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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-04-27 -- a clean debt ceiling (10), the debt limit (9), president joe biden (7), work requirements for (6), save grow (6)

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a clean debt ceiling (10), the debt limit (9), president joe biden (7), work requirements for (6), save grow (6)

Kevin McCarthy Falls Into Biden's Trap By Barely Passing Debt Limit Bill

By a narrow margin of 217-215, House Republicans passed Kevin McCarthy's debt limit bill and gave a huge gift to Biden and the Democrats.

At Press Conference, Biden Shoots Down The Media Hysteria Over His Age

President Biden took apart the media's handwringing over their belief that he is too old to serve a second term.

Opinion | Kevin McCarthy did the bare minimum. Now comes the hard part.

The razor-thin GOP majority managed to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling — but it's just he opening salvo in negotiations with Democrats.

Jim Jordan Rated One Of The Least Effective GOP Members Of Congress

A report from the Center For Effective Lawmaking ranked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) 217 out of 220 Republicans in the House in terms of effectiveness.

Why the debt ceiling problem never goes away

The reason we’re stressed about the debt ceiling — again.

Judge Warns Trump Could Face Charges For Jury Tampering In E. Jean Carroll Case

The judge presiding over E. Jean Carroll's rape lawsuit against Donald Trump warned the former president that he could be charged with jury tampering over social media posts.

How McCarthy mollified the right on his debt plan — for now

Conservative strategizing about the House GOP's bill began soon after the speakership battle, at Sen. Rick Scott's dining room table.

‘Thank Every Republican’: McCarthy Takes Victory Lap Over Passage Of Debt Ceiling Bill

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday that Americans should “thank every Republican” for passing a debt limit bill that he said would boost the economy.

What’s in the House G.O.P. Debt Limit Bill

Republicans’ proposal would cut federal spending and unravel parts of the Biden administration’s policy agenda in exchange for lifting the nation’s borrowing cap.

House Passes GOP’s Spending Cuts Package, Sending Bill to Democrat-Led Senate

House Republicans passed a bill to raise the debt limit through early next year while deeply reducing government spending, setting up a contentious standoff with Democrats as the bill heads to the Senate.

Joe Biden Faces Pressure to Negotiate with House Republicans on Debt Ceiling

President Joe Biden faced pressure Wednesday to negotiate the debt ceiling with House Republicans as the bill was finalized in the chamber.

House GOP passes its debt bill, upping pressure on Biden

It's a symbolic victory, since the legislation is DOA in the Senate, but Republicans hope it will force the president to the negotiating table.

Biden: I'll meet with McCarthy — but not on debt limit

The president says he’s open to talking, but on the budget first.

Why the Senate isn't jumping at the opportunity to end the debt crisis

As the House GOP struggles to pass its plan, Washington could soon look to the chamber with a track record of bipartisan deals — where nothing is happening.

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