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breonna taylor case (20), the grand jury (19), police officers shot (18), wanton endangerment (13), brett hankison (13)

Protesters gather as calls grow for Kentucky AG to release evidence in Breonna Taylor case

Calls for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to release evidence in the Breonna Taylor case are growing after he announced that none of the three officers involved in her death would be charged with her killing.

Two Louisville police officers shot amid Breonna Taylor grand jury protests

Two Louisville police officers were shot amid local protests hours after it was announced only one officer involved in the police killing of Breonna Taylor was indicted by a Kentucky grand jury.

Breonna Taylor's family says lack of homicide charges against officers is 'outrageous and offensive'

Supporters of Breonna Taylor said that a grand jury's lack of homicide charges against the police offers who fatally shot Taylor is "outrageous and offensive."

Biden on Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power: 'What country are we in?'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden questioned President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power on Wednesday. 

One officer charged, 2 others not indicted in Breonna Taylor’s killing

The Kentucky AG has released new details about the case — some of which dispute the claims of Taylor’s boyfriend.

***LIVE UPDATES*** Breonna Taylor Protests Break Out in Cities Across Nation

Protests are erupting across the country Wednesday night after a Kentucky grand jury announced its decision to not bring murder charges against officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

No Cops Charged With Murder In The Killing Of Breonna Taylor

One police officer was charged with wanton endangerment. Those charges were tied to shots fired into neighboring apartments, but not Taylor’s.

Outrage Erupts After Decision In Breonna Taylor Case: 'So, No One Is Responsible?'

Colin Kaepernick, George Clooney, Ava DuVernay and Kerry Washington were just a few of the voices to chime in.

Biden: Justice Must Come For Breonna Taylor, But 'Violence Is Never Acceptable'

The Democratic presidential nominee spoke about a grand jury's decision to not charge any officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor in a botched raid.

Dismay over Breonna Taylor spills into America's streets

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WATCH: Rioters Set Police HQ on Fire in St. Louis

Violent rioters set fire to the police headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Wednesday night amid nationwide unrest.

Louisville Police: Two Officers Shot--Both Stable, One Suspect in Custody

The Kentucky Police Department on Wednesday confirmed that two police officers were shot during violent protest.

Kaepernick: 'White Supremacist Institution of Policing...Must Be Abolished'

Former NFL quarterback and original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick, took to Twitter on Wednesday to call modern policing

Donald Trump Praying for Officers Shot in Louisville After Breonna Taylor Verdict

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he was praying for the two police officers who were shot during violent protests in Lousiville.

Louisville metro police confirm officer shot during Breonna Taylor protest - CNN Video

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reports on Louisville metro police confirming an officer was shot during the protests after the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case announced the charges against one officer, Brett Hankison.

Wanton endangerment charge: What it means in the Breonna Taylor case

A grand jury indicted former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree in connection with the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in March.

Two officers shot during protests over grand jury decision not to charge Louisville cops with killing Breonna Taylor

Two Louisville police officers were shot Wednesday night as protesters marched following news that only one of the three officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death was indicted on first-degree wanton endangerment charges.

Breonna Taylor shooting case: Hankison indicted on wanton endangerment of neighbors

Taylor was shot to death in her apartment on March 13.

2 Officers Shot In Louisville Amid Protests For Breonna Taylor

People in Louisville, Kentucky, and other cities took to the streets after none of the officers involved in Taylor's death were charged with murder.

Romney: 'Unthinkable and unacceptable' to not commit to peaceful transition of power

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) pushed back on Wednesday against President Trump, who refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power should he lose the election in November.

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