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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-07-13 -- the american people (6), president joe biden (6), war ukraine (5), national security (5), biden said (5)

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the american people (6), president joe biden (6), war ukraine (5), national security (5), biden said (5)

Jamie Raskin And Dan Goldman Humiliate James Comer

House Oversight Committee members Reps. Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman are calling for the committee to investigate whether they were duped by Chair James Comer's star fugitive Biden scandal witness.

Ted Lieu Obliterates The GOP Lie That The DOJ Is Out To Get Trump

Through a series of basic questions to FBI Director Chris Wray, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) debunked the GOP claim that the DOJ is out to get Trump through a two-tiered system of justice.

Eric Swalwell Burns Jim Jordan To The Ground During FBI Hearing

After Jim Jordan accused FBI Director Chris Wray of lawlessness, Eric Swalwell reminded everyone that Jordan has defied a 1/6 Committee subpoena for over 400 days.

Jerry Nadler Derails Jim Jordan Hearing With Truth About Russia And The GOP

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Jerry Nadler exposed the real reason why Republicans are attacking the FBI. Nadler said the GOP wants Russia to interfere in the 2024 election for Trump.

Michigan Republicans Could Soon Face Felony Charges For Stealing Voting Machines

The door has been opened for a group of Trump-supporting Michigan Republicans, some of them elected officials to face felony charges for stealing vote tabulators.

Biden proclaims NATO alliance 'more united than ever' in contrast to predecessor Trump

President Joe Biden says he and other NATO leaders showed the world this week that the military alliance remains “more united than ever."

What Ukraine did — and didn’t — get from the NATO summit

NATO got its unity moment, but it put off the big questions for Ukraine.

Biden diminished Zelensky, fumbled the ball in NATO’s Vilnius meeting

Instead of strengthening Zelensky in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin cronies and talking heads, Biden diminished Zelensky. 

Opinion | Unfortunately for Republicans, the economy is improving

A year straight of falling inflation has made Republican arguments against 'Bidenomics' way less convincing.

Biden Pledges Long-Term Backing for Ukraine, but a U.S. Election Looms

Citing American politics, some NATO leaders expressed concern that Washington could waver in its support if there were a shift in power.

Ukraine will 'no doubt' join NATO when war with Russia ends, US defense secretary tells CNN | CNN Politics

The US secretary of defense told CNN on Thursday he has “no doubt” that Ukraine will become part of NATO after Russia’s war against the country ends, following a two-day summit that was dominated by the question of when Kyiv would join the alliance.

US defense secretary says Tuberville holds are 'national security issue' | CNN Politics

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s holds on hundreds of senior military nominations are a “national security issue.”

Biden portrays a vastly different tone in Helsinki five years after Trump's summit with Putin | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden and Nordic leaders came together Thursday to cap off a critical European trip for a summit that carried heavy symbolism both at home and abroad about the president’s vision of America’s role in the world.

They rose as Trump impeachment managers. Now they’re on vastly different paths.

Adam Schiff was ousted from his plum House perch and is seeking a Senate seat. Jamie Raskin is betting on the lower chamber.

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