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speaker house (16), matt gaetz (16), rep jim (14), rep kevin (13), rep matt (12)

The Biggest Humiliation Yet For Kevin McCarthy As Matt Gaetz Is Trying To Get Him Evicted

Matt Gaetz sent a letter questioning why Kevin McCarthy is allowed to occupy the Speaker's office, as he is trying to get McCarthy evicted.

Sean Hannity Warns that Republicans Are On Verge of Becoming a Total Clown Show

Sean Hannity had a brief moment in reality Tuesday night, in which he admitted that House Republicans are on the verge of becoming a total clown show.

Paul Gosar Had to Talk to AOC Because McCarthy Reportedly Misled GOP

Rep. Paul Gosar was chatting with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to find out if Kevin McCarthy had misled the Republican conference.

Jamie Raskin Roasts Kevin McCarthy For His Once In Century Humiliation

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Kevin McCarthy is getting a once-in-a-century humiliation for whitewashing an insurrection.

Speaker Fight Reveals a Divided and Disoriented House Majority

In failing to coalesce around Kevin McCarthy for speaker, Republicans showcased divisions that portend real difficulties in governing.

Hakeem Jeffries Takes Over as Leader of House Democrats

A lawyer and disciplined tactician, Mr. Jeffries is the first Black politician to lead either party in Congress.

George Santos Came to Washington. It Was Awkward.

On the first day of the 118th Congress, the representative-elect, a Republican who has made false claims about his background, education and finances, brought his saga to Capitol Hill.

McCarthy says he won't drop out of race for speaker

Rep. Kevin McCarthy said late Tuesday there is no scenario under which he will drop out of the race for House speaker.

Here are the 20 House Republicans who voted against McCarthy for speaker on the third ballot | CNN Politics

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy suffered a third rebuke for speaker before the House adjourned Tuesday evening.

This Capitol drama is turning into a horror show | CNN Politics

There's a slow motion, open-ended drama playing on the floor of the House in which Republicans cannot come behind a speaker -- one of the most powerful and important jobs in US government.

3 strikes for McCarthy — but he's not out yet

The House adjourned Tuesday without a speaker, and opposition to the Republican leader only increased in the final ballot.

Biden world both humored and terrified by McCarthy meltdown

The president’s aides saw the failed House speaker votes as a political opportunity for them, but also as an ominous sign of battles to come.

After Another Failed Vote, McCarthy’s Speaker Bid Is Starting to Look Pathetic

A purely transactional approach to politics can only get you so far, especially in today’s Republican Party.

Meet the 20 rebels bucking McCarthy’s bid

The group is a mix of veterans of the Tea Party class, newly elected members and perennial thorns in the side of leadership.

Gaetz sends letter to Architect of the Capitol asking why McCarthy is occupying Speaker’s office

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) sent a letter to the Architect of the Capitol on Tuesday questioning why House Speaker candidate Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was already inhabiting the Speaker’s office amid …

McCarthy says Trump reiterated his support for Speakership bid

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Tuesday night said former President Trump has reiterated support for his Speakership bid, hours after the California Republican failed to secure the gavel in three ba…

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace blasts ‘D-Lister’ Matt Gaetz over opposition to McCarthy

Rep. Nancy Mace (S.C.) branded fellow Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) a “political D-Lister” and knocked him for his opposition to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) during Tuesday’s Speaker vo…

California Republicans say McCarthy best speaker choice after historic vote failure

California GOP members of Congress are united in favor of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) taking the speakership and are prepared to fight as long as it takes.

Watch Live: U.S. House Holds Speaker Vote

The House will hold a vote on Tuesday to elect the next speaker of the House as Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tries to become speaker.

'Furious' MTG Throws 'Friend' Matt Gaetz Under the Bus

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went off on some of her Republican colleagues on Tuesday as the contentious speakership vote is underway.

20 House Republicans Vote for Someone Other than Kevin McCarthy

Twenty House Republicans voted on Tuesday for someone other than Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to be the next speaker of the House. 

Democrats Unanimously Nominate Election Denier Jeffries in Speakership Race

House Democrats on Tuesday unanimously nominated election denier Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) in the House speakership race. 

Trump: "Why Is The Biden Administration So SOFT On China?"

Why is the Biden Administration being so weak with China? In a Truth Social post, Donald Trump said, “CHINA OWNS BIDEN, and now, the USA!” Truth Social: Why is the Biden Administration so SOFT on China? “The problem the Democrats have with China is that they are soft on China from a domestic policy, jobs,…

Kevin McCarthy's Argument For Being Elected Speaker Hits A New Level Of Dumb

Kevin McCarthy argued that he should be elected Speaker of the House because no one else can win, and if Republicans don't vote for him, it might result in a Democratic Speaker.

Kevin McCarthy’s once-in-a-century House speakership failure

Republican Kevin McCarthy failed to become House speaker on the first ballot, something that hasn’t happened in a century.

In historic House votes, Kevin McCarthy fails on repeated ballots

“I earned this job,” Kevin McCarthy told his members this morning. As the votes for speaker get underway, not nearly enough of his own members agreed.

House G.O.P. Paralyzed on Day 1 as Right Wing Blocks McCarthy Speakership

On the first day of the new Congress, Representative Kevin McCarthy fell short repeatedly in his bid to become speaker as a right-wing rebellion prompted a historic floor fight.

House adjourns after chaotic day without electing a speaker as McCarthy fails to lock down votes | CNN Politics

The new House GOP majority is locked in a chaotic once-in-a-century fight to determine who will serve as the next speaker after Republican Kevin McCarthy failed to secure the necessary support to win in three rounds of voting on Tuesday. The House is now adjourned until Wednesday at noon as Republicans scramble to find a path forward.

House GOP back in familiar pattern — fury at the Freedom Caucus

As 20 members vote against Kevin McCarthy's speakership bid, other Republicans said its marked an "all new level of contempt that the conference has for them."

McCarthy floats path to Speakership with lower vote threshold

House GOP Speaker nominee Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) expressed optimism about winning the gavel Tuesday night as he emerged from meetings with allied members following three failed ball…

Gaetz complains to Capitol architect that McCarthy is 'squatting' in speaker's office

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), one of House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) most vocal critics, sent a letter to the architect of the Capitol questioning why the California Republican is occupying the speaker’s office after falling short on votes Tuesday.

AOC Reveals What She Told Republican Congressman After McCarthy Speaker Ballot

Amid the drama on the House floor Tuesday, an intriguing conversation took place as Republicans blocked Kevin McCarthy from becoming speaker.

*** New Congress Livewire *** Republicans Take Over House

Republicans retake control of the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday, as their new majority won in the midterm elections is sworn in.

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