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the debt ceiling (20), debt limit (13), president joe biden (12), work requirements for (10), two years (10)

Biden Outsmarted Republicans And He Knows It

President Biden has put the clamps on publicly bragging about the debt ceiling deal but privately has admitted to out-negotiating McCarthy.

If you have student loans, here’s what the debt ceiling deal means for you

Get ready to pay back your loans — or pressure the White House for new action.

5 winners and 5 losers from the debt ceiling deal

Biden and McCarthy win. The Freedom Caucus loses.

All the Republicans running for president in 2024, explained

Former Vice President Mike Pence and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are set to announce their candidacies next week.

Just Days To Spare, Senate Gives Final Approval To Debt Ceiling Deal, Sending It To Biden

Fending off a U.S. default, the Senate has given final approval to a debt ceiling and budget cuts package.

Senate passes debt ceiling bill 63-36

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell reports the Senate has passed a bill negotiated by Pres. Biden and Speaker McCarthy suspending the debt ceiling for two years and establishing a two-year budget agreement.

Lawrence: Trump’s ‘panic’ on display when asked about docs case audio tape

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains how Donald Trump panicked in front of a friendly audience in Iowa when Sean Hannity asked him about an alleged audio recording where Trump admitted to knowingly taking classified documents.

Protests across the U.S. target Florida’s bigoted immigration law

“Day Without Immigrants” protests involved work stoppages across Florida and demonstrations across the U.S. against a bigoted law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

8 takeaways from the debt ceiling vote

The agreement secures some GOP priorities on spending, permits and the safety net, but left the heart of President Joe Biden's agenda intact — at least until the next fight.

Just don't boast: How Biden world sought to ace the debt ceiling standoff

The president’s advisers are betting voters will reward Biden for getting things done.

The debt deal limits Pentagon spending. Lawmakers are already figuring out ways around it.

Both Democrats and Republicans say a supplemental for Ukraine could be a way to pad defense spending.

Trump-DeSantis feud gets ugly fast

The two frontrunners for the GOP nomination are fighting over everything from a campaign bus in Iowa to the former president’s White House record.

Here are the senators who voted against the bill to raise the debt ceiling

The Senate on Thursday passed a sweeping bipartisan plan to suspend the debt ceiling, just days away from a fast-approaching fiscal deadline to avert a federal default. The upper chamber voted 63-3…

Cheney not ruling out 2024 bid: Focused on making sure Trump ‘isn’t anywhere close to the Oval Office’

Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), a longtime critic of former President Trump, said that she has not ruled out a 2024 bid for president.   “I’m not making any announcements today,” she said wh…

Senate approves bill to avert national default, sending it to Biden’s desk

The Senate on Thursday night capped four months of contentious debate and voted to send a compromise bill to President Biden’s desk that extends the government’s borrowing authority until January 2…

Biden praises Senate passage of debt ceiling deal: 'A big win for our economy'

President Joe Biden hailed the Senate’s passage of the bipartisan debt ceiling deal on Thursday night.

Senate passes debt ceiling bill just in time before expected default

The Senate passed legislation negotiated by President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to suspend the debt ceiling and set federal spending limits with just enough support to pull the nation back from the brink of economic catastrophe days from Monday’s deadline when the Treasury has…

Trump says abortion rights activists were frustrated to the point of radicalization after his court wins

Former President Donald Trump said abortion rights activists became radicals after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

GINN: The New Biden-McCarthy Debt Deal Is Just Like The Old Ones — It Doesn’t Solve The Actual Problem

On Wednesday night, the House passed what could be one of the worst debt ceiling deals in U.S. history without providing any fiscal discipline.

Trump Expresses Sympathy After Biden's Fall: 'Well I Hope He Wasn't Hurt'

Trump expressed sympathy for Biden upon learning that he fell after delivering the commencement speech at the Air Force Academy.

Trump Is The Most Hated Brand In The United States

Donald Trump's company is the most hated brand in America. Think of the company that you despise dealing with, and then realize that they are more popular than Trump.

The biggest policy changes in the debt ceiling deal, explained

How the legislation to avert an economic crisis would affect student loans, food aid, the IRS, and more.

Fox News’ In-House Trump Adviser Allows Him To Lie And Whine For Full Hour in Iowa

Unlike during the CNN "town hall" last month, Sean Hannity let the coup-attempting former president’s rapid-fire lies and complaints go unchallenged.

Opinion | How Kevin McCarthy came out on top in the latest debt ceiling drama

Don’t expect the concessions McCarthy made to his detractors to insulate him from their never-ending wrath and hostility.

Senate averts default, sends debt bill to Biden’s desk

The vote caps off months of melodrama.

Senate Sends Debt Ceiling Package To Biden’s Desk With Default Days Away

The Senate passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act Thursday night, sending the debt ceiling hike to President Joe Biden's desk.

Senate Passes Biden-McCarthy Debt Ceiling Bill 63-36 - UPDATE: Full Vote Breakdown Including 17 GOP Sellouts | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

The Senate on Thursday night approved the debt ceiling bill “negotiated” by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden.

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