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george floyd (30), new york city (18), law enforcement (17), death george (17), police officers (14)

Trump Goes Ballistic And Announces Plans To Campaign Against Lisa Murkowski In 2022

Even though the 2020 election hasn't taken place yet, Donald Trump is announcing plans to campaign against Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Kamala Harris Burns Rand Paul To The Ground For Blocking Anti-Lynching Legislation

Sen. Kamala Harris took to the Senate floor to blast Sen. Rand Paul for standing in the way of bipartisan anti-lynching legislation.

Donald Trump Committed Voter Fraud By Mail In Florida

Donald Trump voted in the Florida primary but announced this week that he really lives in New York, which means he committed voter fraud.

A US lawmaker says using troops against protesters will harm the military’s legitimacy

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), a former Pentagon official on the House Armed Services committee, thinks time is running out to protect the military from Trump.

Curfews Make Life Even Harder For Essential Workers

Health care personnel and others now run the risk of arrest during their commutes.

Esper Reverses Course Again, Orders Troops Out Of D.C.

This is the second time this week he's made the call and broken from Trump on the need for a military response to the anti-racism protests.

William Barr's Vast, Nameless Army Is Being Brought To Bear On D.C. Protesters

Federal law enforcement officers are operating on American streets without identification, which experts say breeds a culture of impunity.

What Happened on the 10th Day of George Floyd Protests

Our reporters and photographers were on the ground at protests in cities across the country. Here’s what they saw on Thursday.

At George Floyd Memorial, an Anguished Call for Change

Flanked by the family of Mr. Floyd, the Rev. Al Sharpton said, “It’s time to stand up and say, ‘Get your knee off our necks.’”

N.Y.C. Protesters Defy Curfew and Are Again Met With a Strong Police Response

Officers were forceful in dispersing demonstrators who stayed out past curfew in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

GOP criticism of Trump grows, suggesting opposition has grown beyond his usual adversaries

Lisa Murkowski and John Kelly joined earlier criticism of President Trump by former defense secretary Jim Mattis, while a memorial for George Floyd and new revelations in the Ahmaud Arbery shooting reflected the nation’s continued passions.

As protests grip Washington, President Trump and D.C. Mayor Bowser clash in contest over control of city streets

D.C. officials view White House show of force as an unnecessary escalation against largely peaceful demonstrations and fear federal moves to wall off more city land.

Here are the latest developments on the George Floyd protests and memorial

It's almost 8 p.m. in New York. In case you're just joining us, here are the important headlines from today:

'The president has clearly forgotten how it actually happened': John Kelly defends Mattis

Kelly called Mattis “an honorable man” and described Trump’s Twitter attack on the former Defense secretary as “nasty.”

'There is something different here': Obama says he's encouraged by mass protests of George Floyd killing

The former president, in a virtual roundtable, called on all mayors to review their police departments’ use of force policies.

Jimmy Carter calls out police injustice, but says violence is ’not a solution’

His statement comes as protests continue across the country and around the world after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

At fortified White House, Trump under verbal assault from military's top ranks

At his fortified White House, President Donald Trump is under verbal assault from the top ranks of the nation's military.

Evidence that antifa, 'foreign actors' involved in sowing unrest and violence: AG Barr

Attorney General Barr an other department leaders addressed how the administration is coordinating its response to unrest across the country in remarks on Thursday.

Trump hits John Kelly for defense of Jim Mattis

President Trump Thursday evening slammed John Kelly, his former chief of staff, for defending James Mattis, his former Defense secretary, after Mattis criticized the president for his response to the nationwide protests.

Twitter removes Trump campaign tribute to George Floyd claiming copyright complaint

Twitter on Thursday removed a video tribute to George Floyd posted by President Trump’s reelection campaign, claiming it had run afoul of the website’s policy on copyrighted material.

NYPD commissioner apologizes for racial bias and excessive force

New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Dermot Shea on Thursday apologized for the department’s racial bias and use of excessive force amid ongoing protests against police brutality of black Americans and the

Trump cancels trip to NJ resort amid protests

President Trump won't make an expected trip to his resort in Bedminster, N.J., this weekend, as nationwide protests demanding justice for George Floyd are expected to continue.

‘They tucked tail, and they ran’: Tom Cotton blasts New York Times for backtracking on publishing his opinion

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton blasted the New York Times for walking back a decision to publish his op-ed arguing President Trump invoke the Insurrection Act to stop riots.

Trump vows to campaign for anyone with 'a pulse' against Lisa Murkowski

President Trump pledged to unseat Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski after she praised former Defense Secretary James Mattis’s rebuke of the president.

'A crisis within a crisis': NYPD can keep protesters detained more than 24 hours, judge rules

A New York state judge ruled NYPD officers can now keep any peaceful protester arrested for violating the New York City curfew for over 24 hours.

Ukraine finds no evidence implicating Hunter Biden

Ukrainian prosecutors found no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden after an audit of thousands of old case files.

‘You Lost Me’: Retired Marine Criticizes Mattis Over Letter About Lafayette Park Protesters

Retired Marine CPT John M. Dowd lashed out at former Defense Secretary James Mattis in a letter shared Thursday by President Donald Trump.

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

George Floyd protests continue on Thursday. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. | Politics

Flashback: Mayor De Blasio Ordered New York Police to Help His Daughter Move - This Week She Was Arrested for Blocking Traffic During Protest Against Police

Chiara de Blasio New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has no love for the NYPD. In 2017 “several hundred cops” turned their backs in protest as Mayor de Blasio delivered a eulogy for slain Officer Miosotis Familia. During the presidential debates in 2019 De Blasio attacked the NYPD again and accused police officers of…

Trump Suggests The Peaceful Protesters He Gassed In D.C. Were Actually Terrorists

Trump's decision to share an inflammatory letter from his former lawyer is a laughable way to respond to criticism from a four-star general.

Police Budgets Have Always Been Untouchable. That Could Change.

Massive law enforcement budgets have only increased in recent years. Activists are calling to defund the police and invest that money into communities of...

George Floyd Updates: 10th Night of Protest Follows Somber Memorial

Thousands of demonstrators poured into streets across the nation, marching over the Brooklyn Bridge and gathering outside City Hall in Seattle.

Mattis’s rebuke of Trump forces Republicans to choose between revered Marine and the president

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s comments stood out as most GOP lawmakers remained silent, blamed the media for stirring controversy or voiced support for Trump on Thursday.

Trump shares letter that calls peaceful protesters 'terrorists'

President Donald Trump on Thursday shared a letter on Twitter that referred to the peaceful protesters who were forcibly dispersed from a park near the White House on Monday evening as "terrorists."

‘Get your knee off our necks’: George Floyd remembered as a fierce friend as mass protests carry on

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s fiery eulogy was an indictment of systemic racism and President Donald Trump’s leadership.

Democrats introduce bill to rein in Trump's power under Insurrection Act

Senate Democrats introduced legislation Thursday to limit presidential power under the Insurrection Act after President Trump warned that he could deploy active military troops into U.S. cities.

Anti-lynching bill sparks raw, personal debate between lawmakers opposed to Rand Paul amendment

Democratic senators decried a proposed amendment on an anti-lynching bill put forward by Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in a raw, emotional exchange on Thursday.

President Trump RIPS Into RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski - Vows to Travel to Alaska to Campaign Against Her

Lisa Murkowski President Trump on Thursday evening ripped into RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Murkowski praised Mattis’ attack on President Trump as “true and honest and necessary and overdue.” Former Trump administration Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis blasted President Trump over his handling of the George Floyd protests and riots in comments published…

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