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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-06-23 -- liz cheney (9), attack capitol (9), overturn election (8), richard donoghue (7), attorney general jeffrey rosen (7)

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liz cheney (9), attack capitol (9), overturn election (8), richard donoghue (7), attorney general jeffrey rosen (7)

Trump’s GOP Reign May Be Over As Ron DeSantis Leads In New Hampshire Primary Poll

Donald Trump's reign as the ruler of the Republican Party is showing signs of ending as Ron DeSantis has a small two-point lead in a New Hampshire GOP primary poll.

Opinion | The bizarre Trump-DOJ showdown that may have saved the Republic

Involving Trump, acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Jeffrey Clark, this was a bizarre situation. But everything about those early days of 2021 was bizarre.

A Year Later, Some Republicans Second-Guess Boycotting the Jan. 6 Panel

The decision by Representative Kevin McCarthy not to appoint Republicans to the committee has given Democrats the chance to set out an uninterrupted narrative.

America is about to meet the one DOJ official willing to do Trump’s coup

Jeffrey Clark gets his moment in the spotlight Thursday in front of the January 6 committee.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz: Republicans are saying ‘it’s time to move on’ from Trump

Veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz said on Thursday that a recent New Hampshire poll showing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) narrowly edging out former President Trump indicates Republicans are saying …

Live coverage: Official’s notes show Trump wanted DOJ to declare election corrupt

Justice Department officials’ unwavering resistance to former President Trump’s attempts to use their agency to legitimize his bid to remain in office will be the focus of Thursday’s hearing from t…

Jan. 6 Committee To Hear Of Trump's Pressure On Justice Department

The witnesses will include Jeffrey Rosen, who was acting attorney general during the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the U.S. Capitol.

RNC's 'secret sauce' revealed during Jan. 6 hearing — and it's not pretty

Tuesday's Jan. 6 hearing revealed the RNC was more involved in Trump's election schemes than we previously knew. That could — and should — mean legal trouble.

Jan. 6 Committee Delays Remaining Hearings to Unspecified Date

The House Committee looking into Jan. 6 has put a pause on upcoming hearings, citing 'new evidence' as a reason for the delay.

The Spectacle of the Jan. 6 Hearings Looms Over Washington

One photographer’s account of the commotion surrounding one of the biggest investigations in Washington since Watergate.

G.O.P. Testimony at Jan. 6 Panel Exposes a Party Torn Between Truth and Trump

A Democratic-run committee relies on Republican witnesses to build the case against the former president — in searing detail.

Jan. 6 Panel Outlines Trump’s Bid to Coerce Justice Dept. Officials

The committee’s fifth hearing this month vividly depicted a department that worked frantically to stave off a constitutional crisis under pressure from the president.

As Jan. 6 committee targets Trump, his consternation at McCarthy grows

McCarthy’s bet to exclude the pro-Trump GOP perspective from the Jan. 6 committee could prove costly to his potential speakership bid.

Analysis | How to watch the Jan. 6 committee hearings and what to watch for

The House Jan. 6 committee is ready to share what it knows about the attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob. It will do so in a series of hearings, some in prime time and broadcast on TV, through June.

Analysis | More troubling signs for Trump 2024

On the setbacks for Trump’s stranglehold on the GOP in Georgia and New Hampshire — and what those states might have in common.

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