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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2021-11-01 -- texas abortion law (10), state court (9), constitutional rights (9), texas solicitor general judd stone (8), federal courts (8)

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texas abortion law (10), state court (9), constitutional rights (9), texas solicitor general judd stone (8), federal courts (8)

Supreme Court Justices Appear Open To Allowing Challenges To Texas Abortion Law

Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett asked some telling questions about the law's unusual structure.

Opinion | Texas' attempted end-around the courts seems likely to fail

Would the court allow any other right to be trampled on the way it has already allowed the right to abortion to be all but eviscerated by Texas?

Liberal justices warn that guns, same-sex marriage and religious rights could face limits if Texas wins abortion case

Justice Sonia Sotomayor warned that constitutional rights enshrined in Supreme Court decisions concerning gun rights, same-sex marriage, birth control and other contentious issues could be open to attack depending on how the court handled the Texas abortion ban cases that were in front of it Monday.

Takeaways from SCOTUS arguments on Texas abortion ban

With abortion dominating the court’s agenda this term, lawyers and advocates on both sides of the issue were scrambling to read the tea leaves.

Supreme Court justices wary of Texas abortion ban enforcement scheme

The Supreme Court on Monday was openly skeptical of Texas state law SB8 over concerns about its unprecedented enforcement mechanism.

Supreme Court Hints That It May Allow Challenge to Texas Abortion Law

In two arguments on Monday, the justices considered challenges from abortion providers and the Biden administration to a law that bans abortions after about six weeks.

Supreme Court seems willing to allow challenge of Texas’s restrictive abortion law

Justices Brett M. Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett appeared swayed by arguments that the law improperly blocks the judicial review necessary when constitutional rights are at stake.

Supreme Court hears dispute over Texas law that blocks most abortions in the state

A sharply divided Supreme Court will gather Monday to once again consider a Texas law that bars abortion at around six weeks of pregnancy, reigniting a debate concerning the most restrictive law in the country.

Kavanaugh, Barrett air skepticism of Texas abortion law

Two of three Trump-appointed justices grilled the state on the implications of its ban.

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