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president joe biden’s (17), vice president (13), the biden administration (11), attorney general merrick garland (11), think tank (10)

Unlike Trump, Biden Didn't Steal And Lie About Classified Documents

Half a dozen classified documents were found in an old office of President Biden's dating back to when he was vice president, but unlike Trump, Biden immediately turned the documents over and is fully cooperating.

Dr. Dre Gets Marjorie Taylor Greene Busted For Copyright Infringement

Marjorie Taylor Greene used Dr. Dre's Still Dre as the soundtrack to one of her propaganda videos, but Dre put a stop to it by filing a copyright claim against the Georgia congresswoman.

Donald Trump Is Another Step Closer To Potentially Being Indicted

With the special grand jury in Fulton County, GA wrapping up its work, Donald Trump and his election meddling associates are closer to being indicted.

House Republicans To Launch Pointless Investigations Of Fauci And The 2016 Election

House Republicans are planning to investigate irrelevant topics like Dr. Fauci and the 2016 election with their new majority.

The Biden classified information investigation, explained

And what impact it might have on the Trump investigation.

Pro-Bolsonaro Rioters Storm Brazil's Top Government Offices

The storming of Brazil's Congress comes a week after the inauguration of Bolsonaro's leftist rival, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Opinion | Biden's classified documents response should shut down GOP whataboutism

Don’t be fooled by GOP talking points that Biden is guilty of Trump-level deception. There’s no case against Biden based on what we know so far.

Just how many deals did Kevin McCarthy strike with the far-right?

It appears the official rules package isn't the only agreement House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached with his far-right members. So much for "transparency"?

Opinion | Trumpism is no longer just America’s problem

Brazil’s rioters are part of a global effort to subvert democracy.

Biden ‘Surprised’ to Learn Classified Documents Were Found in Private Office

The papers include briefing materials on foreign countries dating from President Biden’s time as vice president.

How the Discovery of Classified Files in Biden’s Office Compares With the Trump Case

The Justice Department is scrutinizing how both presidents came to have classified records after they left office. But there are major differences.

House Republicans pass rules package in key test for McCarthy | CNN Politics

House Republicans on Monday approved a rules package for the 118th Congress, in what marked the first test of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's ability to navigate his slim Republican majority.

Live updates: House Republicans pass rules package

Republicans passed a House rules package Monday in a vote that was seen as an early test of Speaker Kevin McCarthy's ability to lead following last week's prolonged battle to win the gavel. Follow for the latest live news updates.

"A slap in the face": Some GOP members frustrated after full list of McCarthy concessions is not released

Tensions are running high in the House GOP conference as lawmakers still do not know the full extent of the promises Speaker Kevin McCarthy made to his opposition in a weeks-long negotiation that secured him the gavel, but did not become public in the House Rules package.

GOP races to suggest Trump equivalency in Biden-linked classified docs

While House Republicans hustled to use their new majority to launch inquiries, Democrats hammered the differences between the Mar-a-Lago search and the behavior of the president's team.

House establishes tough-on-China select committee

“It is time to understand the urgency of the threat,” the new chair, Rep. Mike Gallagher, said.

Articles of impeachment introduced against DHS Secretary Mayorkas by Texas Republican

Rep. Pat Fallon initially filed a resolution on Jan. 3, the first day of the new Congress, to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas

GOP panel to probe Biden records as Senate Democrat calls for briefing

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — and in both chambers — are calling for Congress to look more closely at the recent news that classified documents from now-President Biden’s tenure as vice pr…

Biden says he ‘doesn’t know’ what documents were found in private office

President Biden on Tuesday said he is unaware of what documents from his time as vice president were discovered at a former private office of his, adding that he was surprised such records were kep…

‘They Want To Disable Oversight’: Vince Coglianese Breaks Down ‘Stunt’ Story About Biden And Secret Documents

Vince Coglianese questioned the timing of showing that top secret documents were discovered in a private office belonging to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Damaging 5-Year-Old Video of Biden Surfaces After Bombshell Classified Documents Story

In his own words, Joe Biden had no business having classified material in 2018. Don't expect the liberal media to ask about it.

Pollak: The House Should Start an Impeachment Investigation of Biden

The Republican-run House should begin an impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents.

Democrat Senate Intel Chief Demands Briefing on Biden's Stashed Classified Docs

Sen. Mark Warner demanded a briefing from the Justice Department about the stash of classified documents at UPenn reportedly related to Ukraine and Iran.

GOPs to Investigate Classified Documents Found at Penn Biden Center

Republicans say they will investigate classified government documents found at the University of Pennsylvania's Biden Center for Diplomacy.

Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 292: Biden’s Classified Documents; Guest Rep. Kat Cammack on Speaker Drama

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) discusses the House Speakership showdown, the negotiations that brought it to an end, and why she supported Speaker McCarthy through it all.

Trump On The China Connection To Classified Documents Found At Biden's Private Office - "How Much More Information Has China Been Given?"

Joe Biden’s ties to China is a major conflict of interest. Donald Trump took to Truth Social to tie the story of the classified document found at the Penn Biden center to China. Truth Social: The amount was 54 Million Dollars that the Biden Think Tank received from China. That’s a lot of money. They…

Rachel Maddow Explains Why The Biden Classified Documents Are A Dud

Rachel Maddow contrasted how Trump each handled the news of classified documents in their offices to show why the Biden story is nothing.

Divided House Approves G.O.P. Inquiry Into ‘Weaponization’ of Government

Republicans pushed through a measure to create a powerful new committee to scrutinize what they have charged is an effort by the government to target and silence conservatives.

Classified documents from Biden's time as VP discovered in private office | CNN Politics

Attorney General Merrick Garland has asked the US attorney in Chicago to investigate the matter, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN.

Biden 'surprised' at document discovery, says he doesn't know what was in them

“People know I take classified documents, classified information seriously," Biden said, confirming he was cooperating.

New Congress: Here’s who’s heading the various House Committees

Republican leaders in the House unveiled their picks for who will head committees in the chamber, handing out key assignments that will control important legislative vessels over the next two years…

Dem Reps Claim Oversight Of FBI Is ‘Attacking Law Enforcement’

Reps. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts and Adam Schiff of California claimed that a special subcommittee to oversee the FBI was an attack on “law enforcement.”

Biden Should Answer Same Question He Posed After Trump Documents Story: This Didn't Age Well

An interview in which Biden ripped Trump for having classified documents is making the optics even worse for Biden.

Report: Biden's Mishandled Docs Include Materials Related to Iran, Ukraine

Joe Biden's mishandled documents at the University of Pennsylvania's "think tank" include intelligence materials related to Iran and Ukraine.

NEW: House Republicans Vote to Create New Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government - Jim Jordan Goes Off on Democrats! (VIDEO)

House Republicans on Tuesday voted to create a new Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. The resolution passed in a 221-211 vote. 🚨 The House just PASSED a resolution creating the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Stay tuned. We’re just getting started. — House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) January…

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