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new york (17), president joe biden (10), the access hollywood tape (9), federal court (9), dressing room (9)

Rep. George Santos Is Going Down As DOJ Files Federal Criminal Charges

The Department of Justice has filed federal criminal charges against Rep. George Santos (R-NY) possibly in relation to false statements on his campaign finance filings.

Trump's Lawyer Holds Disastrous Press Conference After The E. Jean Carroll Verdict

The best thing that Trump's lawyer Joe Tacopina could say about the E. Jean Carroll verdict was that he was happy that Trump wasn't branded a rapist.

Trump Found To Have Sexually Abused And Defamed E. Jean Carroll

A jury has found that Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll and defamed her, and has awarded Carroll roughly $5 million.

Liz Cheney To Air Devastating Ad During Trump's CNN Town Hall

Former Rep. Liz Cheney's PAC The Great Task will air an ad calling Trump unfit and a national security risk during his CNN town hall.

Trump has been found liable for sexual abuse. Will it change anything?

E. Jean Carroll won a fraught victory in her civil case against the former president.

Biden Urges Republicans To End Debt Default Threat At Oval Office Meeting

The president again asked Republicans to pass a debt limit increase to avoid an economic catastrophe, not hold it “hostage” to their budget-cut demands.

Liz Cheney rolls out anti-Trump ad ahead of CNN town hall

Cheney's political action committee is airing a Jan. 6-inspired ad in New Hampshire at the same time that CNN is hosting a Trump town hall in the state.

Opinion | How Biden can unmask Kevin McCarthy with one simple question

If we’re playing along with Republicans’ fiction that this is a real negotiation, then both sides should be able to get something.

E. Jean Carroll described an assault in minute detail.

Ms. Carroll said Mr. Trump asked her to help select a gift for a female friend. “I love to give advice, and here was Donald Trump asking me for advice about buying a present,” she said.She describe...

Here’s a closer look at the $5 million in damages that the jury awarded Carroll.

The jury, in returning the verdict shortly before 3 p.m., also found that Mr. Trump, who is running to regain the presidency, defamed Ms. Carroll in October when he posted a statement on his Truth ...

New York Law Gave Jurors Three Types of Battery to Consider in Trump Case

A federal judge presiding over the lawsuit against the former president walked jurors through each variety of wrongdoing, explaining their precise definitions.

George Santos Is Said to Face Federal Criminal Charges

The first-term Republican congressman’s extensive lies on the campaign trail and questionable financial dealings were the focus of criminal and ethical inquiries.

Read the full jury verdict form from the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial

Trump's legal team did not call any witnesses during the trial, and Trump himself did not testify in court during the trial.

Santos set to face federal criminal charges

The fabulist New Yorker isn't facing resignation pressure from Speaker Kevin McCarthy — but fellow home-state Republicans are reiterating their hopes that he leave Congress.

A Stunning Result in Trump’s Sexual Assault Trial

A new first — and a new low — for the former president.

Jury finds Trump liable for sexual abuse in E. Jean Carroll case

The verdict was announced in a federal courtroom in Manhattan on the first day of jury deliberations.

Five takeaways from the Biden, McCarthy meeting on debt limit debate

President Biden and the top four congressional leaders, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), came away with no path forward on Tuesday after they met to discuss ways to avoid the nation def…

Trump's bid to move Bragg hush money case to federal court receives hearing date

Former President Donald Trump's motion to move the New York criminal case against him to federal court will be heard next month.

McConnell calls for Biden to negotiate with McCarthy to avoid default: 'We're running out of time'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called on President Joe Biden to negotiate with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over the debt ceiling to avoid a default on the nation's national debt.

‘Is That The Desperation We’re At?’: Dana Bash And Alina Habba Get Into Tense Exchange About Sexual Harassment Verdict

CNN anchor Dana Bash got into a tense exchange with former President Donald Trump's attorney Tuesday over a verdict finding her client liable of sexual battery.

‘Why Should I Even Answer The Question’: Biden Snaps At Reporter Asking About Speaker McCarthy’s Spending Cuts

President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter Tuesday who asked about his attempted negotiations with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding a debt ceiling deal.

McCarthy: 'Didn't See Any New Movement' on Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Kevin McCarthy said after his meeting with President Joe Biden he "did not see any new movement" on a potential debt ceiling deal. 

President Biden Isn't Putting Up With Any Kevin McCarthy Lies

After Speaker McCarthy complained about his White House meeting with the President, Biden called out McCarthy's lies.

Opinion | How Trump's E. Jean Carroll deposition doomed his defense

Carroll’s team most likely knew one of the primary rules of Trump litigation: if you get him into a deposition, anything can happen.

Donald Trump Sexually Abused and Defamed E. Jean Carroll, Jury Finds

The ex-president must pay Ms. Carroll $5 million. More than a dozen women have accused Mr. Trump of sexual misconduct, but this civil case was the only one tested before a jury.

Trump’s defeat in Carroll case presages more legal peril

With one verdict against him now in the books, here are the other cases Trump is facing.

Pence says Americans not ‘focused’ on Trump sexual abuse verdict

Former Vice President Mike Pence said he does not believe that most Americans are “focused” on the verdict in the E. Jean Carroll sexual abuse case.  Pence told NBC News in an interview on Tue…

Jury in New York Finds Trump Liable for Sexual Abuse, Not Rape; $5 Million Damages

A jury in New York found former President Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse -- though not rape -- of writer E. Jean Carroll 3 decades ago.

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