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he will be a great speaker of the house (12), rep jim (9), troy nehls (8), truth social (7), total endorsement (7)

IT'S OFFICIAL: Donald Trump Endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft

In a recent development, President Donald Trump officially endorsed Rep.

Sources say Trump set to endorse Jordan for Speakership

Former President Trump is expected to endorse Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to be the next House Speaker, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) claimed in a post online Thursday night. After the House removed forme…

Steube says GOP would change House rules for Trump

Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) said House Republicans would change House rules if need be to make former President Trump the next House Speaker. A handful of Republicans have floated the possibility of …

Lara Trump says Trump mentioned Speakership to her during phone call

Lara Trump said her father-in-law, former President Trump, brought up the prospect of becoming Speaker of the House on a phone call with her Thursday. “Just got off the phone with him not too long …

Biden Continues Immigration Reversal by Announcing Resumption of Deportations to Venezuela

The move is a major about-face for the Biden administration, which also flip-flopped on the issue of a border wall this week.

Trump endorses Jim Jordan for House speaker | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for speaker of the House Friday.

Trump endorses Jim Jordan as next House speaker

The former president was "50-50" on coming to D.C. amid the speakership fight. Now, he’s throwing his weight behind the Ohio Republican.

Trump endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker

Former President Trump threw his support behind Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to be the next Speaker late Thursday night, giving the conservative firebrand a boost in his effort to win th…

Republicans embrace hilariously bad insult in attacks on Gaetz

Matt Gaetz and other GOP hardliners who moved to oust Kevin McCarthy as speaker aren't true conservatives, some GOPers claim. Oh, how wrong they are.

Trump Endorses Jim Jordan in Race for House Speaker

Representatives Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise sought support from members of the fractured Republican Party, and then former President Donald J. Trump weighed in.

Senator Rand Paul Says Criticism of Ongoing Funding for Ukraine is a 'Growing Movement' in Washington | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

A growing number of Americans are tired of seeing our leaders in Washington send mountains of cash to Ukraine when there are so many serious problems here at home.

Trump Endorses Jim Jordan For Speaker Of The House

Former President Donald Trump will endorse Republican Rep. Jim Jordan's bid for speaker of the House, Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas posted on Twitter.

Cheney, Kinzinger Oppose Jordan Becoming Speaker, So He Must Be A Good Choice

Former Republican Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger oppose Rep. Jim Jordan becoming the next speaker of the House.

Scalise and Jordan battle over centrists in speakership fight | CNN Politics

The battle to win the House speakership could hinge on a contingent of more moderate Republicans uneasy about the conservative politics of their two leading candidates and angry at their hardline faction for ousting Kevin McCarthy in this week’s unprecedented floor vote.

Trump seeks to reassert himself as GOP kingmaker in House speaker fight | CNN Politics

There was only one way the chaos in the Republican-led House – likened Thursday by one of its members to a “stupid clown car” – could get more extreme.

Donald Trump Endorses Jim Jordan in Speaker Race

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) in his bid to become the Republican Speaker of the House.

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