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social reform (5), save jason (5), reform movements (5), press pool (5), pool congressional (5)

Democrats Deliver As House Passes Assault Weapons Ban

By a narrow vote of 217-213, the House passed a bill reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Alex Jones Is Facing Financial Ruin As Infowars Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy

The parent company of Alex Jones's Infowars announced that they would be filing for bankruptcy as Jones faces defamation damages of potentially $150 million for defaming Sandy Hook families.

DOJ Said To Be Getting Closer To Trump As Cabinet Officials Flip On Former President

The DOJ is reportedly getting closer to Trump, as numerous cabinet officials are cooperating with the criminal probe into 1/6.

Ted Cruz Fist Bumps And Celebrates Blocking Healthcare For Vets

Sen. Ted Cruz was caught on video fist bumping fellow Senators and celebrating the blockage of expanded healthcare for vets.

New Poll Finds Trump Is Killing Republican Senate Hopes In Pennsylvania, Ohio, And North Carolina

A new poll from John Bolton's PAC found that Trump is hurting Republican Senate candidates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina.

House overcomes internal rancor to pass assault weapons ban

The historic legislation passed along party lines with a razor-thin majority and only two Republicans voting in support.

House Dems focus on assault weapons ban after policing deal sparks drama

The chamber is now set to take a momentous, if largely symbolic, vote after an attempted agreement on police accountability fell flat.

These are the House lawmakers who bucked their parties on assault weapons ban

The House narrowly passed a bill to ban assault weapons on Friday, with five Democrats and two Republicans bucking their respective parties in their votes on the measure. The legislation, dubbed th…

House Democrats pass ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ with GOP support after moderates get cold feet

The House of Representatives passed legislation on Friday that would ban most semi-automatic weapons currently in use in the U.S, including AR-15s.

Democrat-Led House Passes 'Assault Weapons' Ban

The Democrat-led House of Repsentatives passed an "assault weapons" ban by a vote of 217 to 213 on Friday evening.

'Alarm bell': Oz’s struggles have GOP pitching alternate path to Senate takeover

Republican officials outlined the Oz campaign's polling and financial troubles in recent meetings, emphasizing they can still win the Senate without Pennsylvania.

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