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court filing (13), top secret (12), the search warrant (11), executive privilege (11), classified materials (11)

DOJ: 'Efforts Were Likely Taken' To Obstruct Probe Of Trump's Classified Documents

The Justice Department laid out a detailed timeline of events and revealed a photo of some documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago.

Judge deals blow to John Eastman's ploy to retrieve seized phone

A federal judge canceled a hearing on whether the government legally seized the pro-Trump lawyer's cellphone in June.

Trump’s Lawyers Renew Push for Special Master in Documents Inquiry

A filing claimed that the Justice Department was criminalizing the former president’s possession of “his own presidential records,” a stance at odds with the Presidential Records Act.

How the Picture of Top Secret Folders at Mar-a-Lago Came About

Federal agents arrayed classified materials on a floor at former President Donald J. Trump’s Florida residence for a photograph as a standard part of their evidence-gathering procedures.

Trump’s Lawyers May Become Witnesses or Targets in Documents Investigation

Two lawyers for former President Donald J. Trump are under increased scrutiny after new details emerged about a failure to fully comply with a subpoena for documents marked as classified.

Trump team may have hidden, moved classified papers, Justice Dept. says

In response to the Justice Department filing, lawyers for Donald Trump say prosecutors “significantly mischaracterized” some of their interactions with Trump’s representatives.

Analysis | The telling gap between what Trump says and what his lawyers argue

Trump and his allies claim that he declassified the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago. Whether his lawyers repeat those claims in court is another story.

Dissecting 7 key pieces of the Mar-a-Lago photo

Included in the government's latest court filing — in its effort to investigate Donald Trump's handling of classified materials — is a single, tantalizing photograph showing an array of documents found on the property of the former president's Florida resort.

Trump's attorneys face scrutiny over level of cooperation with Justice Department on classified docs

The Justice Department's court filing Tuesday laying out the case that classified documents had been concealed at Mar-a-Lago raises new scrutiny for former President Donald Trump's lawyers who worked with federal investigators to return classified material to the government.

Garland’s perilous path to prosecuting Trump

The attorney general has multiple hurdles to overcome if he really wants to bring a criminal case against the former president.

Days before Mar-a-Lago subpoena, Trump lawyer claimed she scoured his office, closets and drawers

A filing by Alina Habba in the case over Trump’s business empire could create exposure in the matter of classified information being stored at the ex-president’s home.

Trump team says sensitive info ‘should have never been cause for alarm’ in latest filing

Former President Trump’s legal team is arguing that the sensitive information contained in classified documents recovered from his Florida home “should have never been cause for alarm,” in its late…

Ex-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says Mar-a-Lago photo meant to 'taint' jury

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi warned that the Justice Department may be trying to corrupt a jury by disclosing a photograph of classified documents found at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

Trump team fires back at Justice Department in special master dispute

Donald Trump's legal team shot back at the Department of Justice following an explosive filing from prosecutors Tuesday that included a photo of classified documents obtained from the former president's Mar-a-Lago resort.

The DOJ’s latest filing has even more damning claims against Trump

Including that he may have obstructed justice by hiding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Opinion | Trump simply can't handle being an ex-president

Trump thinks that ex-president's are somehow a protected class under the law. The Justice Department disagrees.

Trump’s Legal Jab Left Him Open to Justice Dept. Strike

A legal back-and-forth produced a straightforward narrative of how Mr. Trump and his lawyers repeatedly dodged the government’s attempts to recover sensitive documents for more than a year.

Trump tells court that classified material should have been expected in presidential records found at Mar-a-Lago

Former President Donald Trump argued in a court filing Wednesday that the National Archives should have expected to find classified material among the 15 boxes Trump turned over in January from Mar-a-Lago because they were presidential records.

Trump team makes its 11th hour plea for independent review

The filing argues the ex-president’s team hasn’t had fair insight into what the DOJ is doing. But it’s also notable for what is omitted.

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