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supreme court (8), state legislatures (7), state courts (6), north carolina (6), moore harper (6)

Supreme Court rejects unchecked state legislature power over federal election rules

The 6-3 opinion repudiated much of the "independent state legislature" theory.

Rachel Maddow Laughs At Trump Confessing On Tape To Having Classified Docs

Rachel Maddow played the tape of Trump confessing and appearing to show classified materials to others in the room and couldn't stop laughing at the ex-president's stupidity.

On The Same Night That Classified Docs Tape Drops, Trump Says He Won't Do GOP Debates

On the same night that a tape was published revealing his discussion of classified documents, Trump announced that he won't be participating in Republican presidential primary debates.

Rudy Giuliani Is Reportedly Melting Down And Drinking Heavily As He Fears Indictment

Rudy Giuliani's former partner in the Ukraine scandal Lev Parnas has heard that Giuliani is melting down and drinking heavily because he fears being indicted.

The Supreme Court Deals A Death Blow To Trump's Plan To Steal 2024

Trump and his band of election deniers have been pushing the theory that state courts lack the authority to question election laws in federal elections, but the Supreme Court shot them down.

The Supreme Court decides not to destroy democracy in the United States

Six justices decided not to burn the right of the people to govern themselves to the ground.

The House Freedom Caucus May Dump Marjorie Taylor Greene

The House Freedom Caucus took a vote on Friday that went against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) which means that she could soon be booted out of the right wing group.

What is the ‘independent state legislature’ theory?

The Supreme Court upheld the right of courts to review the constitutionality of federal election maps produced by state legislatures on Tuesday, rejecting the so-called “independent state legislatu…

Democrats celebrate Supreme Court state election law ruling

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said the ruling was a “welcome signal in advance of 2024.” 

Supreme Court rejects GOP-backed effort to transform U.S. elections

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the 6-3 opinion, with Thomas, Gorsuch and Alito dissenting.

Supreme Court Rejects Theory That Would Have Transformed American Elections

The 6-to-3 majority dismissed the “independent state legislature” theory, which would have given state lawmakers nearly unchecked power over federal elections.

Supreme Court says a conviction for online threats violated 1st Amendment

The case concerned a Colorado law used to convict Billy Raymond Counterman of stalking and causing “emotional distress” to a singer-songwriter he had never met.

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