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raphael warnock (7), control senate (6), the 2020 election (5), warnock said (4), warnock d-ga (4)

Warnock calls out Walker for skipping debate: ‘Half of being a senator is showing up’

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) took a shot at Republican challenger Herschel Walker for skipping a debate held by the Atlanta Press Club on Sunday. Warnock was introduced along with Libertarian candi…

Walker defends his ‘legit’ police badges after debate stunt

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Sunday said the police badge he flashed on Friday during a debate with Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) is a “real badge” given to him by a po…

Herschel Walker defends use of 'honorary' sheriff's badge in Georgia Senate debate | CNN Politics

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker defended pulling out a sheriff's badge during Friday's closely watched debate in Georgia, telling NBC in an interview that aired on Sunday it was "a legit," but honorary badge from his hometown sheriff's department.

What we learned from the Walker-Warnock debate

Despite his antics, Walker outperformed low expectations.

Herschel Walker, Raphael Warnock debate: Highlights from the Georgia race face-off

Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock had their first and only debate ahead of Georgia's U.S. Senate election next month. Here are the biggest highlights and takeaways.

Democrats in Tight Races Turn to Jill Biden on the Campaign Trail

Requests for the first lady, who is also the president’s most popular surrogate, are piling up ahead of the midterm elections. Her visits can deliver a morale boost and a fund-raising opportunity.

Warnock Hammers Walker in Senate Debate, Gesturing to an Empty Lectern

Herschel Walker did not join the debate, but Senator Raphael Warnock opted for direct attacks over the veiled criticisms he has used for most of his campaign.

Lake Won’t Pledge to Accept Election Results, and More News From the Sunday Shows

“I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result,” Kari Lake, a candidate for governor of Arizona, said on CNN. Evan McMullin said on NBC that he would never caucus with either party.

Kari Lake doesn't commit to accepting Arizona election result if she loses | CNN Politics

Arizona Republican Kari Lake would not commit Sunday to accepting the results of her upcoming election for governor if she loses.

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