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the 2020 election (16), criminal referrals (16), john eastman (13), attack capitol (12), vice president mike pence (11)

The Right Isn't Rushing To Defend Trump After Criminal Referrals

After the 1/6 Committee made a criminal referral to the DOJ for Donald Trump to face four criminal charges, right-wing media is not rushing to defend him.

Adam Kinzinger Urges Criminal Justice System To Disqualify Trump

After the 1/6 Committee announced their criminal referrals of Trump, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) urged the criminal justice system to make sure that Trump can never be elected again.

1/6 Committee Refers Jim Jordan And Kevin McCarthy To Ethics Committee For Failing To Comply With Subpoena

The 1/6 Committee has referred Reps. Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Scott Perry, and Andy Biggs to the House Ethics Committee for sanctions for not complying with a lawful subpoena.

The January 6 committee’s case for prosecuting Trump, briefly explained

The committee argues its evidence shows Trump led an extensive, corrupt, and illegal attempt to overturn the election.

Read the January 6 committee’s damning summary of Trump’s election subversion efforts

The summary includes everything the committee found out about attempts to overturn the 2020 election, and refers Trump for charges.

The January 6 committee’s criminal referrals aren’t an empty gesture

Criminal referrals don’t carry any legal weight. The January 6 ones will still be significant.

Pentagon Officials Feared Trump Would Try To Use Troops In His Jan. 6 Coup Attempt

The Jan. 6 committee found that some officials believed that Trump would issue an "illegal order" and that there was no intentional delay in deploying the military.

Jan. 6 panel refers Trump, allies to DOJ for criminal prosecution

Following months of debate, the Jan. 6 committee has made four criminal referrals to the Justice Department related to Donald Trump and his team.

Jan 6 committee highlights: Report summary released, referrals approved

The House Jan. 6 committee at its final public meeting voted to adopt its final report, including criminal referrals against Donald Trump.

A Diminished Trump Meets a Damning Narrative

Former President Donald Trump’s current woes extend beyond the report by the House Jan. 6 committee, but the case the panel laid out against him further complicates his future.

Key Findings From the Jan. 6 Committee’s Report, Annotated

The panel included 17 specific findings in the executive summary of its final report.

It’s Unclear Whether the Justice Dept. Will Take Up the Jan. 6 Panel’s Charges

The department is under no obligation to adopt the House committee’s recommendations, and not much is publicly known about any specific charges that the special counsel might consider.

Live updates: Jan. 6 panel expected to refer criminal charges against Trump

The Jan. 6 committee will hold a hearing Monday where members are expected to adopt their final report and make any potential criminal and ethical referrals.

Live updates: Jan. 6 committee votes to issue criminal referrals against Trump

The Jan. 6 committee voted to approve its final report and the referral of multiple criminal charges against former President Donald Trump to the DOJ during the panel's final public meeting Monday. Watch live and follow the latest news updates here.

Lawmakers to push through first legislative response to January 6 Capitol attack by week's end | CNN Politics

Lawmakers reached an agreement to include in must-pass legislation a measure aimed at making it harder to overturn a certified presidential election, marking the first legislative response to the US Capitol insurrection and then-President Donald Trump's relentless pressure campaign to stay in power despite his 2020 loss.

Jan. 6 committee formally accuses Donald Trump of 4 crimes

The select panel held its final public meeting Monday afternoon and released the first components of its final report.

DOJ cares about the evidence, not the criminal referrals

"The referral will not change the outcome" of prosecution decisions, a former official says.

Jan. 6 panel refers McCarthy, 3 other Republicans for ethics violations

The panel referred the lawmakers for a review by the bipartisan ethics committee, which is seen as unlikely to take action against the members.

Opinion | The Criminal Referrals Are Not Enough

The Jan. 6 committee is warning that American democracy remains deeply fragile.

Defense & National Security — Omnibus expected to boost defense spending

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is touting the year-end deal on an omnibus spending package as a victory for the GOP due to an expected boost to defense spending above the …

Kaleigh McEnany Gets Called Out For Basically Lying To The 1/6 Committee

The 1/6 Committee made a special point in their executive summary to note that Kayleigh McEnany seemed to be testifying from talking points and was evasive.

Jan. 6 Committee Refers Four Criminal Charges Against Trump To DOJ

Referrals from the select committee are not binding on the DOJ, but could add to public pressure to prosecute Donald Trump and other coup-plotters.

Opinion | The Jan. 6 panel’s focus on Trump lets the GOP off too easily

Trump acted in coordination with his party. The historical record should reflect that.

Jan. 6 Panel Accuses Trump of Insurrection and Refers Him to Justice Dept.

The committee also accused the former president of three other federal crimes, including conspiracy to defraud the United States. Five Trump allies were referred as well.

Takeaways from Monday's Jan. 6 committee meeting | CNN Politics

The January 6 committee used its final public meeting Monday to summarize its 17-month investigation with a simple closing statement: All roads lead to Donald Trump.

The Jan. 6 committee’s big reveal hasn’t happened yet

Monday’s vote teed up the release of most panel evidence — material that could shed explosive new light on the Trump-led campaign to subvert the 2020 election.

What the Jan. 6 panel cited for each criminal referral against Trump

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol referred former President Trump to the Justice Department on four separate charges Monday, marking a momen…

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