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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-08-09 -- president donald trump signed (9), payroll tax holiday (8), executive actions (8), enhanced unemployment benefits (8), student loan payments (7)

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president donald trump signed (9), payroll tax holiday (8), executive actions (8), enhanced unemployment benefits (8), student loan payments (7)

Trump Using COVID-19 As A Cover To Gut Social Security And Medicare, Critics Charge

Americans were looking for "relief." Instead the president promised to defund Social Security and Medicare, said a Florida lawmaker.

Several GOP lawmakers express concern over Trump executive orders

Several GOP senators voiced discomfort regarding President Trump's decision Saturday to sign four executive orders meant to address the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and bypass Congress

Trump just signed 4 executive orders providing coronavirus relief. It’s not clear if they’re all legal.

Trump’s authority to circumvent Congress on issues like unemployment insurance is questionable.

Pelosi, Schumer slam Trump executive orders, call for GOP to come back to negotiating table

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized President Trump's decision to issue four executive orders Saturday, bypassing Congress to address the ec

Biden says Trump executive order is 'a reckless war on Social Security'

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday called President Trump’s executive order to cut payroll taxes “a reckless war on Social Security.”

Trump signs 4 executive actions on coronavirus relief

The actions were announced at a press conference Saturday afternoon.

Democrats Say They Lowered Demands But Coronavirus Relief Deal Still Not Looking Good

The White House rejected an offer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the two sides remain far apart.

Trump signs executive orders on COVID-19 relief after Congress failed to reach deal

President Trump signs four executive orders on coronavirus economic relief after failed negotiations with Democrats in congress. Democrats have promised to file a legal challenge, citing Congress' constitutional authority to determine federal spending.

With executive actions, Trump proposes a far-from-perfect solution that faces legal challenges

President Donald Trump signed executive actions Saturday, brazenly moving around Congress and daring Democrats to sue him over measures he thinks will be popular in the country.

Trump signs executive actions after stimulus talks break down on Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump tried to assert executive power by signing four actions Saturday after Democrats and the White House were unable to reach an agreement on a coronavirus stimulus relief bill this week.

Trump Signs Executive Order: Payroll Tax Holiday, Extends Unemployment

President Donald Trump signed an executive order for a payroll tax holiday at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Saturday.

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