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russia’s invasion of ukraine (10), ukrainian president volodymyr (7), nuclear power plant (7), 03 03 (7), war ukraine (6)

Experts Shocked by Russia’s Disastrous Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. experts are shocked at the Russian military's ineptitude in its invasion of Ukraine.

National Association Of Broadcasters Calls For Halt To Russia Affiliated Programming

The National Association of Broadcasters has called for all broadcasters to cease airing any Russian affiliated or programming from Russian agents.

How the US and its allies can help Ukraine without starting World War III

It’s a very tough needle to thread, but there’s a way to make the West’s Ukraine strategy work.

Escaping Kyiv

One woman’s weekend in a bomb shelter and her solo journey out of the embattled capital city.

More Than 1 Million People Have Fled Ukraine Since Russia's Invasion Began Last Week

Russian forces also kept up their bombardment of the country's second-biggest city, Kharkiv, and laid siege to two strategic seaports.

Indian Students Stranded In Ukraine Hide In Fear As Russian Invasion Grows

Thousands of Indian immigrants have suddenly found themselves in the midst of war, many hiding inside bunkers in conflict areas like Sumy and Kharkiv.

DeSantis throws perhaps his most juvenile tantrum of all

The Florida governor admonished students at a press conference for wearing masks to stop the spread of Covid, proving he's an annoyance to all ages.

A fire breaks out at a nuclear plant during a Russian assault, Ukraine says.

Security camera footage showed a building ablaze inside the complex amid fighting. The fire was later extinguished. A Ukrainian agency said that Russian forces had taken control of the site.

How Ukraine’s Military Has Resisted Russia So Far

Ukrainian troops have mounted a stiffer-than-expected opposition to a superior force in the early days of the war. But U.S. officials say it may not last.

Last Vestiges of Russia’s Free Press Fall Under Kremlin Pressure

“Everything that’s not propaganda is being eliminated,” a Nobel Prize winning editor said as Russian authorities moved to control the narrative in the Ukraine war.

On the Exodus West, Ukrainians Flee Hardship for an Uncertain Future

Many thousands of Ukrainians, fearful of the war, are leaving their homes on a slow journey west, enduring difficulties but also buoyed by the generosity of their countrymen.

Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine

Russia has ramped up assaults on key Ukrainian cities, as President Zelensky pleads for more international assistance and a second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia are set to take place. Follow here for live news updates from on the ground in Ukraine.

Ukrainian nuclear power plant attack condemned as Russian troops 'occupy' facility

Russian troops have occupied Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant, with managers working at "gunpoint" after a fire caused by their attack was extinguished, according to Ukrainian nuclear officials.

Live blog: War in Ukraine

Conflict heads into a sixth day as Western leaders to try to put pressure on Russia.

DHS grants Ukrainians in U.S. temporary protected status for 18 months

The action came in response to Russia's war against Ukraine and amid reports of invading forces targeting civilians.

Bipartisan bill banning Russian oil sets up clash with White House

The White House said it does not “have a strategic interest in reducing the global supply of energy, and that would raise prices at the gas pump for the American people.”

Senate GOP shrugs off latest Trump revelation

The Jan. 6 select committee filing that set off a siren in the political world landed with a thud among Senate Republicans on Thursday. 

Biden signs bill banning forced arbitration in sexual misconduct cases

President Biden on Thursday signed into a law a bill that will end the use of forced arbitration in lawsuits involving claims of sexual assault and harassment, calling it a “momentous day for justice and fairness in the workplace.” &nbs

Fire Erupts at Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant (VIDEO)

Update: After initial reports of elevated levels of radiation detected near the plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency reports that the Ukraine regulator has not detected a change in radiation levels. ⚡️The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that the Ukraine regulator has not detected a change in radiation levels at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant…

Putin’s war on Ukraine, explained

Understand the current conflict’s history in less than 10 minutes.

What Happened on Day 8 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Across Ukraine, Russian forces were laying siege to cities and trying to control vital ports.

Ukraine says Russia firing on Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, largest in Europe

Fire that broke out at the site is now out, officials say, as local authorities announce Russian forces have seized the plant.

Biden holds back on going after GOP on Russia, to some Dem chagrin

“‘We’re Zelenskyy Democrats. And they’re Putin Republicans’ would be my bumper sticker.”

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