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walter reed national military medical center (20), trump tested positive for (18), joe biden (17), vice president mike pence (16), the supreme court (15)

Delusional, Medicated And Maskless Trump Claims He Is Now Immune To The Virus

After Donald Trump returned to the White House on Monday night, he claimed he is now immune to the coronavirus.

Highly Contagious Trump Removes Mask Immediately After Returning To The White House

Almost immediately upon arriving back at the White House, Donald Trump removed his protective face mask in front of staff.

WATCH: Video Shows Trump Gasping for Breath After Removing his Mask

Advertisements Donald Trump left Walter Reed Hospital on Monday night. It is unknown whether or not his doctors approved of the move, but Trump was unlikely to listen to them either way. The president made his departure from the hospital as dramatic and theatric as humanly possible. And before he re-entered the White House, with … Continue reading "WATCH: Video Shows Trump Gasping for Breath After Removing his Mask"

Trump Walter Reed Stunt Backfires As Reporter Asks If He Is Super Spreader

Trump tried to do the raised fist thumbs up victory pose, but it was all ruined when a reporter asked if he is a super spreader.

Everyone in the White House cluster who has reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus

These are the White House officials, lawmakers, and others who reportedly have the coronavirus.

Read The Latest On Trump’s Health & The Spread Of COVID-19 Among Republicans

The coronavirus continues to rage through Trump’s inner circle and high-level Republican politics.

Trump Leaves Hospital As Questions Mount Over COVID-19 Condition

White House physician Sean Conley refused to discuss details of the president’s coronavirus infection and said he “may not entirely be out of the woods y...

Trump Tells Nation Not To Fear Coronavirus He Let Kill 200,000 Americans

“Don’t let it dominate your life,” says the man with free health care whose botched COVID-19 response ensured the virus would dominate our lives.

Fauci: Amy Coney Barrett Nomination Event Was A ‘Dangerous Situation’

"I have been very vocal and visible about the fundamental tenets of public health with coronavirus," Dr. Anthony Fauci told Times Radio.

'Masks matter': Biden criticizes Trump for removing mask when he arrived at the White House

Joe Biden criticized President Trump for removing his mask as he arrived at the White House after spending time at Walter Reed to be treated for coronavirus.

With Trump out of the hospital, Biden steps up criticism

‘Listen to the scientists! Support masks!’ Biden says days after he toned down campaign over the president testing positive for the virus.

Live updates: Trump returns to White House from hospital; may not be ‘out of the woods,’ doctor says

President Trump remains hospitalized after a positive coronavirus test, while Joe Biden heads to the key battleground state of Florida, where he will participate in a nationally televised town hall. Information about Trump’s health remain limited and contradictory.

VP debate to feature plexiglass barriers to increase safety

The precautions at Wednesday’s event with Vice President Pence and Sen. Kamala D. Harris come amid a dispute over whether in-person debates should be held at all.

'That should never have happened': Inside Trump's Walter Reed parade

Pacing the well-appointed presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center between intravenous doses of remdesivir and near-hourly checks of his vitals, President Donald Trump has told more than one well-wisher he's desperate to fly the coop.

Cuomo: This president is a walking 'lie-ability' - CNN Video

CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out President Donald Trump for returning to the White House just days after starting treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

White House press secretary tests positive for coronavirus

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has tested positive for Covid-19, she tweeted in a statement Monday morning. McEnany emphasized that she had previously tested negatively "consistently" and is experiencing no symptoms.

11 attendees at SCOTUS nomination Rose Garden event test positive for COVID-19

On Saturday, some of the White House’s top officials mingled with other guests at the Rose Garden as Trump officially nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.

COVID-19 in DC: Who's tested positive and negative so far in Trump's orbit

A look at who in D.C. has tested positive or negative for COVID-19 since Hope Hicks' diagnosis was revealed.

New Jersey governor: Trump fundraiser 'put lives at risk'

New Jersey's governor says President Donald Trump’s fundraiser at his Bedminster golf club in the state hours before announcing he had the coronavirus “put lives at risk."

White House blocks new FDA coronavirus guidelines that may have delayed vaccine: report

The White House has blocked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from enacting stricter federal guidelines on the emergency release of a potential coronavirus vaccine,

Biden says he should not have called Trump a clown in first debate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said in a town hall on Monday that he should not have called President Trump a clown in the first presidential debate last week. 

Trump tells Americans following his hospital release: Don't let coronavirus 'dominate you'

President Trump on Monday implored Americans not to allow the novel coronavirus to “dominate your lives” after returning to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he was treated for three days after being diagnose

Democrats Must Act Quickly to Expand Supreme Court | RealClearPolitics

Democrats Must Act Quickly to Expand Supreme Court | RealClearPolitics

White House is not contact tracing Rose Garden event and rejected CDC offer to track down those exposed to Trump: Reports

As President Trump battles COVID-19, some said the White House is not doing enough to trace those who might have come in contact with him or been otherwise exposed to the virus at the White House.

Biden vows to ensure Roe v. Wade remains 'law of the land'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised to protect abortion rights if they were threatened by President Trump's Supreme Court pick.

Chris Wallace tests negative for COVID-19 after moderating debate featuring Trump and Biden

Chris Wallace, the moderator for the first general election debate, tested negative for COVID-19 nearly a week after the chaotic matchup.

'I did get frustrated': Biden says he should have called debate 'clownish undertaking' instead of calling Trump 'clown'

Joe Biden indicated that he regretted resorting to name-calling during his first presidential debate against President Trump on Tuesday.

Live Updates: 2020 presidential race ramps up before VP debate, election

The 2020 presidential race is heating up just one day before the first vice presidential debate kicks off between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic challenger Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

Trump back at White House after coronavirus diagnosis

President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to the White House on Monday, although officials said he is not fully “out of the woods."

‘Do You Regret Any Part?’: Lester Holt Presses Biden On ‘Ugly’ Debate, Calling Trump A ‘Clown’

Lester Holt challenged Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during a Monday town hall, asking whether he regretted his part in last week's "ugly" debate.

Mitch McConnell: Hearing on Judge Barrett Begins Next Week

Hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett will begin next week, announced Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Biden Pledges To Make Roe v. Wade The Law Of The Land If Trump’s SCOTUS Nominees Overturn It

Biden pledged to advance legislation that would make Roe v. Wade the law of the land if Trump's justices overturn the landmark decision.

Trump has been discharged from Walter Reed medical center

"Don’t be afraid of Covid," he tweeted.

Trump, Still Infectious, Is Back At The White House -- Without A Mask

The president went barefaced despite his physician saying he was still contagious.

Biden describes the first debate as a 'clownish undertaking'

Joe Biden was asked about his first debate with President Trump, and if he could stand up to his opponent in the future. He said the debate frustrated him but should have described it as a "clownish undertaking" instead of calling the president a clown.

The Left Is Depending on Insults & Lies to Stop Barrett | RealClearPolitics

The Left Is Depending on Insults & Lies to Stop Barrett | RealClearPolitics

Supreme Court restores witness signature requirement for absentee ballots in win for GOP

The Supreme Court reinstated a requirement that South Carolina voters need a witness to sign their absentee ballots before they vote by mail.

‘Pretty Violent Here’: Trucking Company Owner On Defund The Police Movement

Mike Kucharski, the co-owner and vice president of JKC Trucking, spoke about blue-collar workers' support for President Trump, the presidential debate and more.

Trump Returns to the White House: Don't Let Coronavirus Dominate You

President Donald Trump filmed and released a new video on Monday as soon as he returned from receiving treatment for the coronavirus.

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