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vice president joe biden (36), town hall (36), savannah guthrie (19), biden said (19), george stephanopoulos (18)

Trump’s Town Hall Is So Bad That He Got Compared To A Crazy Uncle

Trump's town hall has been such a nightmare that at one point he was compared to a crazy uncle when he refused to denounce QAnon.

Biden Says He’ll Let The DOJ Decide On Prosecuting Trump

Joe Biden said that he wouldn't use the Department of Justice as his personal lawyers, and he will let the DOJ decide on prosecuting Trump.

In Dueling Town Halls, Trump Throws Tantrums And Biden Behaves Like A Real President

In a pair of dueling town hall events, Donald Trump acted like an irritated toddler while Joe Biden behaved like the next president.

Trump’s Town Hall Is A Disaster As He Falls Apart On Healthcare

The Trump town hall in NBC took a turn into broken down babble when Trump was asked about his healthcare plan.

The jarring contrast between Trump and Biden, explained in 3 moments from their competing town halls

At the very moment Trump embraced QAnon, Biden embraced science.

5 winners and 3 losers from the dueling Trump-Biden town halls

Winner: Savannah Guthrie. Loser: Trump.

Savannah Guthrie delivered the Trump interview we’ve been wanting for years

"I just told you": Savannah Guthrie showed how to interrogate President Trump.

Biden says he doesn’t like court-packing — but he didn’t rule it out

He says it comes down to whether Republicans rush the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation.

Trump reveals new details about his Covid symptoms, testing

Rachel Maddow reviews some of the news Donald Trump made in an NBC News town hall in revealing new details about the extent of his Covid-19 symptoms and dodging whether he actually took a Covid test on the day of the first presidential debate with Joe Biden.

President Trump and Joe Biden clash in distant, dueling town halls

The prime time network events replaced the canceled second scheduled presidential debate and reflected jarring differences between the candidates.

Trump doubles down on confrontation during town hall in Miami

Under sharp questioning, the president offered falsehoods and exaggerated claims and little specificity about his plans for a second term.

Analysis | 5 takeaways from the dueling Trump and Biden town halls

The president fell into familiar traps, while the former vice president provided a little more clarity on court-packing.

Stark contrast between Trump and Biden on display in dueling town halls

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden weren't on the same stage on Thursday night but two simultaneous town halls managed to clearly lay out the stark differences between the candidates.

Fact check: Competing town halls highlight Trump's dishonesty

The stark differences between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden were on display during their competing town halls on Thursday night, and in no space was that clearer than the magnitude and frequency of their falsehoods.

Joe Biden promises an answer on court-packing by Election Day - CNN Video

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would not answer whether he supports expanding the number of Supreme Court justices, but said he would answer before Election Day.

Biden says his position on court-packing "depends on how this turns out"

Joe Biden said he is "not a fan" of court-packing, but whether he ultimately seeks to push for more seats on the Supreme Court depends on how Senate Republicans handle the confirmation process of Amy Coney Barrett.

Biden's ABC News town hall: Fact-checking the Democratic presidential candidate's answers

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden answered questions from voters Thursday night during a town hall hosted by ABC News in Philadelphia.

Read the full transcript of Joe Biden's ABC News town hall

Read the full transcript of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's ABC News town hall, Thursday at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Video: Joe Biden discusses President Donald Trump’s foreign policy

“We find ourselves in a position where we're more isolated in the world than we ever have been," Joe Biden said.

Six takeaways from Trump and Biden's dueling town halls

President Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden vied for voters' attention with competing town halls on Thursday night that diverged dramatically in tone.

Trump fields questions on coronavirus, conspiracy theories in combative town hall

President Trump delivered a defensive and at times combative performance in an NBC town hall Thursday evening during which he refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory, defended his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and grew te

Biden leaves door open to adding Supreme Court justices

Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday kept the door open to adding justices to the Supreme Court if Republicans push ahead with confirming President Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Town Halls Reveal Jarring Contrast Between Trump & Biden | RealClearPolitics

Town Halls Reveal Jarring Contrast Between Trump & Biden | RealClearPolitics

Biden moves on court packing stance, while Trump spars with NBC in dueling town halls

Democratic presidential nomineeJoe Biden said voters deserve to know his stance on Supreme Court packing before the election, while President Trump faced a grilling by NBC on the coronavirus, taxes and white supremacy in dueling town halls Thursday night. 

Sean Hannity calls out Savannah Guthrie for 'serving as a Joe Biden surrogate' at Trump-NBC town hall

Sean Hannity accused NBC News Thursday night of turning its town hall with President Trump into a "political debate" with the president and moderator Savannah Guthrie on opposite sides.

Dan Gainor: Trump’s NBC town hall turns into debate with moderator — and Trump wins

NBC Today” show anchor Savannah Guthrie was supposed to be the moderator at an event where the president would take questions from citizens in the audience. It turned into a debate between the two.

Burisma Official Told Hunter Biden They Wanted To ‘Close Down’ Investigation Against Firm’s Owner, According To Unconfirmed Email

An executive at Burisma told Hunter Biden in November 2015 that he wanted high-ranking U.S. officials to express their support for the Ukrainian energy firm.

***Live Updates*** Joe Biden Faces Voters in PA Town Hall

Former Vice President Joe Biden will participate in ABC’s town hall event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Thursday evening. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times Eastern. | 2020 Election

Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats False 'Bleach in Your Arm' Claim

Joe Biden repeated his false claim that Trump told people to "put bleach in your arm." Trump was talking about experimental UV light therapy.

Joe Biden Admits He Did Not Call for Masks, Social Distancing Until March

Joe Biden admitted during a town hall on Thursday night that he did not call for using masks, social distancing until March. 

Joe Biden Open to Mandating Coronavirus Vaccine, Will Order Governors to Impose Mask Mandate

Joe Biden said that he was open to mandating a coronavirus vaccine during an ABC News town hall event in Philadelphia on Thursday night.

GOING VIRAL: Black Woman Behind Trump Gives Him a Thumbs Up of Approval Following His Smackdown of Savannah Guthrie (VIDEO)

Committed leftist Savannah Guthrie went after President Trump with guns blazing tonight at his town hall and debate the moderator event on ABC. Of course, they treated Joe Biden like fine china when he came on for their town hall. Savannah Guthrie was hostile and ambushed Trump on Thursday night but it didn’t work. President…

"You're So Handsome When You Smile" - Town Hall Questioner's Compliment Leaves President Trump Blushing (VIDEO)

President Trump participated in a town hall Thursday evening and got ambushed by Democrat hack Savannah Guthrie. Trump held his own and crushed it tonight. The best part of the town hall was when a questioner complimented President Trump over his warm smile. “You’re so handsome when you smile,” the woman told President Trump. President…

President Trump Goes Savage Mode on Savannah Guthrie For Asking Him to Denounce White Supremacy... Again (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and President Trump held dueling town halls Thursday night. Joe Biden held a town hall on ABC hosted by Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos while President Trump was being ambushed by Savannah Guthrie. Savannah Guthrie was hostile and ambushed Trump on Thursday night but it didn’t work. President Trump crushed it tonight and he…

Rachel Maddow Declares Trump’s NBC News Town Hall A Catastrophe

The MSNBC host explained that Donald Trump's town hall likely did more damage to his presidential campaign.

Biden always understood what this election is about

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Maslow’s hierarchy of political needs.

Trump Refuses To Denounce QAnon At Town Hall Event

The president also praised supporters of the outlandish conspiracy theory for being "very strongly against pedophilia."

'Not only lies, they were dangerous lies': Maddow lists Trump Covid lies at town hall

Rachel Maddow highlights some of the statements made by Donald Trump at the NBC News town hall about the coronavirus that were not only false, but potentially deadly because of the many people who take Trump at his word.

5 takeaways from the dueling Biden and Trump town halls

On ABC, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was explaining his plan to raise taxes on people making more than $400,000 per year. On NBC, President Donald Trump was equivocating about the existence of a satanic cult of pedophiles.

Video: Key moments from ABC News town hall with Joe Biden

ABC News political team discuss on questions and answers from the town hall that struck home with voters.

Biden draws sharp contrast with Trump in low-key town hall

Former Vice President Joe Biden expressed regret for his past support of a controversial crime bill and vowed to articulate a clear position on whether to expand the size of the Supreme Court during a low-key town hall on Thursday.

Levin rips 'Biden mob family,' says purported emails to Hunter from Burisma brass 'sound like a valentine'

"Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin ripped the Biden family as a "mob" and Joe Biden as a "liar" in a fiery segment on "Hannity" Thursday night.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Fails to Ask Joe Biden About Hunter Biden Emails

Despite having 90 minutes in which to ask Joe Biden about the Hunter Biden story, ABC's George Stephanopoulos never did so.

INSANE: Joe Biden Supports Prepubescent Children Being Able to Change Their Gender (VIDEO)

Joe Biden participated in a town hall hosted by ABC and Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos. ABC News and George Stephanopoulos failed to asked Joe Biden about the bombshell New York Post reports with Hunter Biden’s emails showing Biden sold the US out to China, Ukraine and Russia in pay-to-play schemes. But Biden was asked about…

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