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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-12-21 -- years trump’s (7), supreme court (7), tax information (5), his first two years in office (5), representative kevin brady (4)

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years trump’s (7), supreme court (7), tax information (5), his first two years in office (5), representative kevin brady (4)

Trump's Nightmare Comes True As House Votes To Release His Tax Returns

The House Ways and Means Committee voted 24-16 to release six years of Trump's tax returns within the next few days.

House Republicans Are Freaking Out And Warning That Supreme Court Justices' Tax Returns Could Be Released

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) warned that if House Democrats release Trump's tax returns, it could lead to the release of the tax returns of Supreme Court justices.

The DOJ Will Be Spending Christmas Investigating Trump

The DOJ will get thousands of Capitol attack-related interviews, which means they will be spending the holidays investigating Trump.

Despite Mandate, I.R.S. Delayed Auditing Trump in Office, House Panel Finds

Mr. Trump refused to disclose his taxes. A committee’s vote to release them ended an oversight battle Democratic lawmakers waged since 2019.

Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee set to release Trump's taxes in the coming days | CNN Politics

The Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee said Tuesday it would release former President Donald Trump's tax returns within days and asserted that the IRS failed to properly audit the former president's taxes while he was in office.

Congressional Panel To Publicly Release Report On Trump's Tax Returns

The Democratic-controlled House Ways and Means Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to publicly release a report on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

House committee votes to release 6 years of Trump tax returns

The House Ways and Means Committee voted Tuesday to publicly release years of Trump’s federal income tax returns.

Trump Paid $1.1 Million in Taxes During Presidency, but $0 in 2020, Report Shows

The former president reported a burst of income after entering the Oval Office, but by the end of his term, his tax filings had reverted to large losses, according to data released by a House panel.

READ: Joint Committee on Taxation's report on Trump's taxes | CNN Politics

The Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday released a supplemental report from the Joint Committee on Taxation that offered a summary of its review of tax returns between 2015 and 2020 for Trump and several of his businesses.

IRS asleep at the wheel on Trump audits, House tax writers say

The report is likely to spur further questions about a procedure that calls for audits of sitting presidents.

Trump's income taxes were often paltry, newly released documents show

House tax writers voted to disclose the long-sought information and dinged the IRS for delaying a routine audit of the former president.

What Truly Reckoning With Trump’s Insurrection Would Look Like

The big question hanging over Washington this week: Will the Jan. 6 report be the beginning of Congress’s work — or the end?

Trump May Have Committed Tens Of Millions Of Dollars In Tax Crimes

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) of the House Ways and Means Committee said that Trump's tax returns suggest that he had tens of millions of dollars in unsubstantiated claims.

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