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british prime minister boris johnson (14), the conservative party (12), 10 downing street (12), sajid javid (7), liz truss (7)

Who might replace Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister

Rivals of Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been plotting to replace him as scandals have mounted. Here are some of the possible contenders in a Conservative Party leadership contest.

For Boris Johnson, a Tumultuous Tenure Ends With a Messy Exit

The risk-taking bravado of Britain’s colorful prime minister was not enough to compensate for his shortcomings, or overcome a catastrophic loss of party support.

Boris Johnson: Rebel without a pause

It was Boris’s brash personality, as well as his reputation for breaking all the rules and never taking his job quite seriously enough, that likely did him in.

Boris Johnson to resign as UK prime minister

British prime minister will step down after 24 hours of drama and the Conservatives will now hold a leadership contest.

Boris Johnson’s downfall was his own making

The wildly ambitious prime minister won’t go quietly, but get ready for Britain’s third female leader.

Boris Johnson resigns as UK prime minister

Beleaguered leaders are defiant — until they’re not.

Boris Johnson: How the nation's favorite clown fell from grace

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation as Conservative Party leader Thursday, bringing his scandal-plagued tenure to an end after less than three years.

Boris Johnson’s resignation offers a lesson for Trumpified GOP

British conservatives concluded they could no longer tolerate the constant stream of disgraces and indignities. Donald Trump's GOP could do the same thing.

Here are the contenders to become the next prime minister.

A small group is stepping to center stage as Britain’s political crisis intensifies, including the rival Boris Johnson beat last time.

Live updates: Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, resigns

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his resignation in the wake of a series of scandals. Follow live updates.

What happens when a British Prime Minister resigns?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to resign today following mounting pressure from lawmakers in his own Conservative Party to stand down.

Send in the Clowns: Flyweights and Fake Conservatives Vie for PM's Job

Boris Johnson has been forced out as Tory leader and his time as PM will soon be over – but what do his potential successors have to offer?

How to watch the Tory leadership contest like a pro

Boris Johnson has resigned. What happens next?

Boris Johnson’s manner of going was in keeping with his character

Even Margaret Thatcher ultimately understood when told her time was up — Johnson had a very different view and tried to hang on.

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