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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-07-03 -- roe wade (15), attorney general (7), abortion rights (7), law banning abortion (6), abortion clinics (6)

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roe wade (15), attorney general (7), abortion rights (7), law banning abortion (6), abortion clinics (6)

Google Aids Illegal Abortions, Deleting Trip History For Users Who Visit Abortion Clinics

Google will aid in the act of illegal abortions nationwide in the wake of the Roe V Wade decision, erasing data related to abortion

Vocal Trump-Hater and America-Basher Megan Rapinoe to Receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Joe Biden

Rapinoe kneeling to American Anthem during a soccer match Outspoken Trump-hater and America-basher Megan Rapinoe will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Joe Biden. And here we thought her 15 minutes of fame had already passed. Outkick Sports reported: News broke Friday that Megan Rapinoe will be one of 17 recipients of the Presidential…

Google to erase more location info as abortion bans expand

Google will automatically purge information about users who visit abortion clinics and other places that could trigger legal problems now that the U.S. Supreme Court has opened the door for states to ban the termination of pregnancies

Harris: Roe ruling similar to ‘history … of government trying to claim ownership over human bodies’

Vice President Harris said during an appearance late Saturday at the Essence Festival in New Orleans that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was “problematic on so many levels.” “…

The Long Path to Reclaim Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe, far from settling the matter, instead has launched court and political battles across the states likely to go on for years.

Texas Clinics Halt Abortions After State High Court Ruling

Providers and patients across the country have been struggling to navigate the evolving legal landscape around abortion laws and access.

With Roe overturned, Democrats present a patchwork of countermeasures

The ruling created a new rallying cry for Democrats, but also revealed some divergences in the party and unsettled questions about the path forward.

Women lean into the fight over abortion rights

Female Democratic candidates across the country are leaning into the fight over abortion rights, hoping to make it a top voting issue come fall.   National Democrats from President Biden …

Texas Supreme Court Lifts Freeze on Abortion Ban

The decision, overturning a lower court ruling that had temporarily blocked the ban, allowed a 1925 law to take effect.

Texas Supreme Court Allows Abortion Ban to Go into Effect

The Texas Supreme Court overruled a lower court on Friday evening and allowed a pre-Roe 1925 law prohibiting abortions to go into effect. 

Anthem-Kneeler Megan Rapinoe to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Megan Rapinoe, anthem kneeler and outspoken advocate of left-wing causes, is set to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Joe Biden.

Supreme Court marshal presses Md., Va. leaders to stop home protests

The marshal asked the Maryland and Virginia governors, as well as the leaders of Montgomery and Fairfax counties, to put down the ongoing protests.

Texas state Supreme Court issues order allowing for civil enforcement of century-old abortion ban

The Texas Supreme Court issued an order late Friday partially granting state Attorney General Ken Paxton's request to stay a lower court order that had temporarily blocked a nearly century-old abortion ban in the state.

SCOTUS Marshal Implores MD Gov. to Stop Protests at Justices' Homes

The U.S. Supreme Court Marshal is imploring Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to "enforce laws that prohibit picketing outside" justices' homes.

Arizona Democrats Blasted for Promoting 'F**k the Fourth' Event

Democrats in Pima County, Arizona, scrubbed a social media post advertising an event called "Fuck the Fourth" after taking heat for the move.

An Arizona Democratic Party Is Digging Itself Deep with 'F*** the Fourth' Protest

'The Democrats aren't even trying to hide the fact they are the party of radicals anymore,' the Arizona Republican Party noted.

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