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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-06-14 -- rayshard brooks (18), atlanta police chief erika shields (16), after a white police officer shot and killed an african (13), a black man (13), of george floyd (12)

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rayshard brooks (18), atlanta police chief erika shields (16), after a white police officer shot and killed an african (13), a black man (13), of george floyd (12)

Trump’s West Point speech contradicts one of the biggest themes of his presidency

Trump praised the military for its independence as top officials push back against attempts to use it for political purposes.

Family of Atlanta Shooting Victim Disputes Police Account

The officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks has been fired, the Atlanta police said. The city’s police chief has resigned as well.

Dozens arrested in Atlanta after Wendy's where police shot and killed man was set on fire

At least 36 people have been arrested in Atlanta, the Atlanta Police spokesman tells CNN.

George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests across the US and world: Live updates

Black Lives Matter protests have spread across the US and the world following the death of George Floyd. Follow here for the latest updates.

Attorney for family of Rayshard Brooks: A Taser is not a deadly weapon - CNN Video

L. Chris Stewart, an attorney for the family of Rayshard Brooks, speaks to the media after the 27-year-old black man was fatally shot by an Atlanta police officer at an area Wendy's restaurant.

Rayshard Brooks was killed a day before he planned to celebrate his daughter's birthday

Rayshard Brooks' 8-year-old daughter had her birthday dress on Saturday morning waiting for her dad to come pick her up and take her skating to celebrate her birthday, family attorneys say. Her dad never came home.

Officer charged in Floyd's death eligible for pension money

The Minnesota agency that represents retired public workers says former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is eligible to receive pension benefits during his retirement years even if he's convicted of killing George Floyd

Atlanta police chief resigns after fatal police shooting

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta's police chief resigned Saturday hours after a black man was fatally shot by officers in a struggle following a field sobriety test. Authorities said the slain man had grabbed an officer's Taser, but was running away when he was shot.

Atlanta police chief steps down just 2 weeks after drawing national praise

Just two weeks before Atlanta police Chief Erika Shields resigned amid Saturday protests over a black man fatally shot by an Atlanta police officer late Friday night, she was drawing praise in the national media.

Atlanta Police Chief Resigns Following Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigned on Saturday following Friday's fatal officer-involved shooting of a black man.

BREAKING: CNN Crew Attacked by Rioters in Atlanta - Beaten at Wendy's (VIDEO)

Riots broke out in Atlanta on Saturday night following the death of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks on Friday night at a Wendy’s Brooks fought with police, stole their taser gun and was shot dead when he turned to use it on the officers. On Saturday night a CNN crew was covering the riots at the Wendy’s…

Rioting Protesters Torch Atlanta Wendy's Where Black Man Was Shot and Killed by Police

Rioting protesters set fire to an Atlanta Wendy’s Saturday night. The fast food restaurant was the scene of the deadly police shooting Friday night of a black man, 27-years-old Rayshard Brooks, as he resisted and fled from arrest with a Taser he stole from an officer. Brooks, who was being arrested after being found passed…

The police killing of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s drive-though, explained

Brooks was killed after falling asleep at an Atlanta Wendy’s drive-through. The officer who shot him has been fired.

Protesters Light Fire Inside Wendy's Where Atlanta Police Killed Black Man

Angry protesters gathered after Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot by a police officer outside the fast-food restaurant Friday. The officer was fired late ...

Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Officer Shoots and Kills a Black Man

Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle at a Wendy’s drive-through. He was shot after grabbing a Taser from an officer, the authorities said, prompting fresh unrest in the city.

Lafayette Square clash, still reverberating, becomes an iconic episode in Donald Trump’s presidency

With his triumphal stride to historical St. John’s Episcopal Church, Trump had hoped to dispel the narrative of him hiding in the secured White House bunker. The results have been politically calamitous.

Autopsy report says Rayshard Brooks was shot twice in the back, lists manner of death as homicide

Rayshard Brooks was shot twice in the back, according to a release by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office.

Atlanta police chief resigns after fatal police shooting

The shooting came after weeks of nationwide protests over police brutality.

Atlanta Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot by police burned down

Protesters on Saturday night burned down the Wendy’s restaurant where Atlanta police fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, according to 

Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Suspect Shot During Struggle

Atlanta Police shot an unarmed man after attempting to tase him twice in a Wendy's parking lot. The two officers are on leave pending investigation results.

Atlanta Rioters Set Fires in Protest of Officer Shooting Death of Black Man

Chaos erupted in Atlanta on Saturday evening following the death of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, who was fatally shot by police.

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