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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-04-06 -- president vladimir putin (9), russia’s invasion of ukraine (8), war ukraine (7), russian forces (7), by russian soldiers (7)

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president vladimir putin (9), russia’s invasion of ukraine (8), war ukraine (7), russian forces (7), by russian soldiers (7)

Why Tracking Putin’s Wealth Is So Difficult

Amid speculation that oligarchs are holding cash and luxury assets for the Russian president, many of his extravagances can be traced elsewhere: the Russian state.

Every Single House Judiciary Committee Republican Votes Against Bill To Fight Domestic Terrorism

Even after the 1/6 attack, every single Republican on the House Judiciary Committee voted against enhancing the government's ability to fight domestic terrorism.

Biden administration imposes new sanctions on Russia banking institutions and Putin's daughters

The US is taking additional actions to increase economic pressure on Russia and President Vladimir Putin following horrific images from the Ukrainian city of Bucha, announcing new sanctions Wednesday on Russian financial institutions, as well as some people, including Putin’s adult daughters and the wife and daughter of his foreign minister. 

Democrats accuse oil companies of 'rip off' on gas prices

House Democrats are accusing oil companies of “ripping off the American people” and putting profits before production as Americans suffer from higher gasoline prices amid the war in Ukraine

Joe Biden Pushes For World War 3 in Unscripted Remarks: "If I Gotta Go to War, I'm Going with You Guys - I Mean It!" (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks at the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) Legislative Conference. Biden spoke about rising gas prices, his Socialist spending bill and workers rights. Biden put Amazon on notice after their workers’ union victory. “By the way, Amazon here we come,” said Biden leaning forward like a creepy weirdo. WATCH:…

Biden Administration Targets Putin's Children in New Round of Sanctions

The U.S. along with its allies have slapped more sanctions on Russia, including on Putin's own daughters, for uncovered brutality in Ukraine.

New Russian Land Mine Poses Special Risk in Ukraine

The sophisticated POM-3 mine was discovered last week by Ukrainian bomb technicians, as Russia contaminates much of the country with unexploded munitions.

Traces of Lives Cut Short: Bread on a Park Bench, Blood Pooled Nearby

The violence of war is often random. Those who suffer most are the civilians caught in the middle. Two recent deaths in Kharkiv, Ukraine, are a testament to that.

NATO Nations See Differing Paths as Ukraine War Enters Uncertain Stage

The alliance is examining what Ukraine needs as it tries to expel Russia from the east and how to ensure an outcome that enhances European security.

The E.U. fine-tunes new sanctions, but talks suggest banning Russian oil and gas will be tough.

There are relatively few fresh Russian troops to fill the breach. Russia has withdrawn the forces — as many as 40,000 soldiers — it had arrayed around Kyiv and Chernihiv, two cities in the north, t...

Analysis | Why 30 percent of the House GOP voted against reaffirming NATO support

It reflects a growing Russia-ambivalent and NATO-skeptical view in the GOP.

Joe Biden Escalates War Rhetoric with Russia in Speech to Union Workers

President Joe Biden continued to escalate his war rhetoric against Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. | Politics

Biden says 'major war crimes' being discovered in Ukraine after he announces new sanctions on Russia

President Joe Biden declared "major war crimes" were being discovered in Ukraine as Russian forces retreat from areas around Kyiv, citing scenes of brutal, cold-blooded executions as rationale for ratcheting up US sanctions on Moscow.

Ukraine's Zelensky questions UN Security Council's mandate in speech on alleged Russian atrocities | CNN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian troops of indiscriminately killing civilians "for their pleasure" in an emotionally-charged address to the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, a day after he visited the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, where shocking images of civilian bodies strewn on the streets emerged over the weekend.

April 6, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a graphic account of the situation on the ground to the UN Security Council, claiming Russians killed civilians in Bucha for "pleasure." Earlier, he warned worse atrocities may emerge amid the ongoing retreat of Russian forces around Kyiv. Follow here for live news updates.

Biden Gets Standing Ovation As He Puts Amazon On Notice That The Union Is Coming

Biden got a standing ovation at the North America’s Building Trades Union Legislative Conference when he was talking about unions and said Amazon, here we come.

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