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nuclear weapon and not end up (8), in new york (8), thing ability (7), joking talks (7), biden said (7)

Biden: Nuclear 'Armageddon' Risk Highest Since '62 Crisis

President Joe Biden says the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

‘Armageddon’: Biden Compares Nuclear Tensions With Putin To Cuban Missile Crisis

Biden compared the state of tensions with Russia to the Cuban Missile Crisis, saying on Thursday that Putin is "not joking" about deploying nuclear weapons.

‘They Are in a Panic’: Ukraine’s Troops Size Up the Enemy

Ukrainian soldiers are exulting in their smashing of Russian lines in the northeast. They engaged enemy troops up close, and gained confidence from it.

Blunt Criticism of Russian Army Signals New Challenge for Putin

An official in a Russian-occupied region of Ukraine suggested Russia’s defense minister should shoot himself because of his army’s failings, an unusually blunt and public rebuke of Kremlin leadership.

Biden calls the ‘prospect of Armageddon’ the highest since the Cuban missile crisis.

The president’s blunt warnings, highly unusual for an American president, were delivered informally to a group of Democratic donors in New York City.

Joe Biden Warns World Facing Nuclear 'Armageddon' from Vladimir Putin

President Joe Biden warned supporters that the world is facing "Armageddon" due to Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

Biden Warns US on Brink of Nuclear "Armageddon" with Russia Over Ukraine

At a Democrat fundraiser held Thursday night at the New York City home of James Murdoch, Joe Biden warned the United States is on the brink of nuclear “Armageddon” with Russia over Ukraine, according to pool reports. Biden likened the situation to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis that brought the U.S. and Russia to a…

Despite Biden’s warnings, US has seen no change in Russia’s nuclear posture

A US official said Thursday evening that despite President Biden's warning that the world is the closest it has been to a nuclear crisis since the 1960s, they have still seen no change to Russia's nuclear posture as of now. 

Biden offers stark 'Armageddon' warning on the dangers of Putin's nuclear threats | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden on Thursday delivered a stark warning about the dangers behind Russian President Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats as Moscow continues to face military setbacks in Ukraine.

Biden's chilling 'Armageddon' warning sharpens the stakes with Putin | CNN Politics

To learn that an American president is talking so frankly about the possibility of nuclear "Armageddon," as Joe Biden did Thursday, is bone chilling.

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