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the daily beast (7), herschel walker (7), card walker (6), sue daily (5), raphael warnock (5)

In A Must See Moment, Rachel Maddow Says The Next Six Week Will Determine US Democracy's Direction

Rachel Maddow said that the efforts of the American people over the next six weeks will determine the direction of our democracy.

Reeling "Pro Life" Herschel Walker Hit With Evidence That He Paid For Abortion

In 2009, Georgia US Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for an abortion, even though he wants to ban all abortions.

Nicolle Wallace Shreds The Wall Street Journal For Creating Trump Then Trying To Disavow Him

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace pointed out that no news organization did more laundering of Trump's presidency than the Wall Street Journal, and they are seven years too late on disavowing him.

Nancy Pelosi Accidentally Says Trump's Name Then Suggests It Be Bleeped Out

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Speaker Nancy Pelosi accidentally said Trump's name then suggested that it be bleeped out.

WSJ Editorial Board Lashes Out at Trump's Dangerousness

Trump has already motivated stochastic terrorism in the past (El Paso, January 6th) and is only pushing it harder now.

‘Flat-Out Lie’: Herschel Walker Speaks Out On Reports He Paid For His Girlfriend’s Abortion

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker of Georgia denied claims he paid for an abortion during a Friday night appearance on Fox News.

Herschel Walker faces ‘turmoil’ following abortion allegations

Herschel Walker supports an abortion ban, with no exceptions. The Georgia Republican has also been accused of paying for an ex-girlfriend's abortion.

Herschel Walker Says He’s Suing The Daily Beast Over Story About Him Allegedly Paying For Girlfriend’s Abortion

Herschel Walker said he will sue the Daily Beast after the media outlet published a story citing a source who claimed the former NFL star paid for her abortion.

Trump's violent rhetoric conjures chilling echoes as midterms loom | CNN Politics

The lesson of January 6, 2021, is that when extremism, conspiracies and incitement reach a boiling point, they seek an outlet.

Walker Battles Twin Scandals: Anonymous Woman Accuses Him of Paying for Abortion as Son Speaks Out

Republican Herschel Walker is denying allegations that surfaced in the Daily Beast Monday that he paid for a woman’s abortion in 2009.

'Do you care about family values?': Walker's son denounces father's campaign

"I know my mom and I would really appreciate if my father Herschel Walker stopped lying and making a mockery of us," Christian Walker said.

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