rank of lieutenant colonel, and other Republicans piled on.

A White House Now ‘Cannibalizing Itself’

Even for a president who rarely spares the rhetorical howitzer, this was something new.

Key Moments from the Impeachment Inquiry Hearing: Vindman, Williams, Morrison and Volker Testify

The White House pushed back on a top aide to the vice president who testified that Mr. Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s president was inappropriate.

A Purple Heart, Combat Badge and Ranger Tab: Vindman Sends a Message

“The uniform I wear today is that of the United States Army,” Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman told the impeachment inquiry. “We do not serve any particular political party; we serve the nation.”

Gordon Sondland Is Likely to Face Tough Questions in Impeachment Hearing

The American ambassador to the European Union once boasted he could get President Trump on the phone. No more.

Analysis | The 5 questions Gordon Sondland needs to answer

No. 1: Were you acting of your own volition, or at the direction of Trump?

This could be the defining moment of America's entire impeachment drama

Sondland will be questioned on live television Wednesday morning. A political appointee new to high stakes diplomacy, he is the antithesis of the career foreign service officers who have described

Sondland a day after Trump Ukraine call: US will increase support of Ukraine if it undertakes 'promised' reforms

US Ambassador Gordon Sondland said in an interview a day after President Donald Trump's July phone call with Ukraine's leader that the United States would increase its support of the country if it

Trump tweets during hearing: "A great day for Republicans"

As today's second impeachment inquiry hearing draws to an end, President Trump tweeted "a great day for Republicans, a great day for our Country!"

Takeaways from Tuesday's public impeachment hearings

On Tuesday, the House's ongoing impeachment investigation held its third day of public hearings -- featuring National Security Council Ukraine expert Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams, a memb

Pelosi: 'Open discussion' on whether Trump could be indicted in office

“Let's just see what Mueller does,” she said. “Let's spend our time on getting the results for the American people.”

Ukrainian official says he was 'joking' when he offered Vindman defense minister job

The Republican counsel questioned Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman about a specific proposition by the Ukrainian government. A Ukrainian official said it was a joke.

Trump calls latest impeachment hearings 'a great day for Republicans'

President Trump on Tuesday hailed the third day of public impeachment proceedings as a “great day for Republicans” following a pair of hearings that offered sharply different interpretations of whe

Vindman clashes with GOP

House investigators staged another marathon day of public impeachment hearings on Tuesday, featuring a career military official defending his years of service from GOP questions of loyalty as well

The Big Lie Trump Loyalist Will Say About Vindman | RealClearPolitics

The Big Lie Trump Loyalist Will Say About Vindman | RealClearPolitics

Donald Trump Is America's Anti-President | RealClearPolitics

Donald Trump Is America's Anti-President | RealClearPolitics

ANALYSIS: What if Trump was right about Ukraine?

One of the most important issues in President Trump's impeachment defense is also one of the least explored: To what degree were Trump's concerns about Ukraine valid? It's well documented that the

House hearing a dull rehash till Trump diplomat changes story

A lackluster impeachment hearing got an electric charge yesterday when a key Trump administration diplomat changed his testimony to criticize the administration’s handling of Ukraine and vigorously

'The Gordon Problem' set to testify in impeachment inquiry's main event

Gordon Sondland, the most anticipated witness in the impeachment inquiry, will testify on Wednesday -- but it remains unclear whether he'll pose problems for Democrats, Republicans, or all of the a

Impeachment Witness Debunks Daily Mail Headline About His Own Testimony

Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker debunked an inaccurate story about his own testimony on Tuesday

NSC Superiors Voiced Concerns About Alexander Vindman's Judgment

National Security Council supervisors and colleagues raised concerns about Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's judgment on multiple occasions.

GOP Rep. Turner to Volker: You 'Took Apart' the Democrats' 'Entire Case'

Rep. Turner indicated that former diplomat Kurt Volker essentially "took apart" the Democrats' "entire case" for impeaching President Trump.

White House Blasts Liar Adam Schiff For Making Up Fake Quotes From President Trump... AGAIN! (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) once again invented fake quotes from President Trump on Tuesday during his Soviet-style show trial. On Tuesday NSC leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jenn

Rachel Maddow Says GOP-Called Impeachment Witnesses Only Confirmed Trump's Corruption

If the GOP was hoping two of their witnesses would save their crumbling impeachment defense, they likely left Tuesday's hearing feeling quite discouraged.

GOP-Requested Witness Rejects Trump ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Kurt Volker said he has known former Vice President Joe Biden as an honorable man for decades while rebuffing debunked corruption allegations.

Officials Testify Trump Call Was Inappropriate; One ‘Couldn’t Believe’ It

In the second week of impeachment hearings, White House national security aides recalled their concerns after the president’s conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart.

Impeachment witness says Ukraine ‘gradually came to understand’ Trump’s desired investigation was tied to aid, meeting

Democrats released fresh transcripts Monday of closed-door testimony in their impeachment inquiry.

Sondland testimony could be pivotal point of impeachment showdown

Gordon Sondland is entering a lions' den. The ambassador will testify Wednesday in the most consequential moment yet in the House impeachment inquiry with his own, and President Donald Trump's futu

Democrats grapple with mixed impeachment reviews

House Democrats say constituents have mixed reviews about the public impeachment proceedings that have entered a second week.

Vindman Says Ukraine Offered Him Defense Minister Post Three Times

Vindman testified Tuesday that a Ukrainian official offered him the position of defense minister three times.

Vindman Went Around Authorities to Undermine Trump Administration - Told Ukrainian President Zelensky to "Stay Out of US Politics"

President Zelensky with the US delegation in Kiev including Senator Ron Johnson, former Governor Rick Perry and Alexander Vindman, among others. Vindman went rogue- Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman told

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