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attorney general merrick garland (18), national security (16), against federal law enforcement (10), top secret (9), fbi agents (9)

Sen. Ron Johnson Absurdly Claims Mar-a-Lago Is Secure

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said that Mar-a-Lago is a pretty safe place and he's fine with Trump leaking out top secret information.

John Oliver Calls Out Republicans For Nonsense Defense Of Trump

HBO's John Oliver said that he would not speculate or jump to conclusions on Trump's possession of classified documents but called out the GOP's nonsense defense of Trump.

Rand Paul Calls For The Repeal Of The Espionage Act To Keep Trump Out Of Prison

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is trying to keep Trump from being locked up by calling for the repeal of the Espionage Act.

Sam Donaldson Tells Trump’s Supporters That They Are Un-American

Legendary correspondent Sam Donaldson said that the real un Americans in the United States are those who knowingly support Trump.

No one has been held accountable for the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal

Who’s to blame for Afghanistan’s tragedy? Everyone.

Opinion | The 'lock her up' crowd claims the DOJ is too political

Trump suggested his Department of Justice investigate more than two dozen people he considered opponents.

Some Republicans Make a More Restrained Case for Defending Trump

When some G.O.P. members of Congress attacked the nation’s top law enforcement agencies immediately after the F.B.I.’s search of Mar-a-Lago, it underscored deep fissures within the party.

Trump’s Shifting Explanations Follow a Familiar Playbook

The former president and his allies have given often conflicting defenses of his retention of classified documents, without addressing why he had kept them.

The Arizona Republican Party’s Anti-Democracy Experiment

First, it turned against the establishment. Now it has set its sights on democracy — the principles, the process and even the word itself.

Post Politics Now: Biden, Democrats plan grand celebration next month of Inflation Reduction Act

Biden plans to sign the sprawling economic package into law this week, but a bigger event is being planned for after Labor Day, when voters are expected to pay more attention.

Analysis | Trump’s new argument on the Mar-a-Lago files is weak and insufficient

Trump can't get his story straight, not that he needs to.

Analysis | What could the Mar-a-Lago search mean for Trump legally?

The FBI searched Trump's residence for evidence of violation of the Espionage Act. What is that?

Mar-a-Lago -- and its owner -- have long caused concerns for US intelligence | CNN Politics

Revealing an airstrike over "beautiful" chocolate cake. A trespasser from China carrying flash drives and electronics. Cellphone photos of the "nuclear football" briefcase. And now, classified documents recovered during an FBI search.

FBI investigating 'unprecedented' number of threats against bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

The FBI is investigating an "unprecedented" number of threats against bureau personnel and property in the wake of the search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, including against agents listed in court records as being involved in the search, a law enforcement source tells CNN.

Trump lawyer claimed no classified material was at Mar-a-Lago in signed letter to Justice Department

One of former President Donald Trump's attorneys signed a letter in June asserting that there was no more classified information stored at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Opinion: Trumpism's unlikely home base | CNN

Mar-a-Lago's original owner Marjorie Merriweather Post donated it to the US government as a retreat for presidents and visiting world leaders. Donald Trump buying it and opening a private membership club was not what she had in mind, but in 2017 it became the "Winter White House" and it was the place where last week's drama over missing government records played out.

Anti-Trump GOP group spends big to shrink his base

The nonprofit arm of the Republican Accountability Project is launching ads across all the closest swing states of the 2020 presidential race.

FBI warns of heightened threats as Hill Republicans demand more from Garland on Mar-a-Lago search

GOP rhetoric on the Trump search last week has shifted some as the rhetoric worsens.

Bolton: Trump explanations on classified documents show ‘real level of desperation’

Former national security adviser John Bolton said in a new interview that former President Trump’s defense after the FBI retrieved classified documents from his Mar-a-Lago estate “shows a rea…

Still the right decision to leave Afghanistan — yet still no accountability

As the introspection and finger pointing on Afghanistan intensifies with the one-year anniversary of the Aug. 15 fall of Kabul, we must once again recognize that it was time for U.S. troops to leav…

Fox’s Doocy: ‘It would be great’ if Trump called for end to threats against feds

Fox News host Steve Doocy implored former President Trump to publicly call on his supporters to “tamp down the rhetoric” against federal law enforcement amid a flurry of threats to agen…

Trump says temperature ‘has to be brought down’ after FBI search, then repeats attacks

Former President Trump on Monday said his aides have reached out to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to offer “whatever we can do to help,” saying the “temperature has to be brought down”…

The FBI Is Now the Federal Bureau of Intimidation | RealClearPolitics

Nothing symbolizes the decline of the American republic better than the weaponization of justice that we saw last week when the FBI raided the home of former...

Adam Schiff Can't Explain Major Time-Gap Detail in Mar-a-Lago Raid: 'I Don't Know'

There are so many things wrong with the FBI's raid on Donald Trump's home in Florida. And here is just one more of them.

2022 Red Wave Was Losing Steam... Then Mar-a-Lago Raid Changed Everything for Voters

Just as multiple left-leaning outlets began reporting there was hope for Democrats in 2022, the Mar-a-Lago raid changed everything.

Fmr DNI Ratcliffe: FBI, DOJ Have Become the Enforcement Arm of the Democratic Party

During an appearance on FNC's "Sunday Night in America," former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe criticized the apparent double standard that is applied to Democrats and Republicans in investigations. | Clips

Latest FBI Bullsh*t: Trump Supporters Are Threatening to Set Off a Dirty Bomb Over Mar-a-Lago Raid

Well, this was a new line of bullsh*t from the FBI. The latest warning from Chris Wray’s FBI is the threat of a dirty bomb. Apparently, Trump supporters are going to fire off a dirty bomb. That’s a new one. The FBI released a bulletin on Friday warning of numerous threats including a dirty bomb…

Jim Jordan Claims To Have 14 FBI Whistleblowers In Frantic Bid To Save Sinking Trump

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) claims that 14 FBI agents have come forward to him to expose the politicization of the Bureau.

Opinion | Republicans' extremism could set Democrats up nicely for the midterms

For all its faults, the party really has evolved over the past decade.

Republicans pressure Garland as intrigue deepens over search of Trump home | CNN Politics

The FBI's stunning search of ex-President Donald Trump's home triggered a legal and political earthquake whose aftershocks are only widening a week on, with key questions that will shape the nation's future still clouded in mystery.

White House knocks new GOP report on Afghanistan withdrawal

The White House is firing back at a GOP report slamming the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan by circulating its own memo arguing the decision strengthened national security and di…

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