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gloria johnson (10), gun violence (8), gun reform (8), voted expel (7), the tennessee state capitol (7)

Biden decries expulsion of Tennessee lawmakers as ‘shocking’ and ‘undemocratic’

President Biden blasted the expulsion of two Tennessee lawmakers Thursday as “shocking” and “undemocratic,” saying that GOP lawmakers chose to expel lawmakers instead of par…

House, Senate Democrats rally behind expelled Tennessee lawmakers: ‘We all lost today’

Democratic lawmakers are decrying the expulsion of two Tennessee legislators Thursday, calling their removal a threat to democracy. “All of this in the wake of children—9-year-olds—being kill…

Democracy 'Lynched' In Tennessee As Republicans Expel Rep. Justin Jones For Supporting Gun Protest

Tennessee House Republicans carried out an unprecedented attack on democracy by expelling Rep. Justin Jones for supporting a gun protest.

Jim Jordan Makes His First Big Mistake In His Investigation Of Alvin Bragg

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) started off his investigation of Alvin Bragg by subpoenaing Mark Pomerantz, which could be a big mistake.

Tennessee House votes to expel 2 of 3 Dems, both Black, over gun protest

Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were expelled in a vote largely along party lines, an effort to oust them led by the GOP supermajority. Rep. Gloria Johnson escaped removal from office because Republicans failed to gather the necessary two-thirds-majority support.

Congressional Black Caucus heaps criticism on Tennessee lawmakers for expelling Black lawmakers

The Congressional Black Caucus blasted the Republican-controlled Tennessee state legislature on Thursday after two out Black Democratic state lawmakers were expelled for participating in a protest …

Tennessee Republicans expel Democratic lawmaker for protesting on House floor

The Tennessee Republican-led state House voted on Thursday to expel at least one of three lawmakers who protested on the House floor for stronger gun control laws following the Nashville school shooting.

‘No One Cares About The Rules’: CNN Panel Defends Dems Who Joined With Mob In State Capitol Protest

A CNN panel defended three Democrats who were targeted for expulsion from the Tennessee House of Representatives for their involvement in a gun control protest.

Tennessee G.O.P. Punishes 2 Democrats by Throwing Them Out of House

The unseating of the lawmakers threatened to further inflame partisan rancor in a state that is divided over issues like how to respond to a school shooting in Nashville.

Video: See Tennessee House Democrat's reaction after GOP fails to expel her | CNN Politics

A vote to expel Democratic Rep. Gloria Johnson from Tennessee's Republican-controlled House of Representatives has failed, a week after she and two other Democrats led a gun reform protest on the House floor. The House earlier expelled Rep. Justin Jones over that protest, which followed a mass shooting at a Nashville school.

What to know about ‘the Tennessee three’ after two Dems are expelled

Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were both booted from the state House, while the vote to expel Rep. Gloria Johnson failed.

Biden condemns Tennessee House vote to expel Dems over gun protests

Three Democratic lawmakers had approached the state House lectern without being recognized, interrupting legislative business. Two, both Black, were expelled.

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