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at mount rushmore (17), independence day celebration (12), national garden of american heroes (9), american history (9), to tear down statues (8)

Trump Compares The Left To Nazis At White House 4th Of July

Donald Trump used his speech at the White House's 4th of July celebration to compare the left and peaceful protesters to Nazis/

Trump Blames China For COVID-19 Spread At Crowded Independence Day Celebration

The president, who was not wearing a mask, claimed without evidence that 99% of U.S. coronavirus cases are "totally harmless" at the National Mall event.

Amid furor over monuments, Trump seeks 'garden' of US heroes

President Donald Trump has a vision for his second term, if he wins one, of establishing a “National Garden of American Heroes.”

Trump hits 'radical left,' news media, China in Independence Day address

President Trump took aggressive swipes at the "radical left" and news media while defending his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic during a wide-ranging Independence Day address on Saturday.

National Park staff working Trump Mount Rushmore event weren't required to have coronavirus test: report

National Park Service staffers who worked the Fourth of July celebration headlined by President Trump at Mount Rushmore on Friday were not required to get coronavirus tests ahead of the event,

Biden Campaign Says Trump Doesn’t Give A Damn About America

The Biden presidential campaign reacted to Trump's Mount Rushmore speech by saying that Trump doesn't give a damn about America.

A Tribute to Our Forefathers & to Our Freedom | RealClearPolitics

A Tribute to Our Forefathers & to Our Freedom | RealClearPolitics

Ivanka Trump’s ‘Gaslighting’ Fourth of July Coronavirus Advice Backfires

"The absolute and total lack of shame is breathtaking. Just an utter inability to hear herself," one Twitter user responded.

Betsy Ross, Jackie Robinson And Antonin Scalia — Trump Seeks "Garden of American Heroes”

President Trump has proposed a monument featuring 30-plus figures from American history, at a time when many Americans are grappling with tributes to con...

Melania Wows In Stunning White Dress For Fourth Of July WH Celebration

Melania Trump definitely got everyone's attention Saturday when she stepped out in a jaw-dropping white dress for a Fourth of July celebration.

President Trump Lists Those to Be Included in American Heroes Garden

President Donald Trump announced the first round of historical figures to be included in the National Garden of American Heroes.

Trump defends US history, blasts 'radical left' in 'Salute to America' celebration

President Trump evoked the history of American patriots who defeated Nazis, toppled communists and chased down terrorists, but warned of another threat now in today's political climate -- the "radical left."

Trump Says He Will Create a Statuary Park Honoring ‘American Heroes’

The executive order includes John Adams, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. among those who would be honored. So would Billy Graham, Antonin Scalia and Ronald Reagan.

At Mt. Rushmore and the White House, Trump Updates ‘American Carnage’ Message for 2020

His ominous remarks were a reflection of his political standing: trailing in the polls, lacking a booming economy or a positive message to campaign on, and leaning on culture wars to buoy his loyalists.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Filmed Dancing On American Flag In Washington, DC

Black Lives Matter protesters danced on top of an American flag in Washington, D.C. as the city celebrated Independence Day on Saturday.

On the country’s birthday, Biden offers hopeful counterpoint to Trump’s message

The dueling messages highlight the vastly different ways Biden and Trump have responded to the country’s racial reckoning.

Biden Urges America to 'Rip Out' Systemic Racism in July 4th Message

Joe Biden urged Americans to commit to ripping "out the roots of systemic racism" on Saturday in his Fourth of July message. 

Black Lives Matter Protesters Dance and Stand on US Flag in DC Plaza on July 4th Holiday

In case you were wondering if this is still about George Floyd. It’s not. Black Lives Matter activists danced and stood on the US flag in DC today on July 4th holiday. They don’t want to fix America. They want to destroy it. #BLM protesters dance and step on American flag on Blacks Lives Matter…

PBS Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Trashes America over President Trump's Mount Rushmore Fourth of July Celebration

Appearing on MSNBC Friday night, PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor trashed America in comments about President Trump’s appearance at Mount Rushmore last night for a Fourth of July celebration. Alcindor was so wound up spewing her contempt for America, Trump and his supporters that she frequently stumbled over her words trying get it…

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