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bob woodward (22), trump told woodward (16), i don't want to create panic as you say (11), joe biden (10), i still like playing it down (10)

Another Woodward Revelation: No One Likes Jared Kushner

Advertisements Donald Trump looks at Jared Kushner and sees a kindred spirit. That is one of the few explanations as to why the President trusts his son-in-law more than he trusts his sons Don Jr. and Eric. The President, however, may be the only person who sees Kushner in that late. Bob Woodward revealed a … Continue reading "Another Woodward Revelation: No One Likes Jared Kushner"

WATCH: Claire McCaskill Explains Why Trump is too Stupid to be President

Advertisements There’s is a pretty good reason why Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are famous. The Washington Post duo were responsible for exposing Richard Nixon’s Watergate scheme and bringing down a presidency. For some reason, though, the Trump campaign thought it was a good idea for the President to speak with Woodward on 18 different … Continue reading "WATCH: Claire McCaskill Explains Why Trump is too Stupid to be President"

How Trump let Covid-19 win

Trump’s magical thinking couldn’t beat the coronavirus. America is stuck with the consequences.

Trump Admits He Lied About COVID-19 Threat In New Woodward Book

While Trump said publicly it would “just disappear,” he told journalist Bob Woodward that he knew the coronavirus was “deadly stuff.”

Bob Woodward Defends Withholding Trump’s Coronavirus Comments For Months

The veteran journalist said that the president made the controversial comments in February and he needed time to be sure of their accuracy.

Trump ‘Willingly Lied’ About COVID-19, Biden Says Of Damning Recordings

Joe Biden said that President Trump failed to do his job and "purposely played down" the coronavirus in response to reports of Bob Woodward's book excerpts.

Republicans Defend Trump After He Admitted Downplaying True Threat Of COVID-19

“It doesn’t bother me,” Sen. Kevin Cramer said of the president's comments to Bob Woodward. “I don’t feel like he was ever lying to anybody."

Trump scoffs Woodward drank the white privilege 'Kool-aid'

Responding to a question on white privilege, Trump told Bob Woodward that the Washington Post reporter 'really drank the Kool-aid' on white privilege.

'Pretty cool. Right?' Unfiltered moments from Trump's 18 interviews with Bob Woodward

Author and veteran journalist Bob Woodward conducted 18 interviews with President Donald Trump for his new book, "Rage." The wide-ranging conversations are a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.

'Play it down': Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book

President Donald Trump admitted he knew weeks before the first confirmed US coronavirus death that the virus was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and "more deadly than even your strenuous flus," and that he repeatedly played it down publicly, according to legendary journalist Bob Woodward in his new book "Rage."

Donald Trump dismisses white privilege in newly released audio tapes - CNN Video

In newly released audio, President Donald Trump is heard dismissing the idea that he has benefited from White privilege and accuses interviewer, and renowned Watergate journalist, Bob Woodward of "drinking the koolaid" for raising the topic.

'A magical force': New Trump-Kim letters provide window into their 'special friendship'

Bob Woodward's new book "Rage" provides a fascinating window into one of the strangest diplomatic relationships of the 21st century between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Woodward gained access to 25 never-before-seen letters Trump exchanged with Kim, and CNN obtained transcripts of two of the letters.

Once again, U.S. at pandemic crossroads

A brief opportunity to bring down the caseload before cold weather sets in may be squandered.

Biden blasts Trump over reports he deliberately downplayed coronavirus threat: 'It’s a disgrace'

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted President Trump on Wednesday over reports he downplayed the coronavirus threat in an interview with journalist Bob Woodward.

Meadows 'would not have recommended' Woodward's access to White House in early virus days

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Wednesday he would not have recommended journalist Bob Woodward gain as much access to the White House as he did in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic had Meadows

Kim Jong Un considered Obama an 'a--hole,' Trump tells Woodward

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un considered former President Barack Obama “an a- -hole,” President Trump told Washington Post editor Bob Woodward in touting his own relationship with Kim.

Pompeo defends Trump plan for troop withdrawals, addresses Woodward book

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday night defended the Trump administration’s plans to partially draw down troop levels from Afghanistan and Iraq, saying the moves were possible because of the president's “effective counterterrorism strategy.”

Lindsey Graham Reportedly ‘Brokered’ Trump-Woodward Meeting, Tucker Carlson Says

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said Wednesday that Lindsey Graham “brokered” the meeting between President Donald Trump and Bob Woodward.

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Told President Donald Trump He Killed His Own Uncle, Bob Woodward’s New Book Says

Bob Woodward reveals that Kim Jong Un “tells” President Donald Trump everything, including how Jong Un killed his own uncle, in new book.

Biden: Trump's Pandemic Response 'Almost Criminal' -- His Admission of Downplaying 'Disgusting'

Former Vice President Joe Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper during an interview set to air Thursday on "The Lead” that President Donald Trump's admissions to Bob Woodward about downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus were "disgusting." | Clips

‘I Don’t Want To Scare People:’ Trump Again Defends Downplaying COVID-19

More than 190,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19, but the president argued that the number would’ve been far higher without his actions.

Woodward book: Trump says he knew coronavirus was ‘deadly’ and worse than the flu while intentionally misleading Americans

In new book ‘Rage,’ Trump says he deliberately played down threat of pandemic and says he feels no responsibility to better understand the anger and pain of Black Americans.

Analysis: Trump's historic dereliction of duty laid bare

It matters who the president is. Millions of lives and livelihoods depend on the person in the Oval Office -- whatever their party or ideology. But President Donald Trump -- as he devastatingly revealed in his own voice to Bob Woodward -- met the great crisis of his age with ineptness, dishonesty and an epic dereliction of duty.

Woodward book lands, quotes Trump acknowledging ‘deadly’ virus early on

The Bob Woodward book that dropped Wednesday is far harder for President Trump to denounce as fake news, given that he granted the investigative reporter 18 tape-recorded interviews.

Mattis Told Intel Chief 'Collective Action' May Be Needed Against Trump

James Mattis reportedly warned an intelligence official that "collective action" may be required to subvert President Donald Trump.

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