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the 2020 election (12), liz cheney (12), vice president mike pence (9), the american people (8), rep liz (8)

Top FBI Staff Informed a 'Sizeable Percentage' of Employees Felt Sympathetic to 1/6 Terrorists

There is, at best, a "sizeable percentage of the employee population that felt sympathetic to the group that stormed the Capitol," top FBI were told of employees in the agency in an email suggesting it was a matter of "significant importance."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Saved The United States of America on January 6th

After watching the 1/6 committee's video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi calmly assessing the precarious situation she and her colleagues were in and proceeding to move forward to certify the election in spite of the danger, it is clear that she saved the United States of America on that horrific day.

1/6 Committee Calls The Bluff Of Donald John Trump With Subpoena

The 1/6 Committee called Trump's bluff and answered his complaints about their investigation by subpoenaing him for his testimony.

The Supreme Court just shut down Trump’s last-ditch effort to sabotage the Mar-a-Lago investigation

One of the stupidest chapters in recent American legal history comes to a close.

House Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump In Final Public Hearing

The panel revealed recently obtained Secret Service emails showing the agency was fully aware of the threat of violence in the days and weeks before Jan. 6.

Multiple Trump Associates Discussed Plan To Declare 2020 Victory Before Votes Were Counted

Many in Trump’s circle knew about a plan to declare victory no matter what the actual election results were, according to testimonies to the Jan. 6 committee.

Opinion | The Jan. 6 committee's final number is a showstopper

The final investigative hearing was a drag at times — until it wasn't.

Texts Show Oath Keepers Coordinated With Other Far-Right Groups

Prosecutors in the seditious conspiracy trial of five members of the militia presented the messages as evidence of an effort to build an “alliance” with other extremist organizations.

House January 6 committee votes to subpoena Trump during Thursday's hearing | CNN Politics

The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack voted to subpoena former President Donald Trump for documents and testimony during a high-profile public hearing Thursday.

What may come next for the Jan. 6 committee — and its investigation

While Thursday's hearing will be the Jan. 6 committee's last one before the midterm elections, the panel’s work is not yet complete, and aides have cautioned against the hearing being the panel’s final word, noting that the investigation is still ongoing.

Liz Cheney's dire warning about future elections | CNN Politics

During her opening statement in what is widely expected to be the final meeting of the January 6 committee before the midterm elections, vice chair Liz Cheney issued a clarion call about the peril facing the country in future elections.

CNN Exclusive: New footage shows congressional leadership at Fort McNair on January 6, scrambling to save the US Capitol | CNN Politics

CNN  —  Never-before-seen footage, obtained exclusively by CNN, shows in vivid new detail how congressional leaders fled the US Capitol on January 6 and transformed a nearby military base into a co...

Jan. 6 committee to subpoena Trump

The unanimous decision followed a hearing that also revealed the former president secretly ordered troops withdrawn from Afghanistan and Somalia before the 2020 election.

Jan. 6 panel seeks accountability for Trump as ringleader of Capitol attack

The special committee investigating last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol returned to the public square on Thursday after a long hiatus, unveiling damaging new evidence — including fresh test…

Trump’s GOP allies blast Jan. 6 panel’s issuing of subpoena

GOP allies of former President Trump are slamming the unanimous Thursday vote by the House Jan. 6, 2021, select committee to subpoena Trump, deriding it as a political tactic ahead of the midterm e…

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Most Irresponsible Reporting’: Trump Team Savages New York Times For Hyping The Movement Of Boxes

Trump's spox claimed the NYT engaged in "some of the most irresponsible reporting imaginable" after the outlet claimed an aide moved around boxes at Mar-a-Lago.


STATEMENT FROM ROGER STONE IN RESPONSE TO THE JANUARY 6TH COMMITTEE October 13, 2022 Any claim or assertion that I knew about, either in advance or contemporaneously with, participated in or condoned any act — by any person or group — at or anywhere near the United States Capitol or anywhere in the District of…

Trump Has A Complete Meltdown And Starts Making Excuses For Why He Can't Testify Before 1/6 Committee

Trump responded to the 1/6 Committee subpoenaing him for his documents and testimony with a meltdown full of excuses for why he can't.

The January 6 committee’s Trump subpoena might not succeed — but here’s what might

Proving Trump’s intent, as the committee tried to do at Thursday’s hearing, will be critical to any criminal case against him.

In a surprise move, Jan. 6 panel subpoenas Trump for testimony

"The need for this committee to hear from Donald Trump goes beyond our factfinding," Bennie Thompson said. "This is a question about accountability."

‘Do You Believe This?’ Chilling Footage Shows Congressional Leaders on Jan. 6

Tense video, shot by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, underscored how deeply leaders feared for the safety of their colleagues and staff members.

7 takeaways from the January 6 hearing | CNN Politics

The House select committee's final hearing on the Capitol Hill insurrection before the midterm elections Thursday used new testimony and evidence to demonstrate how former President Donald Trump knew he had lost the election but still went forward with efforts to overturn the results, leading to the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The Jan. 6 committee plays truth and dare with Trump

After more than a year, the select panel made a move that's more about its case in the court of public opinion than a court of law.

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