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chinese spy balloon (10), to shoot down the (8), national security (7), the biden administration (6), ryder said (6)

Biden Had Another Potential Spy Balloon Shot Down Over Alaska

The Biden administration's John Kirby announced that Biden order another high-altitude object flying over Alaska to be shot down, and it was.

Tests negative, Sen. John Fetterman leaves hospital

Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman is out of a hospital in Washington after a two-day stay following a spell of lightheadedness that prompted the visit as he recovers from a stroke he suffered last year on the campaign trail

Defense & National Security — Another aerial object downed over American territory

The U.S. military has shot down an object flying over Alaska less than a week after shooting down a massive Chinese spy balloon off the Carolina coast, with questions still remaining as to what the…

John Fetterman Is Out Of The Hospital And Will Be Back In The Senate On Monday

Senator Fetterman's office released a statement saying that tests found no signs of a stroke or a seizure. Fetterman is out of the hospital and will be back at work in the Senate on Monday.

Opinion | Marjorie Taylor Greene's Chinese balloon hot air could help spark a bilateral crisis

As a former intelligence officer, I know that spying is an everyday occurrence. But Americans must learn to think more critically about threats.

U.S. Shoots Down High-Altitude Object Over Alaska

The incident comes less than a week after a U.S. fighter jet brought down a Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic during a diplomatic crisis.

Live updates: US shoots down "high-altitude object" over Alaska

President Joe Biden ordered the military to down a "high-altitude object" hovering over Alaska on Friday, the White House announced. Follow here for the latest news updates.

Sen. John Fetterman Discharged From Hospital

The Pennsylvania Democrat had a near-fatal stroke last year, but tests showed that this episode of lightheadedness was not a stroke.

Fetterman released from hospital after light-headed spell

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was released Friday after spending two nights in a Washington, D.C., hospital, his office said.

Xi Jinping fumes at US efforts to rally allies against China

Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping fumed at U.S. efforts to restrict Beijing’s access to advanced Western technology as a week of tensions over a downed Chinese balloon punctuated a wider diplomatic struggle for influence and cooperation.

China, Still Trying to Play Down Balloon, Finds It’s Getting Harder to Do

Beijing has accused the United States of waging “information and public opinion warfare.” But analysts say a lack of credible messaging from China is not helping.

U.S. Blacklists 6 Chinese Entities Involved in Spy Balloon Programs

The action to cut off five Chinese companies and a research institute from American parts and technologies is part of the Biden administration’s response to the balloon it shot down last week.

The "high-altitude object" did not appear to have any surveillance equipment, a US official says

The "high-altitude object" that was shot down Friday did not appear to have any surveillance equipment, according to a US official, which would make it both smaller and likely less sophisticated than the suspected Chinese balloon shot down last weekend.

Biden says shoot down of 'high-altitude object' over Alaska was a 'success' | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden told CNN that the shoot down a "high-altitude object" hovering over Alaska on Friday "was a success," shortly after American national security officials disclosed that the commander-in-chief gave the US military approval to take the action.

Exclusive: US developed method to track China's spy balloon fleet within last year, sources say | CNN Politics

The US intelligence community has developed a method to track China's fleet of surveillance balloons that was only discovered within the last year, six people familiar with the matter tell CNN.

John Fetterman Still in Hospital as Doctors Rule out Second Stroke

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) remained in hospital Thursday night as doctors ruled out another stroke but monitored him for signs of seizure.

Military shoots down ‘high altitude object’ over Alaska

A U.S. official said the object was cylindrical and did not appear to have surveillance equipment.

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