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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-11-17 -- the next two years (5), the 2020 election and (4), of the 2022 midterm elections (4), speaker nancy pelosi (3), party leaders (3)

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the next two years (5), the 2020 election and (4), of the 2022 midterm elections (4), speaker nancy pelosi (3), party leaders (3)

The 2022 midterm elections, explained

The 2022 midterms are coming up on November 8, when voters across the US will decide the makeup of Congress, determine who will hold key offices in their states and cities, and weigh in on policies...

The GOP captures the House — and is ready for revenge

Get ready for more oversight, investigations, and maybe even impeachment.

Key Allies Are Inching Away From Trump

Early signs suggest he may struggle to win over Republican Party leaders for his third presidential bid, after a string of disappointments, but Donald Trump’s staunchest voters are another matter.

GOP civil war spreads to Georgia runoff

Republican factions squabble over strategy and whether Trump's latest campaign will help or hurt Walker.

Opinion | Trump’s SCOTUS strikes again — this time in the House of Representatives

Yet another sin of Trump’s conservative majority Supreme Court that America cannot afford to forget, or forgive.

Republicans Barely Won the House. Now Can They Run It?

A thin margin, ideological differences and competing pressures could make managing the “people’s House” virtually impossible. But the G.O.P. majority, however slim, will still be a challenge for President Biden.

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