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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-11-13 -- joe biden (10), election secure (6), voting system deleted or lost votes changed votes (5), votes way (5), the most secure in american history (5)

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joe biden (10), election secure (6), voting system deleted or lost votes changed votes (5), votes way (5), the most secure in american history (5)

New GOP Lawsuit Seeks To Throw Out Votes From Democratic Counties In Wisconsin

The lawsuit is just the latest brought forward by Republicans that will almost certainly get laughed out of court.

As Trump Hides In The White House, Tucker Carlson Attacks Biden For Not Being In Public Enough

With his laughable attack on Joe Biden Thursday night, Tucker Carlson reminded the country just how unserious a person he is.

Obama Calls Trump A Sore Loser And Rips The GOP For Humoring His Voter Fraud Lies

Obama ripped Republicans for humoring Donald Trump's lies about voter fraud after he lost the election decisively to Joe Biden.

‘There Is No Evidence’: Trump’s Own DHS Just Called BS On His Voter Fraud Claims

Trump has ramped up his efforts to cast doubt on last week's election results, but his own Department of Homeland Security is calling BS.

Analysis: President Trump's GOP wall of support is cracking

As President Donald Trump's lawyers cling to their far-fetched schemes to overturn the presidential election, it was increasingly clear Thursday that cracks are forming in Trump's GOP wall of support, as more Republicans stepped forward to say that President-elect Joe Biden should receive national intelligence briefings and others began to acknowledge the long-shot nature of the President's quest.

'Dangerous path': Obama chides Republicans for 'humoring' Trump's election complaints

Former President Barack Obama scolded Republican leaders for entertaining President Trump's legal challenges to last week's election.

Dominion Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and SECURITY Eric Coomer Admitted in 2016 Vendors and Election Officials Have Access to Manipulate the Vote

Dr. Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security of Dominion Voting Systems at Dominion Voting Systems. But if you search the company’s profile Eric Coomer has since been removed from their page of directors. In 2016 Coomer told the Illinois States Board of Elections that it was possible to bypass election systems software.…

Presidential Election ‘Most Secure’ In History, Top Security Experts At DHS Say

The statement from officials at CISA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, undercuts President Donald Trump’s lies about rampant voter fraud.

Election officials contradict Trump's voter-fraud conspiracy theories

A group of national, state and private election officials said in a joint statement Thursday that there is no evidence of any voting system being compromised in the 2020 election despite President Donald Trump's deluge of election fraud conspiracies.

DHS says election most secure ever, but Trump sill in denial - CNN Video

The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement saying the November 3rd, 2020, election was the most secure election in history. President Donald Trump continues to deny the results.

'Dejected' Trump continues to waffle over waging baseless election fight

How much longer President Donald Trump continues waging battle over an election he lost remained in question Thursday as more of his advisers voiced doubt his gambit to contest the results would succeed. One person who spoke to him called him "dejected" over the ordeal.

Fox News Continues to Give Air Time To Widely Debunked Dominion Election Conspiracy Theory

Advertisements Jonathan Turley, a professor of constitutional law at the George Washington University and legal analyst, appeared on “Fox and Friends” this morning and appeared to lend credence to a conspiracy theory about voting systems that has already been debunked. “In Michigan, you had thousands of vote that went to [President-elect Joe] Biden that belonged … Continue reading "Fox News Continues to Give Air Time To Widely Debunked Dominion Election Conspiracy Theory"

U.S. cybersecurity runs afoul of Trump, GOP's disinformation campaign

Ali Velshi reports on the forced resignation of the assistant director of cybersecurity at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the expectation of more firings as the agency is actively debunking conspiracy theories presented by Donald Trump and anti-democracy Republicans.

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