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the conservative political action conference cpac (15), gov ron (15), the 2020 election (11), straw poll (10), karl rove and jeb bush (9)

House Democrats Form A Truth Squad To Stop Jim Jordan's Lies

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) said that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and Jim Jordan's select committee had formed a truth squad to combat his lies.

The Right Is Melting Down As Steve Bannon Goes To War With Fox News

The cold war between Fox News and Trump suddenly got very hot as Steve Bannon said that he wants the Murdochs and Fox News gone.

You Can See MAGA Dying As Kimberly Guilfoyle Addresses Nearly Empty CPAC Ballroom

Former Trump campaign adviser and Donald Trump Jr. fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle addressed CPAC on Friday to a tiny and apparently less than enthused audience.

Marianne Williamson Is Officially Running For President Again

The self-help author is the first Democrat to formally challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 nomination.

Opinion | Why Trump's cult of CPAC might be in trouble (maybe)

What is not yet clear is whether this is a divorce — or merely a trial separation.

Trump Says He Would Stay in 2024 Race if Indicted

Donald Trump said he “wouldn’t even think about” dropping out of the race for the White House if he’s indicted. The former president has increasingly used his campaign as a cudgel against investigators.

Inside the Panic at Fox News After the 2020 Election

“If we hadn’t called Arizona,” said Suzanne Scott, the network’s chief executive, according to a recording reviewed by The New York Times, “our ratings would have been bigger.”

Fact check: Republicans at CPAC make false claims about Biden, Zelensky, the FBI and children | CNN Politics

The Conservative Political Action Conference is underway in Maryland. And the members of Congress, former government officials and conservative personalities who spoke at the conference on Thursday and Friday made false claims about a variety of topics.

Dems want to cut Fox off after lawsuit revelations

The icing of Fox News — the ratings-leading network — would include starving the company of advertising dollars and pulling the biggest Democratic stars from the airwaves.

The Trump world-Fox News war gets nasty

Relations have been rocky before. But the punches being thrown now are particularly aggressive.

Trump courts early-state Republicans at Mar-a-Lago

The former president has been meeting with GOP officials from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and now Nevada.

Five takeaways from this year’s CPAC

Donald Trump loomed large over the annual Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., this week, demonstrating the iron grip the former president still maintains over t…

Photos: CPAC Day 3

Former President Trump speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md., on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Gr…

CPAC 2023: GOP base embraces Trump's 'aggressive' confab speech, but some want DeSantis

OXON HILL, Maryland — Former President Donald Trump's CPAC address doubled as a rallying cry for his supporters and most of the self-selecting crowd filtered out of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center ready to make America great again.

Allies of Marianne Williamson lay out game plan to take down Biden

Top Democrats have roundly shrugged off bestselling self-help author Marianne Williamson’s nascent campaign, but her allies are optimistic that she has a path for an upset.

CPAC 2023: Trump pledges 'retribution' and attacks GOP establishment 'freaks, neocons, open border zealots, and fools'

OXON HILL, Maryland — Former President Donald Trump took on establishment Republicans, telling CPAC he is ready to "complete the mission" he started when he was elected to the White House in 2016.

Conservative Leaders Reveal Plan To Get Personnel In Order After Trump Administration Chaos

Conservative leaders have an unprecedented plan for training thousands of personnel to run the government in the next Republican administration.

Trump Collaborates with Jan. 6th Prisoners to Release Song Ahead of Key Note Speech - 'Justice for All'

Former President Donald Trump supplies a voice-over of the Pledge of Allegiance on the single "Justice for All" featuring Jan. 6 prisoners.

Trump: ‘We Are Never Going Back' to the GOP of Ryan, Rove, Bush

Donald Trump boldly proclaimed that the GOP “never going back to the party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush” during his speech at CPAC.

Trump Pledges to 'Totally Obliterate the Deep State' if Elected President

Former President Donald J. Trump said Saturday he'd fire federal bureaucrats "who have weaponized our justice system" if elected president.

CPAC Straw Poll: Trump 62, DeSantis 22, Everyone Else Single Digits

Donald Trump easily won the CPAC straw poll for the 2024 Republican Party presidential nominee on Saturday. 

Democrats Have Been Trying to Shut Down FOX News for Years - Now They Think Their Moment Has Come

Truth Gettr gab-logo Gab Parler Telegram Share Tweet        The left has been trying to shut down the FOX News channel since its founding nearly three decades ago. They simply cannot stand that the...

"We Will Pick Them Up, and We Will Throw Them Out of Our Country" - Trump Lays Out His Mass Deportation Plan if Elected Again (VIDEO)

Truth Gettr gab-logo Gab Parler Telegram Share Tweet        President Trump delivered a fiery speech at CPAC 2023 in National Harbor, Maryland on Saturday evening. Trump won the straw poll overwhel...

Trump Reportedly Couldn't Fill The Ballroom At CPAC

Trump claimed they were hanging off the rafters at CPAC for his speech, but a reporter on the scene said the ballroom was about 85% full.

Donald Trump is now fully at war with the Republican Party’s past

Trump took the stage at CPAC, blasted his own party and declared "I am your retribution."

Trump Brings His Usual Grievances Back To A Diminished CPAC

The coup-attempting former president brought his usual grievances back to a diminished CPAC

Eyeing DeSantis, Trump Readies for a Long Primary Battle

Donald Trump basked in affection from activists at CPAC on Saturday. But his campaign is preparing for an ugly, protracted primary fight for the nomination — and pledging even an indictment would not stop him.

Trump says he won't drop out of 2024 race if he's indicted | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that he would not drop out of the 2024 presidential race if he were indicted in any of the federal and state investigations he faces.

Trump ties a ribbon on the most MAGA CPAC yet

The former president wrapped up the annual gathering of conservative activists with a rallying cry to his faithful for 2024.

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