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the 2020 election (17), president joe biden (16), election day (10), two years (9), speaker nancy pelosi (9)

Republicans Are On The Ropes As John Fetterman Leads In 2 New PA US Senate Polls

Two new polls of the US Senate race in Pennsylvania show Lt. Gov. John Fetterman leading Dr. Oz.

Herschel Walker Claims That His Resume Matches Barack Obama's

Herschel Walker said that he would put his resume up against Obama's resume after the former president questioned his qualifications for the US Senate.

Another Democrat Candidate Assaulted Outside of His Home

A Pennsylvania Democrat running for a state House seat called 911 after being assaulted at his home in what he says is the third time in two weeks he's had to call the police.

Your free pandemic health perks are on the way out

The privatization of the Covid-19 response is well underway as federal funding runs out.

The reason Republican attacks on crime are so potent

The party’s closing argument is exploiting voters’ fears.

"A path to chaos in America": Biden’s dark warning about election deniers on the ballot

Biden said election deniers in key offices could open up "a path to chaos in America."

The GOP's mockery of Nancy Pelosi goes beyond cruelty

Even when the barest modicum of common decency and empathy is required, that is, for most Republicans, a bridge too far.

Key Trump insider given immunity to testify in Mar-a-Lago documents investigation

Alex Wagner shares breaking news that Kash Patel, a close aide to Donald Trump will testify before a federal grand jury investigating the Donald Trump's mishandling of secret documents after previously taking the Fifth Amendment to avoid giving answers to investigators. 

Biden Warns That ‘Big Lie’ Republicans Imperil American Democracy

In a prime-time address, President Biden condemned election violence and voter intimidation just days before Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The Reality Behind Russia’s Talk About Nuclear Weapons

U.S. officials say they do not believe that Russia has decided to detonate a tactical device, but concerns are rising.

Debt Limit Showdown Looms as White House Braces for a Divided Washington

G.O.P. threats to leverage the full faith and credit of the United States to force spending cuts have raised alarm about a debt showdown next year — and talks about how to head one off in the coming weeks.

Democrats count on huge Black turnout, but has the party delivered in return?

For a Democratic Party on the defensive as Election Day nears, there is perhaps no more important group of voters than Black Americans.

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 | CNN Politics

The race for the House is tilting strongly toward the GOP, but the struggle for Senate control is still very much a slog that could go either way, even as late-breaking national winds favor the party out of power.

Warnings about a fragile democracy hit home for some Arizona voters as election deniers compete for key offices | CNN Politics

The voters who poured into a Phoenix high school to hear from former President Barack Obama were looking to send a message of defiance Wednesday night.

Biden's plea for democracy is a strong election-closing argument for a different election | CNN Politics

Joe Biden's eloquent defense of democracy was a message Americans needed to hear. But it was not the one voters most want now from their president -- that relief is at hand from the soaring cost of living.

Harris finds her footing. She’s still looking to break through.

The VP is using the midterms and new, healthier office dynamics to help her course correct after a rough start.

GOP finally off the mat: 'We're going to get the Senate'

The GOP hit their stride at the right time, with party candidates showing momentum in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada and looking stronger in New Hampshire and Arizona.

‘Emasculating Vance Is Actually Part of Tim’s Effectiveness’

Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan may be Democrats' best messenger on the economy. But what voters like best are his fighting skills.

Rural Democrats confront a potential new low

The party has struggled more and more in rural areas in recent years. "I think it’s possible we find yet another floor in 2022," a pollster said.

Oz passes Fetterman for first time after Pennsylvania debate: poll

Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz is narrowly leading his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, in a new survey from Emerson College Polling and The Hill conducted after last week’s…

Oz takes risk vs. Fetterman with Trump rally

Former President Trump is seeking to put his imprint on the Pennsylvania Senate race with a rally in Latrobe on Saturday with Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, a risky move given Oz’s efforts to distance…

The Hill’s Morning Report — The juicy storylines in 2022 midterms

Editor’s note: The Hill’s Morning Report is our daily newsletter that dives deep into Washington’s agenda. To subscribe, click here or fill out the box below. Ahead of Tuesday’s elections, Presiden…

Exclusive: Pro-Hobbs PAC Caught Soliciting Out of State Voters After She Seeks to Block Hand-Counting Ballots

A voter who left Arizona over a year ago and notified the state of the move received a mailer addressed to him urging a vote for Katie Hobbs.

Joe Biden: Democracy Itself at Stake if You Vote Republican

President Joe Biden again warned of Republicans taking power in the midterms, arguing the "very soul of America itself" was in danger.

Biden Said 'Democracy’ 37 Times in Address Week Before Midterms

Biden uttered the word “democracy” 37 times in a speech that seemed to be his final pitch to voters to vote for Democrats in the midterms.

Kevin McCarthy After Desperate Biden Midterm Speech: 'It's All About You'

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy hit back against President Joe Biden after he gave a desperate speech before the midterms.

Cook Political Report Shifts Ten More Races In Favor Of Republicans

The political forecasters at the Cook Political Report have just shifted ten more races in favor of Republicans. That doesn’t mean that they automatically expect the Republican in each of these races to win, mind you. It means in some cases that the race has moved from Solid Dem to Leans Dem, or to Toss…

Biden Just Basically Labeled Trump American Democracy's #1 Enemy

In a powerful speech, President Biden said democracy is under attack in the United States because of Donald Trump and his big lie.

Opinion | This cynical, shrewd move may keep Democrats in power

Democrats know 'threat to democracy' is too abstract to base their campaigns on.

Midterm elections latest news: Biden looks to lift Democratic candidates in the West, Trump rallies with GOP in Iowa

The Nov. 8 general election is less than one week away. Follow our live coverage to get the latest news on the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden sends a stark warning about political violence ahead of midterms: 'We can't take democracy for granted any longer' | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered a stark warning to Americans that the future of the nation's democracy could rest on next week's midterm elections, an urgent appeal coming six days before final ballots are cast in a contest the president framed in nearly existential terms.

Biden: ‘In our bones, we know democracy is at risk’

The president's speech was a closing argument for Democrats before the midterms.

Republican Gen. Bolduc Physically Attacked by Individual Outside Debate

Gen. Don Bolduc was physically attacked by an unknown individual before the Wednesday debate with Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH).

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