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senate gop's third positive covid 19 case threatens (24), walter reed national military medical center (22), tested positive for (21), the supreme court (15), sean conley (14)

Jaime Harrison Encases Himself In Plexiglass To Avoid Super Spreader Lindsey Graham

Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison brought his own plexiglass to the South Carolina debate to protect himself from Lindsey Graham.

Opinion: What It Says About Hateful Conservative Leadership that Notre Dame President Jenkins, Trump Contract Coronavirus

Advertisements A 19th-century German philosopher once asserted that the educators must be educated, the point being what was passing for knowledge and learning in the world seemed, based on the state of the world and its lack of universal well-being, perhaps more than arguably was not serving us well. If we were to stop and … Continue reading "Opinion: What It Says About Hateful Conservative Leadership that Notre Dame President Jenkins, Trump Contract Coronavirus"

Opinion: Citing "Law And Order" Trump’s Department Of Homeland Security Defends A Murderer

Advertisements There are three words that political pundits and commentators have used ad nauseam since the day after dirty Don Trump’s very poorly-attended inauguration – “unprecedented and wrong.” It is as true a description of this authoritarian administration as anything, and yet each time it is uttered it explains a worse Trump atrocity. This past … Continue reading "Opinion: Citing “Law And Order” Trump’s Department Of Homeland Security Defends A Murderer"

Trump’s Condition Is Reportedly More Dire Than White House Admits

White House sources are saying that Trump's condition is direr than being released to the media, as the president has asked if he is going to die.

Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis may have come earlier than we thought

The president’s physician cast doubt on the timeline of Trump’s diagnosis, before saying he misspoke.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Judiciary Committee hearing is still on, despite the Senate recess

The Senate is out until October 19 due to Covid-19. Barrett’s confirmation hearings will continue.

Was the White House reception for Amy Coney Barrett a superspreading event?

The event is at least a stark example of what not to do during a pandemic.

Read The Latest On Trump’s Health & The Spread Of COVID-19 Among Republicans

More of Trump's aides have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as the president remains hospitalized at Walter Reed medical center.

Trump Went Through 'Very Concerning' Period After COVID-19 Diagnosis, White House Reveals

The next 48 hours will be critical for Trump's care, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said. The president is undergoing treatment at a military ho...

Trump Shares First Video Message From Hospital: 'I Think I'll Be Back Soon'

The president has long been chastised for brazenly defying safety precautions to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Trump's Doctors Raise Major New Questions About His COVID-19 Timeline

The president's doctor said Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus 72 hours ago — which would mean Trump attended events with a positive test. The doct...

Medical experts analyze Trump’s Covid-19 doctors’ press conference

Donald Trump’s Covid-19 doctors’ press conference is analyzed by medical experts, after the first communication from the president’s Covid-19 doctors since he was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center following his coronavirus infection diagnosis.

White House gives confusing and incomplete answers about Trump’s health as president says he is ‘feeling well’

The questions raised by the news conferences and subsequent comments from aides further fueled a credibility problem that has plagued this administration from the start.

Live updates: Trump says he is doing well, after chief of staff says next 48 hours ‘critical’

The president's statement came after the White House created a startling amount of confusion on the timing of Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and the status of his health through conflicting statements.

Analysis | What the White House and Trump allies have said about his condition

The official story didn't change as much as has been suggested.

Analysis | The latest coronavirus test results for Trump’s advisers and allies

Given Trump’s continued insistence on holding public events, there are questions about just how much the virus might have spread among his inner circle and people he has come into contact with.

Senior administration official: Coronavirus outbreak likely began at Supreme Court announcement

A senior administration official told CNN's Jake Tapper on Saturday that the cluster of coronavirus cases among top Republican officials likely began at President Donald Trump's Rose Garden event announcing the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Chris Christie checks into hospital as a precaution after positive Covid-19 test

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told CNN he checked himself into a hospital Saturday afternoon as a precautionary measure after announcing earlier in the day that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Doctors, White House staff offer conflicting messages on president's health

The White House on Saturday sent conflicting signals about the president’s battle with the coronavirus, raising questions over the seriousness of his illness. 

Trump given second dose of Remdesivir 'without complication,' but 'not yet out of the woods,' doctor says

White House physician Sean Conley released an update regarding President Trump's COVID-19 treatment Saturday night at Walter Reed hospital, stating that the president received a second dose of Remdesivir "without co

Trump in video from Walter Reed says he's feeling good, next few days will be 'the real test'

President Trump on Saturday tweeted out a video message from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as he undergoes treatment for COVID-19, saying he felt his condition had improved over the past day but acknowledged he was not out

Trump's doctor and Mark Meadows show optimism after conflicting health reports

President Trump's doctor and his chief of staff Mark Meadows said late Saturday night that the president was doing much better since his COVID-19 diagnosis, capping off a tumultuous day for the White House.

Trump posts video update on coronavirus condition, says he's feeling 'much better now'

President Trump gave a video update Saturday evening from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a day after he headed to the hospital by helicopter following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Pro-Trump demonstration in Washington turns violent after BLM protester disruption

Video posted on social media Saturday appeared to show Black Lives Matter protesters disrupting a pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Trump supporters march down Washington streets to back president after his coronavirus diagnosis

Supporters of President Trump took to the streets in Washington on Saturday as the president continues to recover from a COVID-19 diagnosis in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows confirms Trump’s condition deteriorated on Friday

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows confirms on "Justice with Judge Jeanine" Saturday evening that President Trump’s condition had deteriorated on Friday following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Hundreds Of Trump Supporters Gather In DC For #WalkAway Rally

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. Saturday to support the president and celebrate those who have "walked away" from the "radical left."

Watch Live: Trump Supporters Gather at Walter Reed Medical Center for Prayer Rally

A vigil is planned at 7 p.m. Saturday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland to prayer for President Trump's recovery.

Physician: President Trump Making Progress But Not 'Out of the Woods'

White House Physician Sean Conley updated the public about the president's condition after contracting the coronavirus.

All the People in the White House Orbit Who Have Tested Positive

The coronavirus has hit a growing number of figures in Trump's orbit, with potential links to recent campaign events and the Rose Garden.

Tillis Contracted the Coronavirus Despite Wearing a Mask at Event

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) contracted the Chinese coronavirus following last week's Rose Garden event despite wearing a mask at the gathering.

"I'm Doing Very Well" - President Trump Delivers Heartfelt Message for Americans From Walter Reed (VIDEO)

President Trump on Saturday released a video message for the public from Walter Reed. Trump thanked everyone for the overwhelming support he has received since announcing he and First Lady Melania tested positive for Covid. As a precautionary measure, the President’s medical team recommended President Trump be taken to Walter Reed for state of the…

G-7 Ally Warns Trump May Try To Appoint Ivanka Trump President

A G-7 ally is Trump warning could try to bypass Mike Pence and appoint his daughter Ivanka Trump acting president.

Everyone in the White House cluster who has said they tested positive for the coronavirus

These are the White House officials, lawmakers, and others who reportedly have the coronavirus.

Donald Trump, Superspreader

Following months of peddling false information, the president attended at least one event after showing symptoms of COVID-19, putting an untold number of...

Trump’s doctor says he not on oxygen supplementation ‘right now’

Donald Trump’s doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, addresses the potential for oxygen supplementation in the course of the president’s Covid-19 treatment. Dr. Conley told reporters at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, ‘He’s not on oxygen right now.’

Here's who has tested positive and negative for Covid-19 in Trump's circle

At least 10 people in President Donald Trump's family, the US government and circle of advisers and recent contacts have recently tested positive for Covid-19.

Jaime Harrison debates Graham behind plexiglass shield

South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison set up a plexiglass barrier between himself and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) during the first debate of their tightening race on Saturday night.

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