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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-09-29 -- hurricane ian (15), in fort myers (12), myers florida (8), search rescue (6), ian landfall (6)

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hurricane ian (15), in fort myers (12), myers florida (8), search rescue (6), ian landfall (6)

A better solution to Florida’s hurricane problem

Coral reefs can protect coastal cities from deadly floods, if only we keep them alive.

Biden says searches critical after Hurricane Ian slams Florida

"We're continuing to see deadly rainfall, catastrophic storm surges, roads and homes flooded," Biden said as he was briefed on Hurricane Ian at FEMA headquarters.

Biden Says He Spoke with DeSantis ‘4 or 5 Times’ on Hurricane Response

President Joe Biden claimed Thursday he spoke with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about the federal government response to Hurricane Ian.

Biden Administration Appoints Ron Klain's Wife as Diplomat for Plants

The State Department announced Thursday a decision to appoint President Joe Biden's White House chief of staff's wife to serve as a diplomat.

Tropical Storm Ian pummels Florida | CNN

Ian, once a Category 4 hurricane and weakening to a tropical storm, continues to pummel Florida with heavy rain. Follow here for the latest.

LIVE COVERAGE: Ian regains hurricane strength as it closes in on South Carolina after battering Florida

Ian has regained hurricane strength as it spun toward South Carolina a day after devastating a cross section of Florida. The U.S. National Hurricane Center says the storm’s maximum sustained winds …

How to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian

Organizations are already mobilizing to help people affected by Hurricane Ian's destructive trail. How to help those impacted

Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops activated in Florida after Hurricane Ian

Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops from four states are now in Florida to help in the aftermath devastation of Hurricane Ian, the military branch revealed Thursday.   The Guardsmen, which come…

Biden Says DeSantis Complimented And Thanked Him For Immediate Ian Response

President Biden rejected the political premise of a question about his relationship with Gov. DeSantis but said that DeSantis complimented and thanked him for the immediate Ian response.

Live Updates: Catastrophic Flooding as Hurricane Ian Weakens to Tropical Storm over Florida

Florida residents endure flooding, lost power, and more catastrophic damage as Hurricane Ian makes its way up the east coast of the United States. Follow Breitbart News for live updates on this breaking story. | Weather

DEVELOPING: Hurricane Ian Strengthens Back Into a Category 1 Storm, Heads Toward Charleston, South Carolina

Hurricane Ian strengthened back into a category 1 storm Thursday evening after being downgraded to a tropical storm overnight. Hurricane Ian made landfall on Florida’s west coast on Wednesday as a category 4 storm. The eye of the storm hit Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Punta Gorda Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles…

Tropical Storm Ian Expected to Make a Second U.S. Landfall

Ian has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm as it makes its way across Florida, but it is expected to make another U.S. landfall.

'Substantial loss of life' possible in Florida as Hurricane Ian takes aim at South Carolina | CNN

Ian's vicious combination of winds, rain and storm surge caused at least a dozen deaths, flooded homes, cut off roadways and left millions of Florida residents without power Thursday as it again intensified into a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean and barreled toward South Carolina.

"There's literally nothing to come back to": Fort Myers Beach council member says most homes are gone

Dan Allers, a council member in Fort Myers Beach, described devastation at a level "that no one really anticipated or expected" as he walked through the area Thursday after it was pounded by Hurricane Ian.

Sanibel and Captiva islands cut off from Florida mainland after Ian's storm surge washes away three parts of Sanibel Causeway | CNN

At least three sections of the Sanibel Causeway were washed away by storm surge from Hurricane Ian, according to video from CNN affiliates WBBH and WPLG, severing the Sanibel and Captiva islands' only connection to Florida's mainland.

Ian isn't over. Here's where the storm goes next | CNN

Some slight re-intensification is forecast, and Ian could be near hurricane strength.

‘This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history’

Biden declared a major disaster in Florida as Tropical Storm Ian swept across the state, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

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