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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-09-13 -- president joe biden (11), inquiry president (5), hunter biden’s business dealings (4), launched impeachment (3), wrongdoing biden (2)

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president joe biden (11), inquiry president (5), hunter biden’s business dealings (4), launched impeachment (3), wrongdoing biden (2)

John Fetterman Threatens To Stick Biden Impeachment Up McCarthy's Tailpipe

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) didn't hold back when he was asked about the House GOP's Biden impeachment investigation. Fetterman told McCarthy that Senate Democrats are going to shove impeachment back up his tailpipe.

No, President Biden Did Not Give Iran $6 Billion

The U.S. did NOT give Iran 6 billion dollars. The money is from releasing frozen Iranian funds. Congress has been briefed about this as well.

House Republican Admits Biden Impeachment Is A Fraud To Help Trump

House Republicans are planning to drag the impeachment investigation out until next year's conventions to distract from Trump's indictments and criminal charges.

ABC News Plays Defense for Biden Over House GOP Impeachment Inquiry (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Now that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is finally launching an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden, we will get to see most of the media pull a complete 180 degree turn on impeaching presidents.

Impeachment Fail: Senior FBI Agent Disputes Key Claims Of GOP Whistleblowers

The House Judiciary Committee interviewed senior FBI agent Thomas Sobocinski, who oversees the FBI team that’s investigating Hunter Biden, and he disputed claims made by two of the House Republicans’ “whistleblowers."

Greg Gutfeld: 'Zero Evidence Doesn't Matter' In Biden Impeachment Inquiry

The Fox News host joked about Joe Biden dying in prison and insulted a daytime talk host in his obnoxious defense of the inquiry.

7 key questions about McCarthy’s impeachment push

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's big announcement raised more questions than it answered.

Opinion | The GOP's impeachment inquiry against Biden is Benghazi 2.0

The GOP isn't exactly being subtle about what's motivating this latest escalation.

Trump Responds To Putin's Comments On Why His Indictments Are Good For Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the "persecution" of Trump shows the "rottenness of the American system."

Watch: Fetterman Aide Thinks Boss Is Having Stroke During Weird Biden Impeachment Freakout

After the bizarre display on Fetterman's part, the aide told the reporter that the two of them needed "to run back to the office."

Listen: 911 Call over Biden Energy Secretary Staff Blocking EV Charger

Audio of a 911 call made when U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm's staff were blocking an electric vehicle charger has been released.

Staggs Trolls Romney for Standing with GOP on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Trent Staggs trolled Sen. Mitt Romney for standing in solidarity with his GOP colleagues on the impeachment inquiry launched into Joe Biden. 

‘Abandoned by the Democratic Party’: Behind the UAW’s frustrations with Biden

A United Auto Workers strike against the big U.S. automakers would pose tangible and political problems for the president's push for electric vehicles.

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