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president joe biden (11), 1.8 trillion (8), the american families plan (6), session congress (6), poll found that (6)

Analysis: Biden to showcase his moderate radicalism in big congressional address

President Joe Biden's "radical" idea is that government is not the problem in America but the multi-trillion-dollar solution that can end the pandemic, equalize the economy and make life better for millions of working people.

Pub owner who banned NBA games until LeBron James is 'expelled' says business is booming

An Ohio pub owner who banned airing NBA games in his establishment until LeBron James is “expelled” from the league said he has received positive feedback and more customers since the announcement.

Joe Biden is about to test the politics of going big

Women and people of color were crucial to Biden’s presidential win, and they’re crucial to his jobs plan.

Cruz blasts double standard on signature verification after California tosses 20% of recall signatures

Sen. Ted Cruz called out Democrats in California for enforcing the state’s signature verification laws, pointing out that Democrats have said such rules amount to “voter suppression.”

Chauvin trial juror says ‘racial climate’ didn’t affect verdict

One of the jurors in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin said the “racial climate” in the United States did not affect the jury’s verdict.

Idaho on track to become first state to ban critical race theory in public schools

Idaho’s Republican-controlled Senate passed a bill that would ban critical race theory lessons in all public schools.

As importance of broadband increases, federal, state efforts aim to bring internet to all Pennsylvanians

Fourteen percent of Pennsylvania households do not have an internet subscription, according to information provided from the White House as part of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan proposal.

Biden to Propose More Spending in Address to Congress, $6 Trillion in Total

President Joe Biden plans to address Congress on Wednesday evening and will outline his plan for an additional $1.8 trillion in spending.

President Biden set to address joint session of Congress

President Joe Biden will announce a roughly $1.8 trillion plan to invest in universal preschool, free community college and expanded access to child care in his joint address to Congress on Wednesday night, the White House said.

Pelosi Is Only Allowing 200 People to Attend Biden Speech, Most Republicans Shunned - Don't Want Loud Noises to Trigger Joe's Dementia

Speaker Nancy Pelosi only invited 200 individuals to Joe Biden’s speech to a limited joint session of Congress tonight. The chamber holds 1,600 individuals.  Only 200 will be allowed in.  During the last sham impeachment of Donald Trump at least 300 individuals were allowed into the House chamber to vote to impeach President Trump. This…

Biden takes aim at American inequality by investing $1.8 trillion in families

Biden’s new plan would be life-changing for many American families. Can it pass?

The first step is admitting you have a problem

How can Congress tackle systemic racism in our criminal justice system when the GOP won’t admit it even exists?

Majority of Americans say US economic conditions are good for the first time during the pandemic, per CNN Poll

For the first time during the pandemic, most Americans approve of the economic conditions in the United States, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS that was released Wednesday.

Here's what's in Biden's $1.8 trillion American Families Plan

A month after he laid out a roughly $2 trillion infrastructure plan aimed at helping the nation recover from the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden is set to unveil an additional $1.8 trillion federal investment in education, child care and paid family leave during his first address to Congress on Wednesday.

Opinion: What Biden did with his Trump inheritance

As President Joe Biden approaches his 100th day in office, CNN Opinion asked contributors to share their assessment of the Democratic leader's performance thus far.

Americans evaluate Biden's first 100 days in office - CNN Video

CNN's Jeff Zeleny spoke to citizens in the swing state of Pennsylvania about President Biden's first 100 days in office.

Poll: Americans Strongly Approve of Biden’s First 100 Days in Office

According to the latest CNN poll., the majority of Americans strongly approve of President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, receiving high marks not only for his overall performance but for actions he’s taken to address issues like the Covid-19 pandemic and environmental policy. The poll, conducted by SSRS April 21 through 26 among … Continue reading "Poll: Americans Strongly Approve of Biden’s First 100 Days in Office"

Biden’s Plan: Raise Taxes On The Rich, Spend It On Education

The president’s speech to Congress will include proposed tax hikes on wealthy Americans along with free community college and pre-K education.

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