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election day (13), new york (12), red wave (11), john fetterman (11), mehmet oz (10)

Where the battle for Senate control stands after Election Day

Democrats and Republicans are neck and neck in 3 pivotal Senate races.

Donald Trump wasn’t on the midterm ballot, but he lost anyway

Donald Trump expected to wake up this morning as his party’s ultimate kingmaker. Instead, he's never been politically weaker than he is right now.

DeSantis wins re-election in Florida, defeating Crist

The governor, a proponent of voter restrictions and GOP gerrymandering efforts, overcame his Democratic challenger.

Graham: ‘Definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for darn sure’

The pieces were in place for a Republican wave in the midterm elections. Voters, however, apparently had other ideas.

How a G.O.P. Wave Became a Ripple

The conditions seemed ripe for Republicans to make big midterm pickups. Voters had other ideas.

Midterm Election Results for the House of Representatives 2022 | CNN Politics

View election results and maps for the 2022 House of Representatives midterm elections. For more information, visit

Live updates: Election results and balance of power in Congress

Find election results for the US 2022 Midterm Election here. Follow CNN's live coverage and results for key senate, house and state races for Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Inside Joe Biden's cautiously optimistic election night | CNN Politics

The story of President Joe Biden's Election Night can be told by the two congratulatory messages he delivered roughly four hours apart.

Benson wins another term as Michigan secretary of state

Benson defeated Republican Kristina Karamo, a local Republican activist and community college instructor.

Democrats hold on to key governorships

Thirty-six states states voted to elect governors on Tuesday. Democrats scored major victories across the map

Election deniers go down in key secretary of state races

Democrats won in Michigan and Minnesota, but Arizona and Nevada remain too close to call as Republicans who dispute the 2020 outcome move to control the election machinery there.

Arizona court rejects GOP suit to extend hours in state's largest county

There have been a handful of jurisdictions across the country that have already seen their hours extended Tuesday.

Stocks open with losses as control of Congress too close to call

The stock market opened with losses Wednesday morning as Wall Street waited to find out which party would control the House and Senate next year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened with a loss…

Megyn Kelly: ‘Better for GOP not to be in control’ of Congress ahead of 2024

Conservative pundit Megyn Kelly is arguing Republicans will be in a better position to take the White House if they do not win control of Congress following the 2022 midterm elections. “The m…

Did Republican Optimism Outrun Reality? | RealClearPolitics

Did Republican Optimism Outrun Reality? | RealClearPolitics

Fetterman Wins, Laxalt Pulls Ahead, Senate Hangs in the Balance | RealClearPolitics

LAS VEGAS — Shortly after 1 a. m. PST loud cheering rang out in a section of the Red Rock Casino Resort and Casino, the site of a Nevada GOP election night...

Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham Wins Reelection In New Mexico Governor’s Race

Democratic candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham has won reelection in the New Mexico governor's race Tuesday.

Virginia Voters Boot Jan. 6 Committee Member from Her House Seat

Republican Jen Kiggans has defeated a Democratic member of the House committee investigating the Capitol incursion.

Texas Has Spoken - New York Better Prepare for More Migrants

Another four years of Greg Abbott, another blow to open-borders Democrats -- and to the myth Beto is electable.

Breaking: Winner Decided in Pennsylvania Senate Race

One of the hottest U.S Senate races in the 2022 midterms, with implications for the majority, has finally been decided.

John Fetterman Projected to Win Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate Race

Democrat John Fetterman has won Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race over Republican opponent Mehmet Oz, according to reports. 

Sen. Mike Lee Wins Reelection, Defeats Never Trumper Evan McMullin

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) won reelection on Tuesday night, defeating Never Trumper and Utah independent Senate candidate Evan McMullin.

Georgia Gov. Kemp Defeats Democrat Abrams in Gubernatorial Rematch

Gov. Brian Kemp beat Democrat voting rights activist Stacey Abrams in the hotly contested gubernatorial rematch in Georgia on Tuesday.

Georgia Update: Herschel Walker Is Only GOP Candidate Not to Win Outright - Heads to Runoff against Radical Whitey-Hating Marxist... Because Georgia LOVES Their Marxists!

Georgia is lost. The elites and FBI want you to believe that Georgia voters value the insights of radical, whitey-hating Marxists. But, we always knew that, didn’t we? What’s even better is that Raphael Warnock ran over his wife with the car. That was an added plus to Georgia voters. They really loved that. On…

Opinion | Why a GOP midterms win would be much, much worse than you think

We are not prepared for the MAGA-inspired madness a Republican-led 118th Congress would provide.

Five Takeaways From a Red Wave That Didn’t Reach the Shore

Democrats showed up, Trump-backed candidates underperformed and inflation wasn’t the whole story: Here are last night’s lessons.

How to follow election night in America | CNN Politics

It's Election Day in America. Voters are deciding on crucial contests across the country that will determine who controls Congress and state governments, as they cast their ballot for the US Senate, the US House of Representatives and other down ballot races, including for secretary of state and attorney general. Voters will also have the chance to weigh in on dozens of statewide ballot measures.

Here are all the races still uncalled as Senate control hangs on 2 states — and maybe a Georgia runoff redux

Dozens of House races also remain uncalled Wednesday, as does control of the chamber.

Oz calls Fetterman to concede

Republican Mehmet Oz has called Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) to concede the Senate race, according to Fetterman’s campaign.  Joe Calvello, Fetterman’s communications director, twee…

*** Election Night Livewire *** Judgment Day for Democrats as Americans Vote in Midterm Elections

Americans in all 50 states vote on Tuesday to render judgment on President Joe Biden and the Democrat majorities in both chambers of the U.S. Congress.

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